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Advice for which modpack to play?

2020.10.28 14:00 Rickabeast Advice for which modpack to play?

Hey guys, so here's some context:
A few years ago back in the day I played loads of modded Minecraft with the boys. Recently I have got back into the idea of playing Minecraft and want to play it with my partner. I was wondering if any of you who are experienced with Modpacks know where I could find a great modpack that is really easy to set up a server on / has fair running servers?
Some of my favourite mods that I loved from back in the day that I would love to play again (obviously wouldn't need all) were:
Ars Magica 2
The Aether
Twilight Forest
Tinkers Construct
Any mod that enhances villages
Adventure mods with new structures
I can't remember the name but I remember a chisel mod that gave you loads of customisable decorative blocks
As well I'm sure in the past few years there have been some great new additions to try out (I've heard lots of praise about Blood Magic mod). Hopefully you can let me know your fav's. Just no Skyblock pls.

Thank you, have a nice day :)
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2020.10.10 19:27 durstn Problems with vanilla oregen - there is none

So me and my partner have been trying to play Minecraft with mods through forge and installing mods rather than modpackets. We progressively installed mods as we played in one world until we had to make a new one. In the new one however, we cannot find coal, iron, gold, emeralds, diamonds or lapis lazuli. Trying to work around this problem in game isn't working. With the mekanism mod, we used cheats to get the digital miner and then see if it could find any iron - it couldn't. We made separate new worlds, with default world setting and biomes o plenty world setting, went into spectator, but found none like that either. We're not sure what the problem is, but it almost feels like mekanism replaced all the vanilla ores.
The mods we are using are Assembly lines Biomes o plenty (biomes not generating) Blastcraft Botania Builders crafts and additions Chemlib Curios Electrodynamics Just enough items Mekanism Mekanism additions Mekanism generators Mekanism tools Optifine Patchouli Survive Unionlib
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2020.04.13 04:56 ConAnd81 In need of a coop-companion

My friend code/profile: 70430483

Short Pitch:

Slightly socially awkward swede(time zone: CEST) looking for other level-headed coop-buddies for eng/swe VoIP-chat(discord, steam, skype).
Some games I had in mind: Vermintide 2, Supreme Commander(FAF), Borderlands 2(no, not 3), Kingdom Two Crowns, Don't Starve Together, Factorio... but as long as it's not too competitive I'm down to try most games.
Hit me up, and don't be discouraged if I don't answer initially, that's just the dumb side of me acting up(or I'm sleeping), just wait a while and try again.

Long Pitch:

Hey y'all, a gruffy, gritty swede here looking for a trusty coop-partner. I've recently realized I need to pick up a few new gaming-buddies, I only have one dude I frequent with atm, but he has recently been getting some action on the side! Jokes aside, I'm a bit jelly, he's been playing a few games we've planed playing together, also, our taste in game differs quite a lot. But it's all my own fault really, can't expect him to entertain all my needs all the time, so this has been a long time coming. I really prefer playing coop(or teamed PvE) if it's available, and if you do too, then lets expand our roster!
When I play, I'm mostly trying to better myself in the game and learn more about the meta of it, but sometimes I just don't bother and just play for fun. I like to call myself "lättsamt allvarlig" in swedish, which is a bit hard to translate, but roughly would go something like "easy goingly serious." If applied to a gaming scenario, it would roughly convey that I play with a serious mindset but I don't get worked up about losing or doing something wrong(I'm a sucker for symetry tho, which can create a problem) and rarely rage-quits; but don't get me wrong, it still happens, but I find myself not doing it at all as often as others I've played with.
I'm looking for all terms of commitment, from one-offs to play one game for a few days and never speak again, to regulars with reoccurring long or short play-sessions for years to come. I would prefer one new person, but the world not be working like dat, so I'll try everyone out! Be you like me with few 'actual' friends, or do you think I would be fit to join your group/clan.

When can we play? I can commonly be found available to play --i.e. my free-time is-- between 16:00-22:00 and 06:00-08:00 CEST Monday through Saturday, Sundays I'm also available 22:00(Saturday)-06:00. My free time is also dedicated to cooking and eating food, errands, watching TV etc. So, besides Sundays(which would be perfect for Saturday evening-play with anyone in America) and assuming you're busy 8-16(8am-4pm), I could only feasibly play with someone in time zones close to mine(i.e. Europe and Africa), unless you have a nonexistent or kinda whack circadian rhythm like me. Ok, perhaps someone on the American west coast(hello Alaska?) could squeeze in an hour or two between 06-08(CEST) on weekdays if they can stay up until 23(11pm PDT/PST). If you're a temporal dimwit like me, check this handy site I've found to find out if our free-time overlap:,8

Who are you? You need to speak/write english(I need to practice speaking it) or swedish, and preferably you have a few games you like in common with them I've listed down below. Only real preference I would have on your character would be that you have some perseverance in the face of defeat and welcomes a challenge.
Otherwise, age is not too important, it would be great if you have some stability in your life(a job), but given the times, if you're a home studying senior high schooler or laid off because of the pandemic, that's all fine too.
I can handle most "common personalities", from silent and awkward to bubbly and obnoxious, preferably you lean a bit to the later maybe, as I lean more to the former. Habitual liars(narcissists) or I-know-everything-about-90s-B-horror-movies-and-won't-talk-about-anyhing-else could be a problem, but I'm afraid of the Streisand-effect if I say I outright don't want anything to do with them.
Perks: you also speak japanese, I want to siphon that knowledge out of your succulent brain!(but if you don't want me to or don't care for being a teacher, that's fine too)

Who am I? As mentioned, I'm the rather silent and somewhat awkward type, so if you're too, you better also be comfortable with the long silences we'll produce; If you're bubbly, don't worry, I can be witty and talkative, I just need to warm up to ya, could take some time that's all. The reason for my awkwardness is the social anxiety I've had practically all my life; I'm not telling you this because I want you to 'fix' me, I telling you this so you possibly can understand why I might be doing some --to you-- weird shit, like feel the need to write a way too long LFG-post and not being too keen on initiating every game-session;(="me bothering you", in my head) guess you could write that down as another preference, you need to be prepared to spam me relentlessly to get this coop-train going. ^_^;
Other than that, I'm 38yo dude working the night shifts 6 days a week as a paperboy(yeah, that's why my free-time is so weird), I'm an avid PC-gamer, with a side of PS4 with the VR-headset if that ever strikes our fancy(Star Trek: Bridge Crew anyone?). Some other hobbies are computers(building, fixing, programming), photography, cooking(low-key dreaming of opening a ramen-shop), miniature games, hiking and kayaking, I've recently started going to the gym(don't worry, I'm there after work, around 4 in the morning when nobody's there, so it's not conflicting with my social anxiety) and plan to take my motorcycle license this year.(having my 40yo-crisis a bit early I guess) There, that should be way too much personal info, you're welcome!

The Games

The games I'm primarily looking to play are the first ones listed below, I'm totally down with the other games mentioned below those as well. Also, if you're thinking "if you love all these games, maybe you'd like to play [insert ur fav game here]?", then lets hear it, I'm not married to any of these games. All lists are loosely ranked.

Other games I like that supports coop/teamplay:
Mindustry, Dungeon of the Endless, Space Engineers, Nom Nom Galaxy(PC(RPT*) & PS4), Civ 3 & 5, Project Zomboid(RPT*), Terraria, Anno 1404, Europa Universalis 4, Age of Empires II HD, Diablo 3, Killing Floor 2, Dying Light, Overcooked 1 & 2(PS4), No Man's Sky(PC & PS4), Planetary Annihilation: TITANS, Wizard of Legend(RPT*)

Coop games I like perfect for short sessions:
Magica(Challenge-mode is so much fun!), Crimsonland(RPT*), Helldivers(RPT*), Enter the Gungeon(RPT*), Deep Rock Galactic

Games with coop/teamplay that I'd like to try:
Satisfactory(Own it on Epic Game Store, forgive me for my sins), Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Starcraft 2 Allied Commanders, Portal 2(RPT*), Divinity: Original Sin 2(RPT*), GTFO, Gereation Zero, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, Stellaris, Northgard, Star Trek: Bridge Crew(PS4VR?), Stardew Valley, Inquisitor Martyr, Vagante, Forts, Star Citizen(wheneveif it's released)

Some PvP games I like(Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about competitive games):
Quake 3, Magic: The Gathering, Soldat

Bonus excellent SP-game recommendations:
Harvest: Massive Encounter, Kingdom: New Lands, Oxygen Not Included, Slime Rancher(Wholesome!), Super Motherload(RPT*), Teleglitch: Die More Edition, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines(with unofficial patch)
*RPT = Remote Play Together. i.e. only one of us has to own the game for us to play together!

Sorry for the long post, if you made it all the way down here you certainly deserve a funny cat video
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2020.01.03 19:20 autobuzzfeedbot Meet the 36 rising stars of Madison Avenue revolutionizing advertising

  1. Tierney Wilson, 31, January Digital
  2. Drew Weigel, 35, Tactic
  3. Arthur J. Warren, 31, and Matt McNulty, 29, Goodby, of Silverstein & Partners
  4. Lindsay Wade, 28, Heat, Deloitte Digital
  5. Andy Tamayo, 28, and Alexander Allen, 26, of David Miami
  6. Julia Sourikoff, 31, Tool
  7. Hannah Samad, 30, RPA
  8. Genevieve Robles, 33, Forsman & Bodenfors
  9. Megan Piro, 33, Johannes Leonardo
  10. Cecilia Parrish, 33, The Martin Agency
  11. Marc Parillo, 30, Gale Partners
  12. Steven Panariello, 33, BBDO New York
  13. Data Oruwari, 32, IBM iX
  14. Renata Neumann, 29, Gut Miami
  15. Brian Moore, 33, Droga5
  16. Josh Millrod, 35, Noble People
  17. Kayla Miller, 35, PHD
  18. Christina Mallon, 31, WundermanThompson
  19. Angelo Maia and Ricardo Franco, 33, of GA
  20. Steph Loffredo, 33, Huge
  21. Alicia Kolman, 29, Zenith
  22. Harsh Kapadia, 34, VMLY&R
  23. Chip Johnson, 35, Publicis Sport & Entertainment
  24. Julian Jacobs, 33, UTA Marketing
  25. Jason Huie, 32, Nissan United, TBWAChiatDay
  26. Elizabeth Fermon, 31, Mediahub
  27. Meryl Draper, 29, Quirk Creative
  28. Carrie Dino, 34, Mekanism
  29. Nathalie Con, 30, Giant Spoon
  30. Lindsay Cecero, 27, and Allison Murphy, 29, of TBWA\Media Arts Lab
  31. Frank Cartagena, 34, and Sam Shepherd, 33, of 360i
  32. Arafel Buzan, 26, Mindshare
  33. Maggie Bryan, 33, Stink Studios
  34. Emma Barnett, 31, Wieden+Kennedy
  35. Morgan Acieno, 32, Deutsch LA
  36. Ola Abayomi, 34, Droga5
Link to article
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2019.11.19 12:30 fragmanlife Can Borcum Dizisi Oyunculari Kadrosu ve Karakterleri

Can Borcum Dizisi Oyunculari Kadrosu ve Karakterleri Can Yaman’ın Gold Film için çekeceği yeni dizisinin ismi belli oldu. Gold Film’in sahibi Faruk Turgut daha önce Can Yaman ile bir dizi çekeceklerini açıklamıştı. İşte bu dizinin ismi şimdilik Can Borcum olarak planlanıyor.
Son olarak Erkenci Kuş dizisinde Demet Özdemir ile partner olan Can Yaman Can Borcum dizisinde çok ünlü bir kadın başrol oyuncusu ile partner olacak ancak şuana kadar anlaşılan bir isim yok. Can Borcum dizisinin komedi ve aksiyon türünde olması bekleniyor.
2019 da en çok çıkış yapan oyuncu olan Can Yaman son yıllarda en çok değişen isimlerden biri de oldu. Gönül İşler dizisinde Can Yaman’ı Bedir karakter ile izleyenler şimdiki Can Yaman’ı gördüklerinde tanıyamazlar zira Can Yaman öyle bir kas yaptı ki yaptığı kaslar sonucunda dünyada en çok yıldızı parlayan starlar arasına girdi. Son olarak iş gezisini İtalya’ya giden Can Yaman İtalyan hayranlarının yoğun sevgisi ile karşılanmış ve İtalya sokaklarında ilgiden yürüyememişti.
Erkenci Kuş, Güzel Köylü ve Kardeş Çocukları gibi efsane dizilerin yapımcısı olan Gold Film Can Yaman ile bir efsaneye daha imza atmaya hazırlanıyor. Can Yaman Gold Film’in sahibi Faruk Turgut’un elinde ki senaryoyu görünce bayıldı ve projede yer almak için bir sezonu atlamak zorunda kaldı.
Kuruluş Osman Nerede Çekiliyor? Dizi Seti Nerede? İşte Detaylar Kuruluş Osman Nerede Çekiliyor? Dizi Seti Nerede? İşte Detaylar
Can Borcum Oyuncuları Can Yaman Can Yaman 8 Kasım 1989 İstanbul doğumludur ve 30 yaşının içindedir. Yeditepe Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi mezunu olan Can Yaman şuanda bir Can Yaman hukuk bürosunun sahibidir ve oyunculuktan arta kalan zamanlarında bürosunda çalışan avukatlara yardım etmektedir. İlk olarak Gönül İşleri dizisinde Sinem Kobal ile yer alan Can Yaman dizi de çok arka planda olan Bedir karakterine hayat verse de dizinin parlayan yıldızı olmayı başarmıştır. Aslında zengin bir aileni oğlu olan Can Yaman avukatlık yaparken hobi olsun diye oyunculuğa başlamış ve yıldızı bir anda parlamıştır.
Daha sponra 2015 de İnadına Aşk dizisinde başrolü kapan Can Yaman Trt 1 de yayınlanan Hangimiz Sevmedik dizisinde bir kez daha başrolde yer almıştır. 2017 de Dolunay dizisinde yer alan Can Yaman 2018 ve 2019 da Erkenci Kuş dizisinde yer almıştır.
Can Borcum dizisine yeni gelen oyuncular oldukça detaylar bu sayfadan sizler ile paylaşılacaktır.
Can Borcum Nerede Çekilecek? Can Borcum dizisinin nerede çekileceği şuanda belli değil ancak şimdiden mekan araştırılmaya başlandı; dizinin hem yurt içi hemde yurt dışı çekimleri olacak; ama Can Borcum dizisi setinde ana mekan İstanbul olacak gibi
Can Borcum Ne Zaman Başlayacak? Can Borcum dizisi ocak 2020 den sonra yayında olacak. Can Borcum dizisinin şuanda hangi kanalda yayınlanacağı belli değil ancak Star Tv ve Show TV gibi kanallar Can Borum dizisi için sırada bekliyor.
Benzer Konular Trt 1 Kore Dizisi Hapishanedeki Çiçek Oyuncu Kadrosu ve Karakterleri Trt 1 Kore Dizisi Hapishanedeki Çiçek Oyuncu Kadrosu ve Karakterleri 18 Kasım 2019 Azize Asya Kimdir? Duygu Sarışın Kimdir? Kaç Yaşında? Azize Asya Kimdir? Duygu Sarışın Kimdir? Kaç Yaşında? 17 Kasım 2019 Kurşun Kerim Paşa Kimdir? (Ünal Silver) Kurşun Kerim Paşa Kimdir? (Ünal Silver) 15 Kasım 2019 İkimizin Yerine Yeni Ganga (Aasiya Kazi) Kimdir? Aasiya Kazi Nereli Kaç Yaşında İkimizin Yerine Yeni Ganga (Aasiya Kazi) Kimdir? Aasiya Kazi Nereli Kaç Yaşında 13 Kasım 2019 Azadlık Saka Oyuncuları Kadrosu Azadlık Saka Oyuncuları Kadrosu 9 Kasım 2019 Limit Dizisi Oyuncuları Kadrosu ve Karakterleri Limit Dizisi Oyuncuları Kadrosu ve Karakterleri 27 Ekim 2019 Yorum yaz Adınız Yorumunuzu buraya yazabilirsiniz. Azadlık Saka Oyuncuları Kadrosu
Türkiye’nin dünyada en çok tanınan ve en yakışıklı başrol oyuncularından Çağatay Ulusoy yeni bir film hazırlığında. Son olarak Netflix’te Hakan Muhafız dizisini iki sezon çeken Çağatay Ulusoy çok beğenilen projesinden sonra kendi film ve dizilerini çekmek için harekete geçti. Daha önce dünyaca ünlü oyuncumuz Erken Petekkaya’da kendi dizisini çekmek için yola çıkmış çektiği Kayıtdışı dizisi tutmayınca ve çok büyük zarar ederek geri yerine oturmuştu. Çağatay Ulusoy ise Erkan Petekkaya’dan ders çıkardı ve yüksek maliyetli bir dizi çekmek yerine bir sinema filmi ile kendini denemeye çıktı.
Daha önce İçerde dizisinde beraber yer aldıkları Nebil Sayın’ı da film için ikna eden Çağatay Ulusoy yeni filmi Azadlık Saka’nın senaryosunu da kendi yazdı. Profesyonel bir senarist olan Tolga Aydın da senaryo için de destek alan Çağatay Ulusoy en çok da Azadlık Saka da yönetmenlik yapacağı için heyecan yaşıyor. Böylelikle Çağatay Ulusoy bir filminde hem yapımcı; hem senarist hemde yönetmen olacak. Türk izleyicisi zaten Çağatay Ulusoy’un 10 parmağında 10 marifet olduğunu biliyor. Daha önce gitarı eline alan Çağatay Ulusoy milyonları peşine takmayı başarmıştı güzel sesi ile.
Çağatay Ulusoy yeni filmi Azadlık Saka için Kırklareli’ne de giderek mekan araştırmaya başladı. Azadlık Saka filmi için bir kaç cast ajansı ile de anlaşan Çağatay Ulusoy çok profesyonel bir iş çıkarmak istiyor ve beyaz perdede rekorlar kırmak istiyor. Son olarak İçerde dizisinden partneri Aras Bulut İynemli’nin 7. Koğuşta ki Mucize filminde yakaladığı başarı da Çağatay Ulusoy’un iştahını kabarttı.
Azadlık Saka Oyuncuları Çağatay Ulusoy 1990 da İstanbul’da hayata gözlerini açan Çağatay Ulusoy 29 yaşındadır ve kariyerinin zirvesindedir. Türkiye’nin açık ara en yakışıklı ve en çok sevilen erkek başrol oyuncusu olan Çağatay Ulusot Best Model of Turkey 2010’da da yakışıklılığı tescillemiştir. İstanbul Üniversitesinde Sulama Sistemleri eğitimi alan Çağatay Ulusoy Ayla Algan ve Akademi 35 Buçuk da oyunculuk eğitimleri almıştır. İlk olarak Adını Feriha Koydum dizisindeki Emir karakteri ile tanınan Çağatay Ulusot başrol olarak başlamadığı bir dizi de başrolü kapan tek oyuncudur herhalde dünyada. Daha sonra dizinin ismi Emir’in Yolu olarak değişmiştir. Medcezir ve İçerde dizileri ile bir dünya yıldızı olan Çağatay Ulusoy son projesi Hakan Muhafız dizisi ile dijitalde tüm dünyanın en çok izlenen dizilerinden birinde baş rolde yer almıştır.
Kuruluş Osman Nerede Çekiliyor? Dizi Seti Nerede? İşte Detaylar
Nebil Sayın 1971 İstanbul doğumlu olan Nebil Sayın 48 yaşındadır. Ankara Üniversitesi Devlet Konservatuvarı tiyatro mezunu olan Nebil Sayın uzun yıllar tiyatroda yer almış ve televizyon işlerinden uzak durmuştur; ancak kendisine Muhteşem Yüzyıl gibi bir diziden teklif gelince dayanamamış ve ilk kez bir dizi de yer almıştır. Daha sonra Suskunlar ve İntikam gibi dizilerde yer alan Nebil Sayın’ın en çok tanındığı proje ise İçerde dizisinde hayat verdiği Coşkun karakteri olmuştur. Daha sonra Ay yapım ile yoluna devam eden Nebil Sayın 2018 de Çukur dizisinde Berber Muhittin karakter ile milyonları ekrana kilitlemeyi başarmıştır. 2019 da ise Payitaht Abdülhamid dizisi kadrosunda yer almıştır.
Yasak Elma Fragman Bir Zamanlar Çukurova Fragman Kuruluş Osman Fragman Hercai Fragman Mucize Doktor Fragman Çukur Fragman Kuzey Yıldızı Fragman Yeni Fragmanlar YuregininSesi Benim Adım Melek Fragman Arka Sokaklar Fragman Sefirin Kızı Fragman Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz Fragman Baraj Fragman Ramo Fragman Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir Fragman Zümrüdüanka Fragman Kefaret Fragman Survivor Fragman Masumlar Apartmanı Fragman Sen Çal Kapımı Fragman Sadakatsiz Fragman Arıza Fragman Kırmızı Oda Fragman
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2016.05.10 05:34 allyourlives Need help...I don't know what happened in this match

Hey everyone. I recently played this unranked game as Venomancer (my 40something-ish online game in Dota 2). We ended up pulling things out of thin air at the end and somehow winning but we were definitely about to lose and normally would have. I was really behind in levels and farm at the end of the game.
I supported and put up wards but I know I need to do better in that sense with keeping up with the wards dying. I feel like I could be pushing towers more as Veno as well to create more space for my team. I was stuck between not wanting to steal last hits from my laning partner and getting farm for myself. Maybe I should have gone into the jungle more to get some neutral creeps. With regards to the jungle, I should also have stacked camps more for my laning partner so that he could have left lane and gotten farm to make up for the harass from Viper. One of the things I'm not sure if I am doing right is giving up my life in a team fight as long as I ult and put down a few plague wards. Should I be ulting and gtfoing?
I tried to get the team together on multiple occasions to defend and get ready for team fights but there were many times where the Dire would get to the tower where we were going to meet up and only two of us were there. Do we just give up the tower at that point?
For my build, I went Tranquil Boots instead of my standard Arcanes because I wanted to improve my sustainability in lane. I like building Mekanism as a support because it also gives myself and my team HP regen as well as being able to build into Guardian Greaves with the Arcane boots I have. Aghs helps initiate or tip team fights in our favour more often. It was mainly based off of Torte De Lini's 6.87 guide. What should I do differently in terms of itemization? What are some things to look for so I know when to build specific supporting items like drums or urn as well as Ghost Scepter which I see is in the guide?
Please help me improve because I feel like throughout the game I let down my team and I don't want to do that.
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2016.02.18 18:34 rangaming Make me a better support

This will be a post where I’ll ask you, reddit Dota 2 players, for help to try to become a better support. Hopefully, it will eventually help others. [Long thread]
Hello everyone.
I've been playing Dota 2 for a while now, with many stops and come backs.
At the beginning I didn't really care about supporting or carrying, as I did not know they existed, and for me, they were just heroes to go and kill my enemies. But as I played more, with my friends, we realized there were several roles that were important to fulfill. Well, I went through the support path.
This is where I will need your help. I've been a support for a while, but I'm not that great on it. I'm not that bad either, hopefully. So to be able to improve, I'll be talking a little bit of what I do and will ask some questions meanwhile. (Mainly questions)
My favorite (by random order) supports are:
Any advice on when should I not chose these or when should I chose them?
I don't mind playing other support heroes (for example, if there is an enigma, I usually go as a silencer)
Wards (Sorry for any difficulty in seeing it)
This is usually where I place my wards
I'll place Sentries either in a famous ward spot, where I think an enemy took an action due to vision or in certain places to avoid invisible player ganks.
Is there any specific place I should change?
Should I always be buying wards when they are available? If so, should I place them right away in a different place from the current wards or wait for them to end? Or will it depend on the situation?
Lane pulling
I know a bit about how to pull a lane back to your tower, but I don't know when to do it.
I just remember "I'll pull the lane" and end up doing it, but never know if I should've done it.
Should I pull it only when our creeps are close to their tower or the stairs?
Sometimes when I pull our team creeps, the enemy creeps will attack the tower, does it mean that I should've not pulled?
Should we just hit the enemy creeps and pull them to our new incoming creep wave if that happens?
Should I only pull the small camp or try the big camp right after the small camp?
Should I try to always make them close to our tower?
I understand the basics of stacking (times), even though I'm still adjusting to the "new" camp time.
When should I stack them, though?
Usually I am in lane trying to pull, trying to deny or trying to hit the enemy heroes so they move out of the lane a little bit.
Should I try to stack camps when our lane is close to our tower?
If our carry is something like a juggernaut, shadow fiend, alchemist, anti-mage, should I focus on stacking more than pulling/denying/hitting heroes?
Correct me if I am wrong, but this means walking through the map to help allies or gank enemies, right?
When should I do it? Should I do it with every support, even if they have no stuns or whatsoever?
Does it depend on the hero I'm playing? Should I always use smoke when going to gank?
Should I do it when the time is not close to the rune time so they don't find me?
Teleport Scrolls
I've learned that you should always carry a teleport scroll.
The problem is, when should I use it?
If I see an enemy is approaching our allies on the other lane and might kill them, should I start my TP?
What if it is a support that is going to be killed? Should I TP anyways and try not to give gold to the enemies?
But what about the carry trying to farm in our lane? What if he is having already a not that great of a farm with me there, wouldn't it be worse if I just TP'd out and took a while to go back to his lane?
If the mid is the one getting ganked, should I always TP no matter what? (Unless I myself am in a situation where I'm helping my lane partner not getting killed.
What if after using the scroll I don't have mana? Should I TP just to scare them out? What if it doesn't? Should I cancel?
Team Fights
This is one of my main issues sometimes.
I am usually dying before I'm able to do something for my teammates, unless I have a Blink Dagger and am playing something such as enigma or earthshaker, as in that case I can always hide and initiate if a perfect/good condition is given.
Where should I be?
If I'm too far behind, I'll sometimes not be able to help my team (eg. dazzle) due to the range.
If I'm in the front, I'll usually be the first one dying.
If I'm in the middle, it will depend on their team, but I can either get stunned, silenced, or just killed. Sometimes I am able to survive enough to help out a little bit.
**Should I stay behind, but not too far? What if an enemy jumps to me because I'm behind, "alone"?
What should I prioritize?
If I'm a healer, should I prioritize in healing my carries (the one who is doing most)?
If I'm a silencer, should I just stay back waiting for a perfect opportunity of a silence? Which one should I silence? Supports who are doing some effective ultimate (eg. witch doctor) or someone who uses good damage skills (eg. queen of pain or lina)
If I'm a hero with stuns, should I focus at stopping active skills (eg. witch doctor ultimate) or stunning the enemy carry?
I know there are some core items that you should always get as certain heroes because they are really usefull.
But how do I know what to do, depending on the enemy team?
If they are all magic damage, should I focus on making a pipe instead of a main item?
If they are all physical damage, should I focus in making a crimson even though I'm a support (as I've never seen one using it)?
If they are mixed, is there any item I should make?
If the enemies have heroes with high damage spells (eg. lina or lion), should I make a linkens and in team fights give it to our carry to hopefully block it? Or should I make the new item that reflects the damage?
When should I make items like for example shivas guard or scythe of vyse?
Also gem, if none of our heroes are tanky, should I buy a gem and stay with it? Or should I just keep with the sentry wards?
As a support, my main problem is gold.
As I'm always buying wards and/or TPs, I'm not the rich person like some are.
When I'm trying to farm, I see a carry coming wanting to farm, so I let them have whatever I am farming and go away to do something else. I also try to leave the hero kills to them, even though sometimes my hand just decides to use a spell to kill secure.
I start to notice it as the game gets longer. I have low farm. It is quite understandable as a support, but I still think the farm is kinda low, as unless I get an Echo Slam with Earthshaker, I do not get much gold at all, besides when defending base.
It also happens that sometimes I'm just out of money to buy wards or dust.
When should I kill some creeps to get some gold, but that won't bother my carry farm?
Every time I approach a camp or lane, there will always be someone also going there, like they knew I wanted to kill it but won't let me.
This is a fast one.
Should I always prioritize flying courier over new wards/other? (Besides a TP to protect an ally)
When should I make them?
Who should I gank? Mid? Other lane? My lane?
Should I use smoke when going there without TP even though I'm alone?
What if my support is something like a low level dazzle? Should I go to try to gank anyways even though I have no stuns?
Should I also do it when the rune is not yet close to be up so they have less chances of finding me?
This is something I realize that its important, but it is something that I don't know when to use.
I know people usually use it when going roshan, but is there any other situations (like ganking) that I should use them on?
How do I know if my support counters an enemy?
If for example, a bristleback, viper or dragon knight come (as they are tanky), which support should I use? Vengeful spirit/Dazzle, as it takes them armor off?
If their heroes have low survival potential, but hit like trucks, and sometimes ranged, how do I counter them?
What about invisible (usually shadow blade) like slark or legion commander that are running around looking for easy targets?
Enemy Jungle
Last but not least, sometimes I am on our offlane and know an enemy is jungling.
Should I just leave my jungle and go harass their jungler?
How do I control the going to lane - going to jungle to harass?
Should I ward their jungle up (with sentries) to block their camps, if I know they are jungling?
If so, which camps should I block?
Well, sorry for the long and kinda disorganized thread (and very bad english), but hope to get some answers to help me improve at supporting.
I'll be posting any new tips below, after the [Improvement] section. Any useful and new tips are welcome.
Thank you all for reading, and hope you have a great day.
  • Dark seer is not a support
  • Pull your lane only when it is close to enemy tower or when your carry can't safely farm it
  • If enemy has easy jungle heroes, ward certain camps
  • Initiate only with certain heroes (eg. sand king, dark seer, earthshaker)
  • Try to gank when you know your lane carry is safe for the time being (Use TP if it is in the opposite lane, walk there if it is on mid. Depending on vision, use smoke)
  • Do not stay upfront in team fights, and always think before who should you mainly protect/disable/kill
  • It is best for you to farm when you are alone in the lane or pulling the creeps
  • Mid ganks are important (Even if they fail, as long as they need to go back to the base?)
  • TP to a tower who gives the enemy no vision of you and then smoke to gank them
  • Early game is the best to kill junglers due to their HP and consumables being used
  • Depending on how needed is the courier, get wards or flying courier
  • Go stack when you are not needed in lane/other
  • Buy the cheap team items that you can get earlier in the game (eg. mekanism/arcane boots, depending on mana) instead of items you'll have when they are not effective
  • Harassing and Denying is important if you are able to do it
  • Vengeful Spirit loves tangos
  • Purge is a good guy
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2015.09.20 23:33 pedromtavares Match #16 Changelog/Prize Post

Hey folks,
Pretty pleasing to see that this past match was very balanced, nothing really stood out and there was a high variety of builds in the top 10. The new battle rewards mechanics have proven to have worked out, with people being more cautious about who they gank and focusing more on strategy rather than semi-exploits like suicide ganking.
As usual, congratulations to the prize winners! Here's my Steam trade offer URL so you can send me a trade offer with the prize you won this match: I am now using BrowserDota's account instead of my personal account to hand out prizes, so feel free to add that account as a Steam friend and stay in touch! If you wish to trade your prize for a month's worth of the Premium User plan, please message that account on Steam and I'll gladly set you up.
Considering this match was pretty balanced, there aren't going to be a lot of balance changes, the only ones I think are worth doing are to some items that are sort of being way more valuable than what they actually cost, so a few tweaks will be necessary:
Knowing that Vanguard and Mekansm are only strong on the early game, these nerfs were still necessary because they were sort of must-buy items in order to get any sort of early game advantage, and while that is still somewhat true with these nerfs, they will become obsolete much faster and the price raise will make it so the 800g you're losing for having to sell them later will force the use of these items to be very efficient in order for them to be worth it. The same logic applies for Midas, which stacking a ton of them can almost guarantee a top 20 finish in the match despite the build you choose.
The good thing about these small balance patches is that now we have room for new stuff. There are a ton of new items and skills on the list to be added to the game and hopefully we'll get to add a few by the next match. Also, for those who missed it, these were the features added to the game this week:
Here are a few features that I plan on getting done for the next match:
That's it! Keep up the feedback here on the sub folks, game is getting better every week because of you guys. Cheers!
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2015.02.13 19:03 thevoiceofzeke Ancient Apparition Pub Build

AA (a.k.a. ice cream cone) has recently become my favorite hero, and I have been pretty successful with him in pubs, but I don't really know that much about him. When I see other people in pubs playing him (at my admittedly poor ~3000 MMR), I often feel like they're "doing it wrong," so I'd like to share some things I've pick up on over the ~50 games I've played AA and hear what you guys have to say.

Favorable Conditions

These are the circumstances when I feel my AA pick has the best chance of being successful:

Unfavorable Conditions

These are times when I would considered avoiding AA:

Play Style

This is where I notice the biggest difference in how I play AA vs. how other people in pubs at my level play him. I think AA is a hugely under-appreciated, aggressive support/ganker. I've found that people underestimate his potential for early game kills almost all the time, and a lot of AA players treat him as if he's just another #5 support who should get Mek and then rush Aghs. Here's how a game generally unfolds for me playing AA:
Skill Build
Item Build


That's pretty much it. My games don't vary that much in itemization and play style. I've found this build to be very successful and super fun. As a support player, it's one of those rare heroes with whom I can support well and get rich by massacring the enemy team. Nothing is more satisfying than an Ice Blast snipe in the fountain or on the way to the fountain. So what do you guys think? Is this viable at higher levels of play or am I the one doing it wrong?
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2014.12.09 09:59 MetaSkipper [Hero] Azorszos, the Skeleton Mage

Azorszos, the Skeleton Mage, Dire Pain. Few can truly comprehend perpetual pain the way Azorszos does. Having cast the curse of immorality on King Ostarion, he, too, was affected. Flesh tore away, leaving only bone as Ostarion had once been. But unlike the former King of Bone, Azorszos was left with his nerves, now wrapped around his bones. To merely exist is to be in pain. Azorszos would like nothing more than to end it all. But so as the now Wraith King lives forever, so too does Azorszos. High mage and prisoner of the Empire of Wraith, Azorszos now fights, hoping one day for his bones to shatter for the last time. 24+2.6 16+1.9 21+2.3 Movement Speed: 290 Turn Rate: 0.6 Sight Range: 1800/800 Attack Range: 475 Missile Speed: 900 Attack Duration: 0.3 + 0.3 Cast point: 0.3 + 0.1 Base Attack Time: 1.7 Base Damage: 44-53 Base Armor: 2.2 Base Health Regeneration: -0.72
Q: Suffering Passive, Self When your every living moment is marked by raw pain, everything else seems more manageable. Hardened by his constant pain, all damage dealt to Azorszos is deferred. Azoszos has a chance to strong dispel himself each time he takes damage. Damage Reduction: 30/40/50/60% Delay: 3/4/5/6 Dispel Chance: 25/35/45/55% : The debuff cannot be purged from Azorszos.
  • The delay starts counting after the first instance of damage. After the delay ends, a debuff is applied. The debuff deals 2% of the remainder at 0.2 intervals until all damage left over is dealt.
  • A new delay can be triggered as soon as the previous one ends.
  • The debuff deals HP removal. Azorszos cannot die from deferred damage.
  • Initial reduction stacks additively with Kunkka’s Rum. Kunkka’s Rum does not reduce Suffering’s debuff.
W: Death’s Rejection Passive, Self Not even death can spare Azorszos from his pain. Azorszos’ body reconstructs itself after death, allowing him to resurrect when killed in battle. : 160 : 130/110/90/70 Effect Delay: 3 Base Health and Mana Restored: 40/60/80/100%
  • In ability draft, the following abilities will activate in this order, assuming all are possible: Reincarnation, Death’s Rejection, Aegis of the Immortal.
E: Shatter Target Unit, Enemies, Physical Immortality teaches you several curious battle tactics. Azorszos shatters parts of himself, sending his bone fragments out, damaging and mini-stunning enemies. Range: 650 : 5 Health Cost: 175/200/225/250 Damage: 150/240/330/420 Stun Duration: 0.1
  • Shatter’s self-damage is not deferred by Suffering or Kunkka’s Rum.
  • Azorszos can deny himself with Shatter.
  • The slow duration starts after the stun ends.
R: Eternal Curse Target Unit/Channeled, Heroes, HP Removal The victim of a terrible mishap, Azorszos is more than willing to share his pain with others. Azorszos channels the curse of longevity, causing the target hero to take increased damage and damage over time but also lifesteal damage dealt. If the target hero dies while the effect is active, they will resurrect. Range: 800 : 260/320/390 : 200/100/40 Damage per Second: 30/50/70 + 1% of maximum HP Damage Amplification: 60% Lifesteal: 20/30/40% Reincarnation Delay: 3
  • Azorszos must channel for at least one second before the reincarnation effect will take place.
  • If the target hero leaves the 800 radius around Azorszos for more than a second, the channel will cancel and the hero will no longer be under the effects of Eternal Curse
  • The damage over time values listed are the values taken after damage amplification.
  • Damage is applied in 0.2 second tics.
  • The target hero cannot die from the health loss.
  • The lifesteal is treated as an aura with a radius of zero (only affects user), and thus stacks with other lifesteal auras and UAMs.
  • The target hero will resurrect with full health and mana.
  • Azorszos can target himself with this ability. The following abilities will trigger in this order, assuming all are possible at time of death: Eternal Curse, Death’s Rejection, Aegis of the Immortal.
Azorszos boasts one of the tankiest kits, even among strength heroes, between Suffering and Death’s Rejection. This, combined with the impressive burst potential of Shatter, make Azorszos a formidable lane opponent in the laning stage. Even in the early game, Azorszos does not mind tanking tower hits too much, giving him some dive potential, though his base movespeed is poor. In lane, Azorszos can farm in relative safety, and with proper support rotation or lane partners, can get early kills. One must be mindful, however, that Azorszos has abysmal health regeneration, and in fact has no innate regeneration at Level 1.
As the mid game comes about, Azorszos transitions into a more utility tank. Despite having decent intelligence growth, Azorszos is not terribly starved for mana, meaning he is a good carrier for items such as Mekanism. In teamfights, Eternal Curse is Azorszos’ biggest contribution, offering a conditional Aegis. Even as a channeled ability, Azorszos’ tankiness means he cannot be easily bursted down.
In the late game, Eternal Curse’s low cooldown means Azorszos scales very well into the late game. Azorszos will can choose to build either towards his burst potential with items like Dagon and Shiva’s Guard, or towards his tanking potential with items such as Heart of Tarrasque and Assault Cuirass.
I will say, I have balance concerns about this hero. It feels like he offers too much and has too few weaknesses and exploitable timings. However, I’m not totally sure where to nerf.
In any case, comment, criticize, conflagrate!
Patch Notes:
12/9: Posted.
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2014.11.25 13:21 TheGreatGimmick [Hero] Dal, the Ambiguous One

The Ambiguous One is an intelligence support, ganker, nuker, and disabler whose spells can all be targeted to allies and enemies alike, and have exactly the same effects regardless of the target (hence his ambiguity). Dire Dilemma forces the target to begin channeling an effect for up to 5 seconds, massively healing them while channeling but having consequences should they prematurely break said channelling. Determined Path renders a unit unable to turn, but grants them maximum movement speed and spell immunity. Darkened Erasure has a unique purging effect, and also renders the targeted unit invisible while dealing minor damage to them. Finally, Deja Vu repeats anything that happened to the unit over the last second, for good or for bad.
Dal, the Ambiguous One
Alignment Dire

Primary Attribute
Movement Speed 315
Turn Rate 0.8
Sight Range 1800 (day) 800 (night)
Attack Range 600 (Ranged)
Missile Speed 900
Attack Duration .3
Cast point .01
Base Attack Time 1.7
Base Damage 48-52
Base Armor: 0
The Ambiguous One has has a uniform stat distribution: He starts off exceedingly poor in every attribute, but he also has well above average gain in every attribute.
-Dire Dilemma-
Target Unit, Self
600 cast range
Forces the targeted unit to begin channeling a Dilemma. While channeling, the unit is heavily healed over time. If the channeling is broken before it finishes, severe damage is dealt to the unit.
Channel Time: 5 seconds
Heal per second: 30,60,90,120
Break Damage: 75, 150, 225, 300 pure damage
To leave or to stay, that is the question...
Units can interrupt their channeling of this skill at any time by taking another action; ‘forced’ only entails that they are forced to begin channeling it.
The heal occurs in 0.5 second intervals for 15,30,45,60 health per tick.
The damage not fatal to allies. Cannot be cast on spell immune units, but fully affects units that become spell immune while under its affects. Heals for 150,300,450, 600 over the full 5 second duration; breaking the channel just before it ends results in a net gain of 300 health at its maximum level, for example.
-Determined Path-
Target Unit, Self
600 cast range
Sets the turning rate of the unit to zero, but hastens it and renders it spell immune.
Duration: 2.75, 3.50, 4.25, 5.00
12, 10, 8, 6
Friend or foe, we all walk our own paths.
“Hastens” entails maximum movement speed with an inability to be slowed. A turning rate of zero entails that the unit can only move linearly in the direction it was facing when Determined Path was applied. Blocked by spell immunity.
-Darkened Erasure-
Target Unit, Self
600 cast range
Purges any effects originating from the targeted unit from any unit experiencing them, including the targeted unit themselves. Deals minor damage to the targeted unit, and renders them invisible for a time.
Invisibility Duration: 10
Invisibility Fade time: 4,3,2,1
Damage: 30,60,90,120 pure damage
What if a being was entirely erased from reality? How would that change the universe? For the better? For the worse? Neither?
The damage is fatal to allies, and counts as a deny if it kills them. Cannot be targeted to spell immune units, but will still purge effects from spell immune units if the unit that created the effect is targeted.
Renders the unit invisible for 6,7,8,9 seconds with the fade time factored in. Invisibility is lost and not regained if the unit attacks, but is not broken if the unit casts spells or uses items.
-Deja Vu-
Target Unit, Self
600 cast range
Reapplies any changes in health and mana that occurred to the targeted unit in the preceding second. Reapplies and/or refreshes any effects present upon the targeted unit in the preceding second.
’Good' and ‘Evil' are perceptions; points of view.
Notes for Deja Vu:
Does not refresh transformations, such as Metamorphosis, Elder Dragon Form, or Flesh Golem. Fully pierces spell immunity (and refreshes that immunity).
Channeling effects override stun or interruption effects. Examples...
Scenario: A unit is channeling Dire Dilemma and is stunned by an Abyssal Blade, taking 300 pure damage from the Dire Dilemma due to ending it. Deja Vu is immediately used on them.
Outcome: They take another 300 pure damage nuke, are likely healed by 120 due to the most recent tick of Dire Dilemma's heal, and begin channeling Dire Dilemma again. The stun is overridden, not reapplied (because then how could Dire Dilemma be channeled again?).
Scenario: A unit is channeling Dire Dilemma and is stunned by an Abyssal Blade, taking 300 pure damage from the Dire Dilemma due to ending it. Deja Vu is used on them 1.3 seconds afterwards.
Outcome: The stun is refreshed, and nothing from Dire Dilemma is refreshed. The damage and channeling occurred more than one second in the past and thus were not reapplied.
Discussion (skip if too long)
Dire Dilemma is a great healing tool, for 600 health over 5 seconds at its maximum level (double with Deja Vu). It is also decent lockdown upon a target if you have the damage output to counteract the 120 health per second the target is gaining, assuming they do not want to eat the 300 pure damage nuke. Using it with Deja Vu refreshes the channeling effect, which combined with a unit that has a stun or other interrupt makes the Ambiguous One already a potent ganker with those two spells alone. Darkened Erasure, when targeted to the Ambiguous One himself, purges Dire Dilemma from allies and enemies alike, without triggering the break damage.
Determined Path can put enemies in a bind or get allies out of one. If used at the right time an enemy might find themselves with no other option but to run straight into one’s tower or stand still. It also works as a great initiation tool if one lines it up properly: For example, Crystal Maiden becomes invisible from Darkened Erasure, faces the foe to position for Determined Path, then runs into them at maximum speed and ults, spell immune to boot. Moreover, Darkened Erasure, when targeted to the Ambiguous One himself, purges this effect from allies and enemies alike.
Darkened Erasure can ruin units that rely on putting purgable buffs or debuffs on allies or enemies, respectively, by purging these effects. Hit their Bounty Hunter with it to purge all of his Tracks from allied units. Hit your Oracle with it to purge Purifying Flame’s healing effect from enemies (but make sure he does not have any crucial ongoing effects elsewhere first!). Slap it on yourself to take back the effects of Dire Dilemma and Determined Path. It is also a potent denial tool in addition to being a decent kill secure nuke. Finally, it renders the unit invisible for 6,7,8,9 seconds factoring in the fade time, be that an ally (good) or foe (presumably bad).
Deja Vu is the epitome of ambiguity in that it can have infinite effects ranging from lifesaving to damning; benevolent grace or cruel punishment. Reapply a Mekanism charge to your carry for double heal during a teamfight; refresh the channel time of Dire Dilemma on an ally just after it finishes for a whopping 1200 health restored (over 10 seconds); reapply your allies' Linkens that just got popped, or your fleeing allies’ tp scroll that got cancelled. Or, reapply that Finger of Death upon the enemy, or that Primal Roar’s 4 second stun, or even that Doom. Deja Vu also refreshes the effects of your other skills when used upon units affected by them, allowing for potent combos. You have to be fast, however, since it only reapplies effects present in the single preceding second.
Some combinations include, but are by no means limited to:
Darkened Erasure into Determined Path for a great initiator on one’s team.
Darkened Erasure into Dire Dilemma for relatively safe healing during a fight (if the enemy does not have vision of the channeling ally and that ally does not break the channeling). Throw in Determined Path for added spell immunity and thus extra safety. Note that Dire Dilemma still deals full damage to spell immune units that break its channeling, however.
Darkened Erasure into Deja Vu during the 1 second fade time for a 240 pure damage nuke instead of a 120 pure damage nuke.
Use Dire Dilemma, break Dire Dilemma with a partner’s stun for 300 pure damage, use Darkened Erasure for 120 pure damage, Deja Vu to reapply that 420 damage for a total of 840 pure damage omitting any healing gained from Dire Dilemma (this requires coordination with an ally, renders the target invisible, and has them being healed by a second Dire Dilemma if they survive). Note that Dire Dilemma rejuvenates the foe 120 health per second, so unless the foe was on full health to begin with (and thus were not healed) the actual nuking value is closer to 720 pure damage, unless you are able to stop the channeling even before the first tick (half second) of healing.
Dire Dilemma or Determined Path on an ally that needs them for a brief period, then use Darkened Erasure on yourself to cut them off, for a short burst of healing or spell immune movement speed, respectively, without having the targeted ally have to wait out the full durations of those skills.
Dire Dilemma while an enemy is facing an inconvenient direction, into Focused Path to ensure that the enemy has as much difficulty getting away as possible.
With pathetic attributes at level 1 but very good growth from then on, good movement speed and range, and decent damage for a ranged intelligence support, the Ambiguous one is not the worst base hero. Dire Dilemma functions as either a heal, a controlling mechanism, or a pure damage nuke, largely depending on the actions of the one being affected by it, but also depending on the judgement of the Ambiguous One, not to mention nearby units' intervention. Determined Path grants haste and spell immunity at the crippling cost of losing the ability to turn; it is easy to see how it can be used either beneficially or maliciously. Darkened Erasure purges effects not from the targeted unit, but from units the targeted unit has inflicted with said effects, while dealing small pure damage and rendering them invisible. It also should be mentioned that when cast on Dal himself it is an 'eject button', so to speak, that puts a stop to the effects of his other skills. Finally, Deja Vu reapplies any changes and effects that occurred to the unit during the past second, with, of course, infinite possibilities.
The Ambiguous One's spells all affect friend, foe, and self in exactly the same way. Thus a Dal player must be the one to differentiate; to determine when and how they can be used to help and to harm. Dal functions well as a support and disabler, but also has great ganking and nuking potential if his combos are augmented with an ally and executed properly. Highly synergistic and complex, the Ambiguous One can destroy and salvage with the same spells.
What do you think? Thank you for your time!
My Page
Change log:
1.0: Created
1.1: Attribute growth reduced from 3.3 to 2.9 in every statistic.
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2014.09.08 06:56 78ford Hermitcraft Daily 057 September 7th

Here are today's videos.

FTB Monster

None Today


Jessassin: Mekanism Solar Power
TinfoilChef: Grinding AE
XBCRAFTED: Reactor Be Big


iJevin: Double Revenge Prank-Prank reaction
Spum: IJEVIN IS BAD-Prank co-op with ZombieCleo
ZombieCleo: Partners in Perfectly Legitimate Business Practices-Prank co-op with Spum
Mumbo: The Slime Block Elevator
Zueljin: Q&A Part 1

Co-ops between hermits

TangoTek: Captive Minecraft III E11: Double Dragon-Co-op with Xisuma
Xisuma: Captive Minecraft III E11: Double Dragon-Co-op with TangoTek
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2014.06.04 07:54 grlthng Going from 1 to 2k , for all the noobs like me

This was my first time playing dota or any MOBA and I got calibrated to 1200 after getting level 13. Fell to 1000 and than climbed to 2000. . Here are some quick advices for people in this mmr range that I learned and will help improve your game.
Underrated items at this mmr that are good in almost every game:
Urn of shadows, get it if no one made it. Its insanely good. Maybe the best item for the price at 875 gold. Especially at this mmr when there is a lot of dying going around. Only time you don't want one is when you are getting stomped and insta killed in fights before you can use it.
Mekanism. Get it if no one built it and you have the mana to use it. This item wins team fights. Don't build two. Auras don't stack. If you are a mek building support, announce in the beginning of the game that you will build mek and tell nobody else to build it. Check your team's inventory because some idiot will build a second one anyways. If that happens, I grumble, sell my mek and build something else. I think in a good number of games I win as support, I win just because I built mekanism and the other team didn't. Notice both urn and mek are healing items. Healing in general is super underrated at this mmr.
Drums. If you just don't know what to get, its hard to go wrong with building drums.
force staff/blink dagger - people in this mmr seem to avoid these items even on characters that really benefit from it. It does take a little bit of practice to master but its well worth it.
TP, Courier, wards - Pretty self explanatory. Never be caught without TP , buy double if you have the gold. People at this MMR are constantly caught without TP. If no one buys courier or upgrade it, do it yourself. Wards are important but lower priority at this MMR especially since there's not going to be much ganking, your teammates aren't going to look at the map much, your enemy location is very predictable,and your mid ignores runes most of the time. You should get it anyways, but its not going to dramatically affect your game (unless if they have a pudge). They do become more important in the 1800 - 2000 mmr range
Things that are overrated at this mmr:
farming. Don't get me wrong, you need to last hit and kill jungle creeps during down time but you don't need to get every last hit and kill every single jungle creep in order to win. The reason is that your best source of farm in this mmr is actually your enemy heroes. In the early game, you will be able to get a lot of kills because they push up to your towers by auto attacking creeps and run around with half hp without any regen. In the mid and late game, you'll get kills by catching enemy heores out of position and using your early game advantage. Don't ever farm creeps when you can farm the enemy heroes. In general, I think gankers are better at this MMR than farming based carries (or so called hard carries) because its much easier to secure kills.
Stacking, pulling as support. Your jungle will be untouched by the carries 80% of the time. Also, if you leave the lane to stack and pull, your lane partner will most likely just die. It's not such a big deal if the lane is pushed out since there's probably not going to be a timely gank from the enemy team.
Trilanes . Supports at this mmr don't know how to run a trilane. You'll just end up with three underleveled , underfarmed heroes. And the solo offlane will probablly end up dying a lot.
Heroes you'll see a lot and need to counter (or you can play them and own people):
pudge - wards, and map awareness. You always need to know where he is and play conservatively if he's missing. Or play a hero that can man fight him even when he gets hooked. He's pretty much useless without kills, and falls off hard in the late game.
riki - You'll completely counter 90% of rikis by just getting sentries and wards. Riki players at this mmr thinks that "invisibility" == "invincibility". I'm always happy to see a riki on the enemy team because he's just farm food. He's a poor laner so you should be looking to harass, gank, and kill him before he hits level 6.
bloodseeker - Make sure you have TP, and harrass his face off before he hits 6 (at this mmr people are not that great at last hitting so he's not going to get a whole lot of free heals from last hitting creeps). He's a great hero for punishing players with bad positioning, and there are plenty of that. He's definitely a great hero to play at this MMR. You can counter him with a strength based carry that can man fight him even after he gets ruptured like centaur with blademail.
The ranged single target DPS holy trinity (Drow rangeVipesniper) - you'll probablly see one of these heroes every game. Respect their range and their killing ability. If you don't feed them, they aren't that scary.
Heroes I played
I usually supported but sometimes carried with a bristleback playing him in the offlane. If you play a support here are some simple tricks to raise your mmr (try-hards hate us)!. 1. Give your lane partner regen. Keep him alive and don't let him feed 2. conserve your mana unless you know you can get a kill or you need it to save yourself 3. Harass the enemy every time he's in range of your right click and you are out of creep aggro range.
lich - the ultimate lane support to keep your dumb carry alive. Frost armor your lane partner and keep him from dying. Deny creeps to pull your lane. Once you hit six, drop your ulti and laugh as your enemies die.
venomancer - great pusher but actually a much better anti pusher. He's also pretty flexible and can be played as support or an aggressive DPS hero. People underestimate his wards because they are not that good in the early game but get stronger as you level up and put up eight of them under a tower. Doesn’t' need any items to be effective and is great at getting the team back in the game after falling behind in the early game.
bristleback - A carry that doesn't have any glaring weaknesses. He's good in all stages of the game. He's a strong laner, has a really good mid game, and a pretty good late game. Good pudge counter.
crystal maiden - she was the hardest hero to get right, because she is just so squishy and slow. But her early game is insanely good because of her aura and disable. Once you understand good positioning and understand how to play as aggressive as you can without exposing yourself to danger, you will easily win the lane and get easy first blood (and second... third blood).
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2014.02.26 02:46 Hollowfires Looking for 'unpopular' mods

~Feel free to post a link to the mod thread or to a spotlight video about the mod.
Unpopular - mods that generally aren't used in the FTB packs.
Recently I created my own custom pack about a week ago based off Ex Nihilo and Magical crops for the most part.
Ex Nihilo is a bunch of fun and has a lot of odd items here and there.
My own list:
  • Ex Nihilo - A great skyblock partner for a challenge!
  • Mekanism (still have to try it out) - tech/machine mod
  • Galacticraft (I haven't gone back to this, but it's fun) - terraforming planets more or less.
  • Backpacks - classic
  • Village Taverns - Bit of worldgen for villages that adds horses/animals.
  • Craftable Horse Armor - craftable horse armor, tags, etc. - Not my type.
  • YALSM - Yet Another Leather Smelting Mod - Able to smelt rotten flesh into leather
  • YAFM - Yet Another Food Mod - adds sheep and squid food drops, along with carrot soup.
  • SS2 - Soul Shard's redux. Currently being updated and there will be a planned AFK upgrade! - Unpopular because of changes made.
  • Extra Cells, lots of extra storage options for your ME system w/ fluid support. An alternative to Railcraft/etc tanks.
  • Juicewares - Small mod with random items in it for enchanting and more.
A Few mods from the TPPI pack:
  • Big Reactors - ic2 reactor addon that goes into further depth compared to vanilla ic2.
  • Carpenter's Blocks - need info on
  • Dimensional Anchors - chickenchunks alternative
  • Ender Prospecting - need info on
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