Aytes dating

Rochelle Aytes’s boyfriend is C.J. Lindsey. They started dating in some time ago. Rochelle had at least 1 relationship in the past. Rochelle Aytes has not been previously engaged. Rochelle Aytes On 17-5-1976 Rochelle Aytes (nickname: Rochelle ) was born in New York City, New York. She made her 3 million dollar fortune with Criminal Minds, Mistresses, The Butterfly Chasers. Relationships. Rochelle Aytes has had no other relationships that we know of.. About. Rochelle Aytes is a 44 year old American Actress. Born on 17th May, 1976 in Harlem, New York City, New York, United States, she is famous for White Chicks in a career that spans 2000–present. A post shared by Rochelle Aytes (@rochelleaytes4real) on Jun 9, 2019 at 12:31pm PDT S.W.A.T. airs Wednesdays at 10 pm on CBS, right after Survivor . [Stream every CBS show through CBS ALL-ACCESS ... Rochelle Aytes is a married woman. She has been married to her boyfriend CJ Lindsey since August 28, 2016. Lindsey is a popular American actor who is well known for ‘Third Watch’, ‘Mistress’, and ‘In the Morning’. They got engaged in July 2015 and married at the Tappan Mansion in Tarrytown, New York. They met for the first time with the help of Aytes' friend named Kelly Stewart and ... Net Worth Of Rochelle Aytes Carrying various movies under the credit belt since 2004, 44 years old actress Rochelle has established herself well in Hollywood. With all her credentials as actress, model, film producer, and screenwriter Rochelle is estimated to muster the net worth of about $3 million as of the year 2020.

texting abbreviations

2020.09.08 04:57 CherryJello312 texting abbreviations

Text Messaging & Chat Abbreviations: Numbers & Characters

I have a question
I don't understand what you mean
I have a question for you
Gentle warning, like "Hmm? What did you say?"
Meaning "read line" or "read message" above
Meaning "sideways heart" (love, friendship)
Meaning "broken heart"
Meaning "heart or love" (more 3s is a bigger heart)
At the end of the day
My (or your) two cents worth
1TG, 2TG
Meaning number of items needed for win (online gaming)
Meaning extra life (online gaming)
One-to-one (private chat initiation)
Leet, meaning 'elite'
I love you
I love you too
One for all, and all for one
I hate you
Zero hand (online gaming)
Ten man (online gaming)
Thank you
I wonder
One in a million
Meaning "to" in SMS
Meaning "location"
To be
Too easy
Too good to be true
Too much too handle
Too much information
Too much to handle
Short for "for" in SMS
Meaning "information"
I don't know
Meaning 'information'
Lets get high
Meaning "Marijuana"
Means I love you (ILY is 459 using keypad numbers)
For adults only
For crying out loud
Forever and ever
For sale
Too much information (more than 411)
Sobbing, crying. (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)
Crying your eyes out (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)
Meaning Laughing (In Thai language the number 5 is pronounced 'ha'.)
Meaning Hells Angels (H=8th letter of alphabet, A=1st letter of alphabet)
I love you (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)
Bye-bye (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)
Hugs and kisses
Parent is watching
Meaning "smile"
Meaning "wink"

"A" Text Message & Chat Abbreviations

Anytime, anywhere, anyplace
Alcoholics Anonymous
As above
Ask about
As a matter of fact
As a friend
Asleep at keyboard
Alive and kicking
As a matter of fact
As a matter of interest
Always a pleasure
At any rate
Alive and smiling
As always, Sheldon has the answer (Bike mechanic Sheldon Brown)
Always at the keyboard
As always, your friend
Meaning abbreviation
Already been chewed
Already been done
Meaning 'About to'
Meaning Good-bye (signoff)
All bugged up
Acceptable content
Anyone can come
Accident (e-mail, Government)
Meaning marijuana cigarette
Accept (e-mail, Government)
Acquisition (e-mail, Government)
Another day, another dollar
All done, bye-bye
Another day in hell
Another day in paradise
Administrator (Government)
Any day now
Area effect (online gaming)
As early as possible
April Fools
As *Freak*
Aggression factor (online gaming)
Away from computer
As far as I am aware
As far as I am concerned
As far as I know
As far as I understand it
As far as possible
Angels Forever, Forever Angels
April Fool's joke
Away from keyboard
Acronym Free Zone
A fresh pair of eyes
Meaning "agility" (online gaming)
At home
And I am a money's uncle
As I remember
As it should be
As I said before
As I see it
Adult in the room
Also known as
All concerned
Actually laughing out loud
Ask me anything (Reddit)
As much as possible
All my best wishes
All my love
As a matter of fact
Author's note
Anarchy Online (online gaming)
Available on cell
Area of effect (online game)
Age of majority
Age of Mythology (online gaming)
All of the above
Angel on your pillow
All praise and credit
As quick (or quiet) as possible
Archive (compressed files)
Acronym rich environment
And so it goes
As soon as possible
At your terminal
All the best
At the end of the day
At the moment
All the stars in the sky
Along the same line (or lines)
After awhile crocodile
Away without leaving
Absent without leave
Are you done yet?
All your base are belong to us (online gaming)
At your earliest convenience
At your own risk
Are you stupid or something?
Are you serious?
Are you there?
And you're telling me this because
Are you vertical?
As you were
As you want / As you wish

"B" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations

Back to work
Bait (person teased or joked with, or under-aged person/teen)
Boss is watching
Background (personal information request)
Bye for now
Busting a gut
Bad *a*
Before anyone else
Meaning Babe or baby
Best and final offer
Back at keyboard
Below average mentality
Bad *a* mother *f*
Be aware of
Big 'butt' smile
Meaning anything mainstream
Breathing a sigh of relief
Business as usual
Back at ya
Be back
Big brother
Bebi / Baby (Spanish SMS)
Big bad challenge
Be back in a bit
Be back in a few
Be back in a minute
Be back in a sec
Be back later
Bye, bye now
Barbeque, "Ownage", shooting score/frag (online gaming)
Be back soon
Be back tomorrow
Be cool
Be seeing you
Big crush on
Big crush on you
Big deal
Big darn number
Big evil grin
Meaning "Blood Elf" (online gaming)
Brain fart
Best friend at work
Battlefield 2 (online gaming)
Best friend
Best friends forever
Best friends for life
Best friends for life, no matter what
Big freaking deal
Big freaking grin
Best friend for now
Bye for now
Big grin
Be gentle with me
Be home late
Boss is back
Beer in, beer out
Butt in chair
Before I forget
Burn in hell
Brother in law
Meaning "I'm going to the bathroom" (or) "Bathroom break"
Believe it or not
Blow it out your *a*
Blow it out your nose
Best in slot (online gaming)
Boy, I sure feel like a turquoise monkey! (unverified)
But in the meantime
Belly laugh
Better luck next time
Meaning Man (Discord)
Bite me
Based on my experience
Between me and you
Back off *buddy*
Bad news
Meaning "bind on equip" (online gaming)
Bend over here it comes again
Best of luck
*b* of mine
Be on the look out
Bored out of my skull
Meaning "bind on pickup" (online gaming)
Bending over smacking my knee laughing
Back on topic
Be on that
Broke my scale, used when rating someone
Big person little mind
Be right back
Best regards
Be right back *b*
Be right back, nature calls
Be right here
Be right there
But seriously folks
Blue screen of death
Better safe than sorry
Bite this
Between technologies
But then again
Been there, done that
By the way
Meaning 'Bootycall'
Slang term for the most beautiful of women
Used to reference an insult
Meaning "changed and is now stronger" (online gaming)
Bursting with laughter
Bring your own beer
Bring your own computer
Bring your own device
Bat you on (the) head
Bring your own paint (paintball)
Better you than me

"C" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations

Chuckle & grin
Ciao for now
Control + Alt + Delete
Short for Canada/Canadian
Meaning Birthday (Reddit)
Camera (SMS)
Coffee break
Chat break
Crazy *b*
Code 9, Meaning "parents are around"
Care for secret?
Calling for you
Good-bye (Italian word)
Coffee in, coffee out
Crying in disgrace
Consider it done
Crying like a baby
Call me
Cover my *a* partner (online gaming)
Call me back
Meaning "Community manager"
Correct me if I'm wrong
Come on
Continued (in) next post
Close of business
City of Heroes (online gaming)
Cross post
Chat post (or continue in IM)
Meaning crazy
Slang term meaning "crazy"
Can't remember a *freaking* thing
Come right back
Crying really big tears
Meaning "critical hit" (online gaming)
Can't remember *stuff*
Chuckle, snicker, grin
Can't stop laughing
Counter-Strike Source (online gaming)
Can't talk
Care to chat?
Cracking the *heck* up
Can't talk now
Check this out
See you too
See you
See you
See you around
See you later
See you later alligator
See you later
See you in my dreams
See you around like a donut
Comment when done
Complete waste of time
Chat with you later
Meaning "Correction"
See you
See you later
Check your e-mail
Close your eyes partner (online gaming)
See you online

"D" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations

Dedos / fingers (Spanish SMS)
Down for sex?
Meaning "The"
Does anyone else?
(What) the *Freak*?
Don't annoy me
Dark Age of Camelot (online gaming)
Doing business as usual
Don't believe everything you read
Dear (or Darling) daughter
Due diligence
Drop dead gorgeous
A phrase used in online chat to annoy or frustrate those involved in the conversation.
Dear (or Darling) daughter
Meaning stupid or silly
Don't even go there
Dead *freaking* last (online gaming)
Don't go anywhere
Don't give a *freak*
Don't go there
Don't go there, girlfriend
Dang, girl you fine
Dear (or Darling) husband
Dinosaur hugs (used to show support)
Darned if I know
Do I know you?
Do I look like I give a *freak*?
Do I look like I give a sugar?
Did I say?
Did I tell you I'm distressed?
Do it yourself
Don't know, don't care
Dragon kill points (online gaming)
Down low
Dead link
Don't let (the) bed bugs bite
Don't let the bed bugs bite
Doesn't matter
Direct message (Twitter slang)
Do me
Dungeon Master (online gaming)
Dude Man No Offense
Don't mess yourself
Do not compute (meaning I do not understand)
Dinner (SMS)
Daughter of Eve
Meaning "Adorable"
Damage over time (online gaming)
Voting negatively on a thread using Reddit’s voting system (Reddit)
Damage per second (online gaming)
Don't quote me on this
Didn't read
Dear (or Darling) son
Define the relationship
Do the right thing
Don't think so
Don't touch that dial
Do you remember?
Dear (or Darling) wife
Divorced white female
Divorced white male
Do you know what you are talking about?
Did you find it?
Dude, you fascinate me
Don't you just hate it when...?
Do your own research (common stock market chat slang)

"E" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations

Enemy (online gaming)
Easy as one, two, three
Ear to ear grin
Eating at keyboard
Error between keyboard and chair
Erase display
Evil grin
Eat it
Editing in progress
Explain like I'm 5
E-mail (Twitter slang)
E-mail address (Twitter slang)
Meaning "Embarassing"
Excuse me for butting in
Excuse me for jumping in
E-mail message
End of day
End of discussion
End of lecture
End of life
End of message
End of show
End of transmission
EverQuest (online gaming)
Meaning "Erotic Role-Play" (online gaming)
Eres tz / are you (Spanish SMS)
Erase screen
Eat *S* and die!
Estimated time (of) arrival
Edited to add
Evil wicked grin (in fun, teasing)
Emailing while intoxicated
Meaning over the top
Excitable, yet calm

"F" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations

Meaning female
Face to face
Free to play (online gaming)
Follow for follow (Instagram)
Falling asleep at keyboard
Used to represent the gesture of "smacking your forehead with your palm" to express embarrassment or frustration
Funny as *freak*
FFamily, but not limited to actual family members. Could mean friends.
Frequently asked questions
*Freak* all you
Meaning "Facebook buddy"
Facebook chat
Flashback Friday
Meaning "Facebook friend"
Fat boy food (e.g. pizza, burgers, fries)
FaceBook friend
Fine by me
Facebook official (An official update from Facebook)
For better or worse
Fingers crossed
Full card (online gaming)
For crying out loud
For crying out loud
A social meme that means to feel negative.
A social meme taking "feelsbadman" to the extreme. This references the DC super hero Batmanbecause he witnessed the murder of his parents.
A social meme that means to feel positive.
*Freak* 'em if they can't take a joke
Follow Friday (Twitter slang)
Free for all (online gaming)
For *freak'*sakes
Frankly I couldn't care a less
*Freak* I'm funny
*Freaked* if I know
Forget it, I'm out of here
Father in law
Forever in my heart
Means "Going to"
A second Instagram account where someone can post things that they're too afraid to post on their main account.
First in, still here
Fill in the blank
*Freak* My Life
Falling off my chair
Fear of missing out (definition)
*Freak* off and die
Friend of a friend
Falling off my chair laughing
For real though
From the bottom of my heart
Fixed that for you
For the loss
For the win
*Freak* you
Fouled up beyond all recognition
Fouled up beyond belief
Face up deal (online gaming)
Feet up, take a break
Friend with benefits
For what it's worth
Fine with me
First world problems
Fire, something that is cool
For your eyes only
For your amusement
For your information

"G" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations

Good to see you
Got to go
Got to go I'll see you later
Got to run
Got to tell u (you)
Going for coffee
Go ahead
Get a clue
Get a *freaking* clue
Get a life
Meaning a player ambush or unfair player kill (online gaming)
Got a second?
Greetings and salutations
Get back to work
God bless you
Grinning, ducking, and running
Grinning, ducking, and running
Go for it
Girl friend
Gone for now
Gotta Go
Good Game (online gaming)
Brother (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)
Good game, all (online gaming)
Good game, everyone (online gaming)
Good game, you too
Gotta get me some of that
Gotta Get Outa Here
Got to go pee
Good hand (online gaming)
Give it a rest
Gift in crib (online gaming)
Garbage in, garbage out
Guy in real life
Good job
Good luck
Good luck to you (online gaming)
Good luck all (online gaming)
Good luck, have fun (online gaming)
Good luck everyone (online gaming)
Good luck everyone (online gaming)
Good luck next game (online gaming)
Giggling my butt off
Great minds think alike
Got my vote
Good night
Good night all
Good night everyone
Good night
Good night
Good night, sweet dreams
Greatest of all Time(s)
Get over it
Giggling out loud
Get off my back
Gratuitous picture of yourself
Get right with God
Grinning, running and ducking
Good shot
Good split (online gaming)
Good try
Get the *freak* out
Get the *freak* outta here
Got to go
Giggling to myself
Going to read mail
Great (or good) to see you
Glad we had this little chat

"H" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations

Hate to be you
Have a good one
Hug and kiss
Help (Discord)
How about you?
Hugs & kisses
Hope to see you soon
Have a good night
Have a good one
Have a nice day
Have a wonderful day (out-dated, see next in list)
Meaning "sexy" or "attractive"
Hurry back
Hug back
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
How about you?
Have fun
Holy flipping animal crackers
Happy Father's Day
Head hanging in shame
How I felt when... (Used with photo or gif)
Half Life (online gaming)
Hola / hello (Spanish SMS)
Happy Mother's Day
Hit me up
(w)Hole 'nother level
Hold on a second
Hit points / Health points (online gaming)
How are you?
Hope this helps
Head up butt
Head up your *butt*
Heroic Violet Hold (online gaming)
Hell yeah, *Freaking* right!

"I" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations

I too (me too)
I already ate
I am an accountant
I am a doctor
I am a lawyer
In any case
In any event
I am not a crook
I am not a lawyer
I am out (of here)
I'm back
I'm back
I see
I couldn't agree more
It could be worse
I can't even discuss it
I could fall in love with you
In case you missed it (Twitter slang)
I don't believe it
I don't care
I don't give a *freak*
I don't know
I don't think so
I don't know
I feel your pain
I got to run
I got high tonight
I (I've) got nothing
I got to (go) pee
I have no idea
If I remember correctly
Intel inside, idiot outside
I know
I know, right?
I'll be late
I love you
I love you man
I love you so much
I love you
Instant message
In my arrogant opinion
In my humble opinion
(in Arial font) Means I love you (a way of using the American sign language in text)
In my not so humble opinion
In my opinion
I am sorry
I am so bored
I am the man
I miss u (you)
I'm not a lawyer
Meaning "incoming" (online gaming)
Meaning "Invite"
In over my head
In other words
In real life
I rest my case
I still love you
In search of
It's The Accounting, Man (financial blogs)
In This Thread
I thought you knew
If you say so
I will always love you
I want a way out
Idiot wrapped in a moron
I want sex now
If you know what I mean
In your opinion
Meaning "I like you"
If you say so

"J" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations

Just a second
Just a minute
Just a second
JC (J/C)
Just checking
Just do it
Meaning "jealous"
Just for fun
Just *freaking* Google it
Just in case
JJ (J/J)
Just joking
Just joking around
JK (J/K)
Just kidding
Just let me know
Just my opinion
Just playing
Jackpot (online gaming, bingo games)
JT (J/T)
Just teasing
Just to let you know
Joint venture
Just wondering

"K" Text Messages / Chat Abbreviations

Knock, knock
Okay, Okay!
Kick butt (online gaming)
Means Cracking (K) the (D as in Da) *freak* up
I will key you later
Key me when you get in
Kiss for you
Know it all
Keep it real
Keep it simple, stupid
Keep in touch
Kiss my *a*
Kiss my keister
Killing myself
Kiss my tushie
Kiss on cheek
Key opinion leader
Someone obsessed with Korean culture
Kid over shoulder
Kill on sight (online gaming)
Knock on wood
Kiss on the cheek
Kicks of the day (Instagram)
Kiss on the lips
Know what I mean?
Meaning "knowledge"
Keeping parents clueless
Kill then steal (online gaming)
Kind (of) sort (of) chuckle
Keep up the good work
Kill yourself

"L" Text Message & Chat Abbreviations

Like to go?
(would) Love to go
Like to come
Learn to play
Leet, meaning 'elite'
Like for like (Instagram)
Later, gator
Life's a *b*
Laughing back at you
Laughing, but serious
Laughing, but very serious
Later, dude
Long distance
Like, duh obviously
Let me know
Leaving easy reach of keyboard
Left for day
Looking for group (online gaming)
Looking for guard (online gaming)
Looking for more (online gaming)
Lets get high
Lets have sex
Lets have sex
Lord help me
Laughing head off
Like I care
Meaning liquor
Laugh in my tummy
Meaning really good or something fun and exciting
Extremely intoxicated
Love, later, God bless
Laughing like *silly*
Laughing my *a* off
Laughing my butt off
Laughing my freaking *a* off
Lets meet in real life
Let me know
Laughing my mother freaking a** off
Leave my name out
Like my status (Facebook)
Meaning lost in translation
List of acronyms
Laughing out loud
Laugh out loud
Lots of love
Laughing out loud hysterically
Lots of love
Laughing out loud (saying) "What the *freak*?"
Laughing on the inside
Lord of The Rings (online gaming)
Laughing quietly to myself
Laugh so hard my belly hurts
Language, sex and violence
Living the dream
Let's twist like we did last summer
Long time no see
Laptop of death
Laughing to self
Love you long time
Meaning joke, or for laughs
Left voice mail
Laughing without smiling
Love ya
Love you like a sis
Love you like crazy
Love you so much

"M" Text Messages & Chat Abbreviations

Mamma's boy
Mom behind shoulder
Merry Christmas
My Dad is a cop
My eyes glaze over
Meaning a "shrug" or shrugging shoulders
Meaning a "so-so" or "just okay"
Meaning a "sigh" or sighing
Meaning "mesmerize" (online gaming)
Mad for it
My face when... (Used with photo or gif)
May God bless
My hat (is) off to you
Me in real life
Meet in real life
Meaning "child and her age". Miss.3 would be a 3-year old daughter
Meaning "Mmm, okay"
Meaning give the middle finger
Sister (Mandarin Chinese txt msg)
Meaning okay? (as a question)
Mother nature calls
Mensaje (message in Spanish)
Modification (online gaming)
Male or female?
Mamma's boy
My own opinion
Member of the opposite sex
Mother over shoulder
Member of same sex
Mana points (online gaming)
Meaning "child and his age". Mr.3 would be a 3-year old son
Modified ReTweet (Twitter slang)
My reaction when... (Used with photo or gif)
More to follow
May the force be with you
Miss U (you)
Multiple unsuccessful attempts (at/to) humor
Miss you so much
Meaning "kiss" (it is is the sound made when kissing through the air)
Mind your own (business)
Mind your own business

"N" Text Message & Chat Abbreviations

Nice one
Nothing too much
Not a darn thing
Not a lot of people know that
Not now, no need
No big deal
No bad for a beginner (online gaming)
Nice crib (online gaming)
Nice double (online gaming)
Meaning "Changed and is now weaker" (online gaming)
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2020.08.12 06:45 whitelego 28 [M4F] Let's hang ubec peeps

We really can't predict what's going to happen in the coming weeks amirite? Baka mag regress ulit yung quarantine dito. Consider this as a short break. Kaumay magkulong? Wanna have a friendly date instead? Wholesome, non-wholesome, you set the rules. Any public place basta commutable.
Some expectations of you:
18-30, at least 5'0, skinny to slightly chubby, lighter complexion, himos mga borderline 7/8
5'8 - looks shorter coz i slouch 😫 , slightly skinny , lighter than moreno, himos ra sad (nah let's swap pics ui para klaro haha)
I posted this nga hayag pa coz my intentions are pure. ayt hit me up! 😉
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2020.07.21 04:59 RobotsRevenge Is Moby a bad person?

I listened to a new episode of Sound Opinions this morning, and the two hosts were recommending that a viewer listen to Moby's Play since they both love the record. Then they make comments throughout the episode on how bad of a person Moby is, and not to let it get in the way of enjoying his music. They made it seem as if he were Morrissey or Billy Corgan. I looked up Moby's Wikipedia page and the only negative thing I found was that he falsely claimed to have dated the actress Natalie Portman. Other than that, his bio mentioned his contributions to numerous charities and his outspokenness on animal cruelty. The hosts on Sound Opinions know a lot about the music business, so I'm confused. Moby seems like a strange dude, but not a terrible person. Am I missing something?
(47:30) https://open.spotify.com/episode/730SZzZqZVB67FEmHDd2F0?si=AYtUpDekT4uuwqWNxCqSNA
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2020.07.18 17:57 Saci97 Meet the Malfoys and dating with XY

Hello everyone! My first post here yeeey
I would like to ask two questions
The first is.. Ayt the moment, i'm in the middle of the second part of the Meet the Malfoys, and i already watched a walkthough.
What will happen, if we will tell the truth in the end? Besides Malfoy will be angry, i guess?
And the second one.. Can my character (MC?) dance at the bal and date with Chiara? I already met her and my relationship level with her is almost lvl 6
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2020.04.20 07:58 arjungmenon 6 year limit, Recapture, and Long Absences

How exactly does the 6-year limit work, if you're absent for a long period of time from the United States? I am thinking of moving to Canada preemptively/sooner (especially, if current employer substantially delays doing LC/I140), and saving up the ~1.5 years I have left for future use.
I am confused and concerned, because of this conversation I had with u/not_an_immi_lawyer on this thread: https://www.reddit.com/immigration/comments/fwbiwi/h1_valid_expires_soon5yrs_left_can_i_use_these/, where he/she said that you could lose the unused remainder of the 6-year time, if either:
But these things are contradicted and not in agreement with the various articles I've read on the topic online. Here's one of those articles: https://redbus2us.com/apply-h1b-after-6-years-to-recapture-unused-time-uscis-rule/
The Rule Changes on January 17, 2017
Among the avalanche of immigration rules changes that Obama made two days before he left office, were clarifications and C.F.R. amendments relating to the 6-year limit. Here's the federal register link to the relevant section: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2016/11/18/2016-27540/retention-of-eb-1-eb-2-and-eb-3-immigrant-workers-and-program-improvements-affecting-high-skilled#p-685
Here's one excerpt:
In response to public comment, DHS is also providing several clarifications in the final rule. First, DHS has amended the regulatory text at 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(iii)(C) to more clearly provide that remaining H-1B time may be recaptured at any time before the foreign worker uses the full period of H-1B admission described in section 214(g)(4) of the INA. Second, DHS has made several edits to simplify and streamline the regulatory text at 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(iii)(D), which describes eligibility for the “lengthy adjudication delay” exemption afforded by section 106(a) and (b) of AC21 to the general 6-year maximum period of H-1B admission. In particular, the final rule makes clear that to be eligible for this exemption, the individual must have had an application for labor certification or a Form I-140 petition filed on his or her behalf at least 365 days before the date the exemption would take effect. See final 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(iii)(D)(1), (5), and (7). The final rule further clarifies that an individual becomes ineligible for the lengthy adjudication delay exemption if he or she fails to apply for adjustment of status or an immigrant visa within 1 year of the date an immigrant visa is authorized for issuance. See final 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(iii)(D)(10). The final rule also clarifies that exemptions pursuant to section 106(a) of AC21 may only be made in 1-year increments. See final 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(iii)(D)(2).
And here is a more pertinent excerpt:
Comment. A few commenters urged DHS to clarify that there is no “statute of limitations” on recapture. Some of these commenters noted that nothing in INA 214(g)(7) restricts USCIS from granting unused H-1B time when a recapture request is made more than 6 years after the initial grant of the H-1B petition. One commenter asked DHS to clarify that time spent inside the United States in another nonimmigrant status is “recapturable.” This commenter stated that the proposed regulatory text allows recapture only for time in which the foreign national was physically outside the United States.
Response. In the final rule, DHS clarifies that, consistent with its existing policy, there is no time limitation on recapturing the remainder of the initial 6-year period of H-1B admission under INA 214(g)(4).[83] DHS notes, however, that the remainder of any time granted pursuant to an AC21 extension cannot be recaptured. The purpose of this clarification is to promote consistency and efficiency in recapture determinations in accordance with the policy objectives described in USCIS's December 5, 2006 policy memorandum from Michael Aytes outlining the recapture policy.[84]
The relevant USCIS policy memoranda,[85] although not codified, specify that the “remainder” period of the initial 6-year admission period is that full admission period minus any time that the H-1B nonimmigrant worker previously spent in the United States in valid H-1B or L-1 status. This policy thus allows time spent inside the United States in any other nonimmigrant status (i.e., any nonimmigrant status other than H-1B or L-1) to be “recapturable.” This final rule does not impose any additional limits on this policy. See final 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(iii)(C).
Considering all of this, how exactly does recapture actually work?
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2020.04.13 01:23 Eat_The_Hamm The 49th Parallel

I've Always Loved This Piece, I Played It In My High School Region, And Became An Absolute Fan Of Vaughan-Williams. It Isn't Too Hard, Other Than The Very Rare High Note, And I Thought It Could Be A Fun Idea For Us!

Below is the sheet music for this piece. Make sure you grab the right part!

49th Parallel Sheet Music

The final date to submit your recordings is June 16th!*
Send your final recordings here!
\Please include your reddit user name, or who you want to be credited as, and instrument in the file name. Thank you!*
Be sure to join us on Discord!
Instrument List:





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2020.03.31 19:36 Miserabi 22 [M4F] Let the clownery begin

Here I have posted again,
looking for someone just like back then,
For these days have been quite cold,
And I fear that I may be getting old,
So have mercy and hear my plea,
for I seek another clownery,
To talk with a person day and night,
To get to know her and see if she's "ayt" (lol)
I want to be stupid once more,
and see what is in store,
of what lies ahead due to my stupidity,
just to feel alive and not dead like some sea. (dead sea)
So the gist of it all is I want to meet someone and possibly fall for that person even if after some time that person might ghost or stop talking to me. I wouldn't mind going on dates (after all this hubbub has ended of course) with the possibility of it not being kkb. I wouldn't mind being a "pampalipas oras" if someone is bored, I wouldn't mind making someone smile after buying them overpriced coffee. Idk. I just want to do things without knowing the consequences of these actions because life is fun.
About me: • Slim • 5'6 • Chinito • Still studying • Ngsb • A hopeless romantic • A sad potato
About you: • someone around of the same age or below • Would like to get to know you over the phone or chat on some social app or smth
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2019.11.29 17:15 IAmTheFlow 22 [M4F/A] SM MANILA; film festival <3

HAHAHAA shet. ayt. so hi. first time posting.
i am currently running a production group of 4 peeps. born of our passion for filmmaking and as workshop-mates. we recently joined a film fest (Sorok Uni Short Film Festival) tapos awards night na mamaya (Nov. 30). so kung gusto mo free movie marathon and socializing with filmmakers hmu HAHAHA
i reserved 5 seats for my friends but they are apparently unavailable and i kinda don't want to sit alone kase 6 na upuan na magkakatabi yun diba tapos magisa lang ako. you can imagine how that would look like. sooooooooooooooooooooo.
am looking for 5 peeps to come with me. it's all the more better if you want to try out filmmaking too but don't currently have the means to do so. we'd gladly induct you into our growing prod group. let's make films bois.
event runs from 6-9pm at sm manila. cinema 9. be there by 4-5pm so we can meet and register. :D
and while i'm here baka sakali na rin. LF potential jowa. HAHHAHA

about me:

about you:

ayan. hoping for the best to attract eitheall of what i'm looking for. dm lang bois. <3 pls upvote so more peeps would see. hehe
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2019.10.16 06:22 DongLongQua_ [ALL] Questions about events between BtS and S1

Ayt, so I'm planning to write a fanfic (actually more like a screenplay) that takes place between BtS and S1. But since I don't have time to play both games again, and it's been some time since I played both games, I have some questions that hopefully you guys can answer (I tried searching some but turned up with nada)
  1. Is there an exact date when Chloe was expelled according to her file in S1 (The one you can find in the Principal's office)
  2. When did Jefferson arrive at Blackwell?
  3. Was it stated when Frank and Rachel started dating? Or at least when it ended?
  4. Did Chloe borrow the 3 grand from Frank after Rachel disappeared?
Thanks :)
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2019.08.22 01:43 ceetwo360od The Forbidden Note & Life of A Bard : Chapter I The Adventure of A Curious Boy : Part I

Did you ever be like question yourself all the time like why this shit happened to your life , Why this shit just happened to me and only me ? why everything in every place or every situation always have a missing piece , even our own life.
Do you ever question yourself like that.
Did you ?
An earlier morning for the first day off university after I’m back from rehab and be cured for heroin addiction.I feel a bit fresher , my thought is not that fucked up ( maybe ? )
All maybe I’m fucked up but It’s just all in my mind so nobody know.
Yes , I woke up from that weird dream again.
I’m alone in the room, It’s supposed to make me happy, I got everything I need , my guitar , my dreams , my girlfriend ( At that time ),but I’m still curious about one thing on my mind like all the time.
7:30 in the morning
“ Knock Knock Knock ”
“ Who the fuck was that ? ”
I replied like as I am
“ It’s me honey ? what’s wrong with you ? ”
“ Nothing, I can’t get enough sleep I think ”
“ Shit , again ? ”
“ Yeah , again , babe can you give me a cup of coffee ? sorry I’m got an headache ”
“ Sure , Here you go , can you tell me what’s in your head. ”
“ No I can’t , sorry. ”
“ Do you hiding something ? ”
“ I don’t hide actually but I can’t tell it , please trust me. ”
“ Okay sure,Hey time for the class ”
“ Holy shit, but… ”
“ We aren’t go to be late ,cause I’m here. ”
“ Alright , but I’m really sleepy. ”
“ No time for take a nap. Study first you idiot. ”
“ Okay , fine , you win. ”
“ I’m always win you know it. ”
Yes my life should be happy right ?
I got a good woman take care of me , I study the faculty that I want to , I quit that dangerous drug , This story should be ended up with good story if I’m not still curious, but I can’t tell everybody.
At the faculty , I’m study department of Architecture , She is study in Interior Design , Yes we study different department but we are sweetest couple at the moment , like the way we talk and sometime we fight but we never let our anger be our main cause to say break up.
Every time that we fight , one of us have talk and say sorry first.
Like we don’t want to let’s us apart.
And the point is I’m a first boyfriend of her , before she saw me she isn’t interested in boy. Her interest hobby is cooking and playing piano.
One day , my class and her class is cancelled and we have to stay in the university until the evening, In our university have a building called “ Cathedral of learning ”, that place is kinda like center of everything in university, we got a little theater there, got a little plaza , and an archive and library, and upper floor is the faculty of Arts and Music.
“ Yo , we got nothing to do honey, what’s your plan ? ”
“ Let’s go to the rooftop , they don’t allowed us to go there right? Isn’t them ? ”
“ Man , Fuck that rules, I used to go there once , It’s so beautiful but you’re study in your class. I think we can do this again , you and me. ”
“ Or really ? How ? ”
“ Fire Exit ”
“ Okay cool then let’s do this ”
At the plan is begin , We seeking our way to get to the rooftop , but this time is unlucky , the door is locked but we found out that one door can be opened, so we opened that door and we found out that we in the music practice area of faculty of music and lucky us that nobody is stay right there.
As long as we see, First thing that my girlfriend saw is a grand piano.
“ Baby look that’s steinway , Let’s me play that. ”
“ Are you sure ? ”
“ Bitch , shut da fuck up and let’s me play. ”
The piano sound is waving into a song , from keys to keys from her finger, the cold wind is kinda keep me warm, and the song that she played for me is “Moonlight Sonata”
I heard my sister played that before , and that’s kinda shook me again but I’m not panic in front of her eyes, but I crying inside.
“ Hey honey, what’s wrong with you ? ”
“ No , I didn’t ”
“ but your tears ? ”
“ Fuck it, let’s play that, I wanna hear that ”
Yes all in my mind that time I just want to live in the moment, the moment that I wish I could forget all the thing that caught up in my head.
I losing my mind again, Everything is flash-back into my childhood memories with Sacha.
Then I feel somebody hugged me from behind.
“ Do you like my piano skill ? ”
“ Yeah sure , that’s really great. ”
“ It’s time to get back home, send me to the coach and I hope you back to your dorm safe, and If you wanna go party , just let me know alright ? Then called me when you back to your dorm. ”
“ Yeah sure I’ll let you know if I go , but you know I don’t want to. ”
9:35 PM
“ Yo, Homies, what’s good ? ”
“ Nothing man , just rolling up some pots and but to get sleep. what’s goin’ on ? ”
“ Yo, today is my birthday man, go to the club with me , please you knobhead.”
“ Let me asked my girlfriend first if she allowed me to. ”
“ Are you scared of her , hell no bro , are you losing your mind ? ”
“ Nah , I mean… ”
“ I feel you bro , you are really serious in relationship.That’s why the whole gang not involved with your love story, hey tell her that you gonna go party, make sure she don’t thinking way too much alright.”
“ Ayt gimme a second ”
“ I give you an hour bro , do your thing , where is the weed at , I’ll smoke it ”
“ Overthere bro , save some for me alright , I need it to cured my disease. ”
“ Surely. ”
“ Hey ”
“ What’s up honey , I doing my homework right now, I’m a bit busy. ”
“ I know , I just wanna tell you I have to go to Shivy’s birthday party with frank.”
“ Alright , just text me back when you’re reaching your dorm alright. ”
“ Yeah sure, hey baby , I love you ”
“ I love you too, take care and don’t drink too much , I’m scared that you’ll caught into a fight. ”
“ Nah, I’m smoking weed so I think it’s might not turned out that bad. ”
“ I hope so , watchout for those police too right ? I don’t want you to get caught. ”
“ Okay. Good luck with your homework. ”
“ Baby you forget one thing. ”
“ Say goodnight to me too. ”
“ Goodnight honey. ”
“ Okay I hope that I sleep well , see you at the morning class. ”
“ see you in the morning. ”
Shivy is yellin’ at me
“ Hey , time to go , don’t worry about drugs only thing you can do is weed and alcohol , I know you don’t like that. ”
“ Haha , Let’s go ! ”
“ Hey wait , what about frank ? ”
“ He is at the club actually. ”
At the club.
Our table has many people be there before me & shivy arrived.
8 people waiting for us to come by.
As I remember , I got one senior his name Oak , He is a musician in his indie rock band “ White collar ” and I don’t know that he is still do that or not but yeah , Fair a girl that have the same symptom like me but she is not that aggressive like me , Frank my half spainish - half thai brother that I heard he is now a boxer or something. Au & Tar my thai buddy that we love to find some trouble together , Tim a friend from another faculty that look like can’t fight with each other in his faculty , Pek is the guy who love street racing more than his life but care about his homies the most.
“ Why do you guys come so late ? here is the drink finished it ”
Sound from pek comin’ at first with a glass of whiskey , and I think he mixed to drunk me or something.
“ Finished it, you too. ” Pek said to Shivy.
“ Why are you late christ ”
( Back in university my international friends call me christ because they can’t pronounced Chin so they called me christ instead )
“ Nah , I just have to tell my girlfriend first , my dad taught me that. ”
“ Don’s son like you have to tell your girl to go party ? You are jokin’ me are what ? ” Pek answered like kinda funny.
“ No he have to , I feel him. ” Shivy defensed.
“ Alright, so let’s get the party started then. ” Pek said.
“ Cool , bro did you roll up some weed ? ”
“ of course. ”
The party go well, The vibes got so cool. but one thing is wrong.
Yes , the thing that caught up in my head.
“ Hey didn’t party isn’t fun ? ” Shivy asked.
“ It was really fun bro, I love that. ” I answered.
“ Hey that girl over there kinda like you , let’s go ”
“ It’s your birthday Shivy , you go , I’m gonna text my girl first , hope she didn’t worry about me that much. ”
“ Man , you’re sweetest couple as I saw bro. ” My senior kinda laugh when powerful son like me, always stay down for his girl.
“ I’m not that kind of addicted to her but I have to respect her.
You know what I mean. ”
“ I know , you’re kind of thinking too much bro , Have fun , here fill your cup. ”
“ Alright man ”
That night I can’t remember all the situation , but I found out somebody send me my room , the door is unlocked , I think my brother send me there.
“ Hey wake the fuck up ! ”
My girlfriend sound kind a pissed me off or something.
“ Baby I think I can’t make it ”
“ Bitch , your class started at noon , this is just seven in the morning.Are you hangover still ? ”
“ Might be ”
I’m still can’t fully wake up, but I heard some cooking going on in my kitchen.
“ Here you go , Have that and hope that can fill up your energy. ”
“ Alright , hey honey , thank. ”
She replied nothing but a smile.
That day we ended up watch two movies , one is a romantic one that she choose. ( I’m the type that let my women choose first )
and next one I choose Paranormal Activity base on my favourite.
“ Dude , this didn’t even scared me ? ”
She replied like she can handle this movie when she didn’t even see that climax yet. ”
“ Shut up and watch , It’s gonna freak you the fuck out. ”
“ You dare me ? If I’m not shook you have to take me to a dinner deal ? ”
“ And If you shook ? ”
“ I’ll hug you so tight , I’m scared. ”
“ Alright , let’s see. ”
And if you watch this movie at the first time you know what that is.
Yupp she scared the fuck out.
“ Baby I told you. ” I’m make fun of her just to make she chilled out.
“ No , I don’t tell me that it’s gonna be this scared. ”
“ cause you judge that from the beginning honey , how was it ? ”
“ Okay fine, I’m not that scared. ”
“ but you hugged me like so scared didn’t you. ? ”
Yes I look at my arms , somebody hug me so tight like she is really freak out.
“ See ? ”
She didn’t answered but replied my with her cute frown face.
“ Hey , it’s time to go to our class , catch ya later. ”
“ Okay. ”
“ Oh I forget one thing , I love you. ”
“ I know. ”
That’s our another good day for us, like first I thought she is gonna murdered me or something.
but one thing she didn’t know is that I’m into dark business already.Yes , I never tell her that, even my weed usaged, I’m really paranoid that one day she is gonna find all this out.
but you can’t hide it forever.
One day she come to my place unexpectly and saw me with stoner dude, She saw me start selling that.
She keep it’s silence until smoke session is done.
All my friends left out my room.
and she said to me “ What do you think you doing ? ”
“ Nothing just smokin’ up. ”
“ I’m okay if you smoke that but… ”
She don’t answered me no more and run out my room, I’m tryna asked her like what’s happened.
“ Honey , I know you know what happened. but I’m so sorry. Don’t let me go. ”
“ I’m really pissed actually, I don’t think you’re gonna be like that.”
“ What like that mean ? ”
“ Are you gonna follow your daddy’s step ? ”
“ Like what ”
“ Turn yourself into dark business and tryna get yourself killed ? ”
“ How did you know that ? ”
“ I know everything about you , but I waiting for you to tell me that. ”
“ Baby , I didn’t mean to hide you forever. ”
“ Is this that the thing that caught up in your mind ? ”
“ No but I can’t. ”
“ Do you have any reason for this ? ”
“ Okay fine , but I can’t really tell you, I don’t want you to get into danger. ”
“ That’s why you go everywhere with a knife ? , Tell me who the fuck are you ? ”
“ I am who I am ”
“ Fine , then keep hiding that. ”
“ Honey , please… ”
“ Shut the fuck up. ”
And yeah she not talk to me like before , we still keep our relationship going but I can feel that she doesn’t trust me that much like way before, I don’t know what to tell her.
Yeah that’s make me back into alcoholic way again, I’m try to not blame myself on the thing that caught up in my head, or my family’s background, I didn’t even know what kind of story that haunted her.
but only thing I can do is just hold her with my pain like that.
“ Honey ”
“ Yeah, What’s up. ”
“ Nothing , hey this is our anniversary right ? , I wished I could stay with you forever.”
“ Oh really , I wish like that too, but I wish I want it to be like before you find out my background. ”
“ Honey , pleased stop taking about that, That’s make me depressed.
You know I can’t trust you because of that , nah I mean, I don’t wanna involved with your family, just know that I stay here with you because I love you, even if some of my part still hate you. ”
“ Hate me for what ? ”
“ For the things that you don’t tell me. ”
“ And if I tell you , you’re gonna leave me for sure. ”
“ Huh, why don’t you stop fighting with me ? ”
“ I’m not the one who start ? ”
“ Oh , am I wrong ? ”
“ Nah , you aren’t , but you don’t listen. ”
“ Okay , then let’s me alone for a period. ”
“ Wait ? Why ”
“ Please ! ”
I’m leaving my bed corners to let her be and back to my work.
but I saw her cry,and that cut me deep.
“ Honey , I don’t want you to cry. ”
I dropped all my works on the floor and run back to hug her tightly like I’m scared that she is gonna go.
“ I’ll try my best baby , I know you love me , that’s the only thing that keep us together. ”
“ Honey ? ”
“ Go do your work , I’m gonna take a nap, and I hope you gonna hug me tight tonight.”
“ For sure ”
I kiss her lips and forehead and send her to bed.
I love to watch her sleep, I don’t know why, I think she is adorable.
Our story still continued until the first holloween of our date.
“ Hey , that’s holloween , what do you want to do. ? ”
“ I don’t know, I didn’t have any plan for tonight. ”
“ Maybe we just stay in the house but don’t leave me alone. ”
“ Why ? ”
“ Just don’t leave me alone deal ? ”
That night is going to be fine , my room at that time is have a kitchen section the a big mirror right next to the bathroom , then bed section and a living area with workspace.The plan is look like 3 ways crossroad.
I’m go to bed like normally,but suddenly I heard her scream.
“ Whattttttttt ”
She break her glass of water on the floor ”
“ Honey wake up , honey I saw a ghost in the mirror, I don’t wanna died. ”
“ Honey please help !!! ”
I waking up and I see nothing, I saw the clock at that time is nearly 3 AM in the morning, but I’m try to not thinking way too much.
“ Honey , it’s might be just an illusion of something. ”
I try to clam her nerve down.
“ Baby , but I saw it, I swear to god , I saw it. ”
“ What do you saw ? ”
“ A long hair girl look at me and say that’s my boy, get away or you wanna died. ”
She cried and hug me tightly.
“ I’m really scared honey, pleased ”
“ Okay I’m here I didn’t go anywhere. ”
“ But that’s creepy, Who is that girl ? ”
In my mind , I know what’s that girl but I can’t tell her.
“ Maybe it’s just a ghost, don’t be panic. ”
“ Okay , I wanna go to bed and don’t leave me tonight alright honey, I’m so scared. ”
“ Alright honey, come here ”
And she fall asleep in my arm like a daddy’s girl.
And that night passed by like every night should be.
“ Brrp ” my phone ringing.
“ My ex ? How the fuck did she called me ? and how did she got my number from ? ”
I reject the phone call immediately.
“ Brrp ” again.
“ Who is calling you honey ? ”
“ I don’t know but I don’t wanna picked up. ”
“ Pick that up , that’s might be your friend. ”
“ I don’t think she is my friend. ”
“ And who , I think you thinkin’ way too much. ”
“ Alright , let’s try. ”
A girl answered my phone.
“ Hi brother do you remembered me ? ”
“ How the fuck did you get my new number ? ”
“ Following your bread crumb again. ”
“ Fuck no, What’s your business ?”
“ Nothing , I just call to tell you that , I’ll attend the same university at you were, hope I see you there ? ”
“ See Me ? How ? ”
“ Take me to a university tour maybe ? ”
“ But please stop. I got my girlfriend , I don’t want she to think way too much. ”
“ Who thinking too much , just like brother and sister. ”
“ Huh, I’ll tell you later. ”
“ Who that is ? ”
My girlfriend asked me as soon as I hanged up the call.
“ My sister , she want to study here. ”
“ Oh really , that’s look good isn’t she ? ”
In my mind is like , yeah it’s gonna be good if that girl is not the thing that caught up in my mind.
“ yeah might be, Do you want to have some breakfast ? ”
“ Who cook ? ”
“ Me ”
“ Honey , I think rain will gonna come soon like.”
“ No worries, why you acting like you’re really surprised. ”
“ Just like that , Okay I’ll be waitin’ here cause I’m too lazy to wake up this morning. ”
“ Alright honey , Do you have class today ? ”
“ No , Do you ? ”
“ I have like 3PM ”
“ Perfect, let’s go do something sweet together. ”
“ Aww, Baby ”
“ What ? ”
“ Yeah, what do you wanna do , Let’s go somewhere peace and quiet. ”
“ alright , University’s Park maybe. ”
“ Yeah , I don’t want to go that far from University,I don’t like the place that crowded with people, and I know you don’t like that.”
“ Like you know. ”
“ Of course , I know that. you’re my boy. ”
“ Last night you just saw a ghost and cry. ”
“ Baby , I don’t care. ”
“ But before you go come here , I need a hug ”
“ Here you go.”
Later we go to the park , we sit never to the waterfall and the pond full of crap fishes. We thrown breads to feed them together.
“ Look at that. ”
“ Look what, Those fish look so happy. ”
“ They should be happy,didn’t they ? ”
“ Yeah , they are. ”
“ I wish I could stay like this like all the time, I don’t want to go back home. ”
“ but you have to. ”
“ I know,but I love these moment. ”
“ Me too ”
“ Just promised me that you won’t let me go. ”
“ I can’t but I’ll try my best ”
She answered with her smiles and hold my hand so tight while we look at the sunset.
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2019.07.21 23:22 CrazyLinnet New Blog Post: Intune Basics Part 4: Modern Device Management with Android Enterprise - Configuring Dedicated Devices

Welcome to part 4 of this series of posts which are intended on getting you started with managing Android devices using the Android Enterprise capabilities within Microsoft Intune.
Part 1 can be found here and covers setting up the various Android Enterprise enrollment methods
Part 2 can be found here and covers the configuration of Azure AD Groups
Part 3 can be found here and covers the configuration of Work Profile devices
This series is intent on getting you up and running as quickly as possible, therefore if you require further detail and explanation on Android Enterprise please refer to my previous post here which I am ensuring is kept up to date as newer functionality is supported within Intune.
This post focuses on how to configure an Android Enterprise Dedicated device which is designed for single purpose scenarios, such as digital signage, stock take, or field operative usage. Devices configured in this way are not designed to have any user specific data on them and as a result they have no user affinity. My previous post was published a year ago which details how to configure a single app kiosk, in this post I will be configuring a multiple app kiosk.
First of all you will need to deploy the Managed Home Screen to your device group, to form the basis of the locked down experience. As of the May 2019 Intune service update this app will already be available for deployment within your tenant
Within the M365 Device Management portal navigate to Client Apps > Apps

Select the Managed Home Screen App and assign it as required to your device group (note that this should be a dynamic device group scoped by the EnrollmentProfileName attribute)

Now for the multi app kiosk configuration. Note that you can deploy some of this via the app config channels (the ability to bundle default settings with a deployed app - see here) associated with the Managed Home Screen app, indeed some of these settings are only available via this method.
In this example I am going to deploy some apps to our Dedicated device and add some of them to a folder. I am also going to create a web link, as well as configure a default wallpaper.
First of all, assign all of the apps as Required to the target AAD device group
Now navigate to Device Configuration > Profiles

Create a profile and give it a suitable name, for the Platform select Android Enterprise and in the Profile Type select Device Restrictions within the Device Owner Only menu

Select the Dedicated Devices settings group, for Kiosk Type select Multi-app and then add all of the apps you wish to be available on the Managed Home Screen

Scroll down to view additional settings for Leave kiosk mode select enable and set a code. Specify the URL to your background within Set Custom URL background. Finally set both Wi-Fi configuration and Bluetooth configuration to Enable

Save the profile and then assign to the same AAD device group as we have with our app assignments
Now to configure a folder for our apps and create a web link. Navigate to Client apps > App configuration policies

Add a configuration policy, giving it a suitable name. For Device enrollment type select Managed devices and under Platform select Android

Select Associated app and then choose the Managed Home Screen app. You will now see the Configuration settings menu appear. Select this

There are two ways in which to define configuration settings, using the configuration designer, or manually entering the JSON data. For both the folder settings and the web link, these configurations can only be defined by entering the JSON data. Refer to this article for more information on how to choose a configuration settings format.
I am going to create a folder called Tools and put some apps in it for the user, select Enter JSON data

Copy in the following code, substituting the folder_name and package values to reflect your requirements for the name of the folder and the apps you wish to include in the folder
{ "kind": "androidenterprise#managedConfiguration", "productId": "com.microsoft.launcher.enterprise", "managedProperty": [ { "key": "managed_folders", "valueBundleArray": [ { "managedProperty": [ { "key": "folder_name", "valueString": "Tools" }, { "key": "applications", "valueBundleArray": [ { "managedProperty": [ { "key": "package", "valueString": "com.csdroid.pkg" } ] }, { "managedProperty": [ { "key": "package", "valueString": "com.farproc.wifi.analyzer" } ] }, { "managedProperty": [ { "key": "package", "valueString": "com.qrcodescanner.barcodescanner" } ] } ] } ] } ] } ] }
Now create a second configuration policy for the web link. Copy in the following code to this, substituting the link and labels values as appropriate
{ "kind": "androidenterprise#managedConfiguration", "productId": "com.microsoft.launcher.enterprise", "managedProperty": [ { "key": "weblinks", "valueBundleArray": [ { "managedProperty": [ { "key": "link", "valueString": "http://leonashtonleatherland.blogspot.com" }, { "key": "label", "valueString": "Leon's IT Blog" } ] } ] } ] }
Assign both of the app config policies to the AAD device group
Now let's enroll the device and see how these settings apply, navigate to Device enrollment > Android enrollment

Select Corporate-owned dedicated devices the select the apprioprate enrollment profile (again - remembering that your AAD device group will be populated based on this profile, so ensure you select the correct one if you have multiple)

Select Token and then Show token. This is what we will use to enroll the device

The device I am using is Android 7.0 and therefore supports QR code enrollment, which is the enrollment type I will use in this example. There are other supported methods for enrollment, which are documented here and are OS version dependent
To commence enrollment, the device must factory reset or indeed new out of the box - so essentially in the Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) state

Tap multiple times in any white space, until you see the below screen. Select Next

Connect to Wifi

The QR reader will now install

Scan the QR code we mentioned in previous steps
Encrypt the device when prompted

Enrollment will continue

Agree any terms

The Google Play Store and Google Play Services will now update on the device

Enrollment completes and you now see the regular Android home screen experience

After a few moments you will see apps start to deploy to the device

Now the configuration is complete, and you can immediately see the custom wallpaper and in this example the Tools folder we created

Also the web link has been pinned, launch it and it will open in the deployed browser

Select Managed Setting to show the locked down menu providing the end user Bluetooth and WiFi access, as we specified within our Configuration Profile

For troubleshooting purposes, you can exit kiosk mode but tapping the back button multiple times and select Exit Kiosk

Enter the PIN when prompted

The device is now out of Kiosk mode

Launch the Managed Home Screen to put the device back in to Kiosk mode

Well that completes this post, I hope you found it useful - see you in the next part of this series where I will be talking about Fully Managed devices
Thanks for reading!
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2019.05.17 22:38 sequelae123 If reps were people version 2.0

After cackling like a bloody madman at the #BagImpressions post a few weeks ago (shout out to u/newlymissez for the amazing idea!), I thought we could start up a new one :) Before I get the ball rolling, I just wanna say I mean no disrespect to anyone who have these bags, I have a few of these too and it's all in good humor! Please don't take offense 😝 and if you have any bag impressions I’d love to hear them! 🤠

Goyard Tote:
She. Has. Her. Shit. Together. We’re talking yoga class at 6am, mediation at 7am and a chai latte on her way to work at 8am. Really lives that #BossBitch life, and her friends are worried she works too much. Goes to a $100 an hour therapist to talk about how she “struggles to be her most authentic self”.
Louis Vuitton New Wave:
This girl is 90’s CRAZY. Knows all the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel-air theme song. Owned, at the bare minimum, 3 Spice Girls CDS and she envied Baby Spice the most. Owns a huge collection of beanie babies, and still holds onto the belief that one day they’ll be worth thousands of dollars. Favourite Sims expansion pack was Hot Date.
Hermes Kelly:
Everything she wears is luxurious. Has probably said, “no darling, this isn’t costume jewellery, these are real F1 diamonds” before. Only drinks vodka martinis and considers the olive in it as her entrée. Used to be the “it” girl at Studio 54, before Andy Warhol stepped on her toe and she vowed never to go back (the audacity).
Givenchy Rottweiler Tote:
Was a “bad girl” in school. Was given detention for having a lip-piercing, which she did at home with a safety pin. Her Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory CD broke because she listened to it so many times in her Walkman. Now, she’s a designer for a major streetwear fashion house. She only wears black, has a black-out sleeve tattoo and owns a hairless cat called Ludwig.
Dior Book Tote:
Absolutely loves art galleries; has been to the MoMA twenty times and counting. Owns a LOT of floral dresses, and would describe her style as “boho chic”. Dabbles in marijuana, which she uses to “allow her creative juices to flow” when she paints watercolours. Has a coffee table book of Monet artworks. Has always wanted to live in Paris, but has never put the effort into learning French.
Chanel Trendy:
She's been known to shout "BAD BITCH ALERT" when she's drunk. Is always seen in the VIP section of a club getting side eyed by a stray Kardashian. Might hit on your boyf and regrets nothing. Looses her abolute shit whenever "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" by Eve comes on as she declares it's a "bop", and proceeds to show off her B- twerking skills.
Fendi Monster Eyes Peekaboo: She works in corporate and lives that usual 9 to 5 life. On the surface, she's your typical late-20 girl; likes Lush products, owns a scented candle or two and considers Mean Girls her favorite film. All normal, huh? Well. She fantasizes about her and her boss hooking up. She's used an Adam and Eve coupon code so many times she needs extra storage for her... well, battery operated boyfriends. She wears Agent Provocateur lingerie under her work clothes. She relishes the fact she has a dark side. A sexy side. But she'll never show it... unless she wants you to see it.

EDIT: okay but why are these so fun to write
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2019.04.27 21:46 curiousislandbumkin Walked out on a hard dick last night.

(25F)i keep guilting myself about this but it should be a more common if not, normal thing to do for all girls or guys.
was seeing this guy once a week who's into bdsm and polyamory. he would only text me to meet up or set up the next sexathon. this guy has got it figured out pretty well in his current life situation i guess. he's constantly on social meetings/ dates and helped me too with a bit of journaling/ self-help. does his own podcast too.
the sex was great. too great i believe. last time was rape sex roleplay which made my pussy bleed for the next 3 days. tests came in and gyne doc thank god said not std or sti. just tiny vag tears and battered vag. 😅 sidenote: yes, sometimes asian pussies are not cut out for ausie dicks. 😋 and no im not super keen on bdsm. hate bruises and the roughness, im already clumsy as it is. first 2 nights, i hated his sleep apnea machine. it looked like a gas mask from a horror movie. it felt like sleeping next to darth vader! or a gimp who you cannot touch. creepy. ya iknow. but hey, it helps him sleep so. he sleeps very lightly too. it felt like every turn i made woke him up. ugh! you know the 70~30rule where the guy always has the least part of the bed? well, i like cuddling, soft kisses, smelling and touching someone. so when he put that hotdog pillow between us, it killed me inside. i mean, women occupy the majority of bedspace only because they want tobe closer. i eventually go to my side tho, i cant endure hot breath and sweaty, warmskin to skin the whole night.
the last night was perfect! or so i thought. We fooled around at a bar, went back to his place he cooked me omelet, i finished the dishes and booked my ride back home. decided i didnt want to have sex with him yet. my pussy is still emotional. haha.
as we kissed passionately in his room. i pulled back and said i'm going. my ride is here. he stood there, tall, cold and stiff, kept his hands to his side looking down as if he despised me and totally brushed off my goodbye kiss. "if you're serious, delete my contact." he voiced out as i walked to the main room. i paused, looked back at him, blinked, shrugged and softly replied.. "ok, i will."
i was in the elevator thinking how this guy must think its so easy to replace people and just delete them like that when he caught up to me and stood between the elevator doors to keep from closing. With a pained look only a man with blue balls can understand (or maybe he took cialis..now i feel bad), he asked, "whats wrong with you?"
i thought this man will forever see me as a sex doll or a toy. someone he could just make an appointment with to fill his calendar. just a simple, quick booty call. no drama, no hi hello how are you, no wanna go for movies no cuddles, no massage, no friendly banters. all just plain wham bam thank you maam! oh..hah! not even a thank you actually. but for that one second, he looked human, vulnerable, almost like he NEEDS me. he would have been perfect, im emotionally unavailable and hes into casual sex. but, hes too cold... too full of himself, too unaffected, too... cool. focusing my eyes on his chest, the last thing i touched when i was reaching out to say goodbye and was coldly rejected. i said,
"i told you, im not having sex with you." his continued silence made me add.. "i feel like.. youre so.. UNTRUE."
"ayt" he replied, and walked off.
the elevator doors finally shut and i made it back to my place for a toubled night's sleep.
TLDR; said i wont have sex with him and he wants to purge/block me from everything immidiately. 🤷‍♀️ update, he did.
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2019.04.23 08:12 Filemeunderground DAQ (-1) error followed by random symbols- Windows

DAQ (-1) error followed by random symbols- Windows

Hello, I am hoping to find any solutions to my problem. I have installed snort 2.9.13 in virtualized Windows Server. I have succesfully tested out the config file and there seems to be no error on it. I have made also some test rules to test out the functionalities of IDS. However, whenever I try to run snort with "-A console" it comes out with a DAQ (-1) error and random symbols following it. Does anybody have any clue to what is happening?
This is the command I am entering

This is the error I am getting

The random symbols changes everytime I run snort
and this is my conf file:
#-------------------------------------------------- # VRT Rule Packages Snort.conf # # For more information visit us at: # http://www.snort.org Snort Website # http://vrt-blog.snort.org/ Sourcefire VRT Blog # # Mailing list Contact: [email protected] # False Positive reports: [email protected] # Snort bugs: [email protected] # # Compatible with Snort Versions: # VERSIONS : 2.9.13 # # Snort build options: # OPTIONS : --enable-gre --enable-mpls --enable-targetbased --enable-ppm --enable-perfprofiling --enable-zlib --enable-active-response --enable-normalizer --enable-reload --enable-react --enable-flexresp3 # # Additional information: # This configuration file enables active response, to run snort in # test mode -T you are required to supply an interface -i  # or test mode will fail to fully validate the configuration and # exit with a FATAL error #-------------------------------------------------- ################################################### # This file contains a sample snort configuration. # You should take the following steps to create your own custom configuration: # # 1) Set the network variables. # 2) Configure the decoder # 3) Configure the base detection engine # 4) Configure dynamic loaded libraries # 5) Configure preprocessors # 6) Configure output plugins # 7) Customize your rule set # 8) Customize preprocessor and decoder rule set # 9) Customize shared object rule set ################################################### ################################################### # Step #1: Set the network variables. For more information, see README.variables ################################################### # Setup the network addresses you are protecting ipvar HOME_NET [] # Set up the external network addresses. Leave as "any" in most situations ipvar EXTERNAL_NET !$HOME_NET # List of DNS servers on your network ipvar DNS_SERVERS $HOME_NET # List of SMTP servers on your network ipvar SMTP_SERVERS $HOME_NET # List of web servers on your network ipvar HTTP_SERVERS $HOME_NET # List of sql servers on your network ipvar SQL_SERVERS $HOME_NET # List of telnet servers on your network ipvar TELNET_SERVERS $HOME_NET # List of ssh servers on your network ipvar SSH_SERVERS $HOME_NET # List of ftp servers on your network ipvar FTP_SERVERS $HOME_NET # List of sip servers on your network ipvar SIP_SERVERS $HOME_NET # List of ports you run web servers on portvar HTTP_PORTS [80,81,311,383,591,593,901,1220,1414,1741,1830,2301,2381,2809,3037,3128,3702,4343,4848,5250,6988,7000,7001,7144,7145,7510,7777,7779,8000,8008,8014,8028,8080,8085,8088,8090,8118,8123,8180,8181,8243,8280,8300,8800,8888,8899,9000,9060,9080,9090,9091,9443,9999,11371,34443,34444,41080,50002,55555] # List of ports you want to look for SHELLCODE on. portvar SHELLCODE_PORTS !80 # List of ports you might see oracle attacks on portvar ORACLE_PORTS 1024: # List of ports you want to look for SSH connections on: portvar SSH_PORTS 22 # List of ports you run ftp servers on portvar FTP_PORTS [21,2100,3535] # List of ports you run SIP servers on portvar SIP_PORTS [5060,5061,5600] # List of file data ports for file inspection portvar FILE_DATA_PORTS [$HTTP_PORTS,110,143] # List of GTP ports for GTP preprocessor portvar GTP_PORTS [2123,2152,3386] # other variables, these should not be modified ipvar AIM_SERVERS [,,,,,,,,,,,] # Path to your rules files (this can be a relative path) # Note for Windows users: You are advised to make this an absolute path, # such as: c:\snort\rules var RULE_PATH C:\Snort\rules # var SO_RULE_PATH ../so_rules var PREPROC_RULE_PATH C:\Snort\preproc_rules # If you are using reputation preprocessor set these # Currently there is a bug with relative paths, they are relative to where snort is # not relative to snort.conf like the above variables # This is completely inconsistent with how other vars work, BUG 89986 # Set the absolute path appropriately var WHITE_LIST_PATH C:\Snort\rules var BLACK_LIST_PATH C:\Snort\rules ################################################### # Step #2: Configure the decoder. For more information, see README.decode ################################################### # Stop generic decode events: config disable_decode_alerts # Stop Alerts on experimental TCP options config disable_tcpopt_experimental_alerts # Stop Alerts on obsolete TCP options config disable_tcpopt_obsolete_alerts # Stop Alerts on T/TCP alerts config disable_tcpopt_ttcp_alerts # Stop Alerts on all other TCPOption type events: config disable_tcpopt_alerts # Stop Alerts on invalid ip options config disable_ipopt_alerts # Alert if value in length field (IP, TCP, UDP) is greater th elength of the packet # config enable_decode_oversized_alerts # Same as above, but drop packet if in Inline mode (requires enable_decode_oversized_alerts) # config enable_decode_oversized_drops # Configure IP / TCP checksum mode config checksum_mode: all # Configure maximum number of flowbit references. For more information, see README.flowbits # config flowbits_size: 64 # Configure ports to ignore # config ignore_ports: tcp 21 6667:6671 1356 # config ignore_ports: udp 1:17 53 # Configure active response for non inline operation. For more information, see REAMDE.active # config response: eth0 attempts 2 # Configure DAQ related options for inline operation. For more information, see README.daq # # config daq:  # config daq_dir:  # config daq_mode:  # config daq_var:  # #  ::= pcap afpacket dump nfq ipq ipfw #  ::= read-file passive inline #  ::= arbitrary = ::= path as to where to look for DAQ module so's # Configure specific UID and GID to run snort as after dropping privs. For more information see snort -h command line options # # config set_gid: # config set_uid: # Configure default snaplen. Snort defaults to MTU of in use interface. For more information see README # # config snaplen: # # Configure default bpf_file to use for filtering what traffic reaches snort. For more information see snort -h command line options (-F) # # config bpf_file: # # Configure default log directory for snort to log to. For more information see snort -h command line options (-l) # config logdir: C:\Snort\log ################################################### # Step #3: Configure the base detection engine. For more information, see README.decode ################################################### # Configure PCRE match limitations config pcre_match_limit: 3500 config pcre_match_limit_recursion: 1500 # Configure the detection engine See the Snort Manual, Configuring Snort - Includes - Config config detection: search-method ac-split search-optimize max-pattern-len 20 # Configure the event queue. For more information, see README.event_queue config event_queue: max_queue 8 log 5 order_events content_length ################################################### ## Configure GTP if it is to be used. ## For more information, see README.GTP #################################################### # config enable_gtp ################################################### # Per packet and rule latency enforcement # For more information see README.ppm ################################################### # Per Packet latency configuration #config ppm: max-pkt-time 250, \ # fastpath-expensive-packets, \ # pkt-log # Per Rule latency configuration #config ppm: max-rule-time 200, \ # threshold 3, \ # suspend-expensive-rules, \ # suspend-timeout 20, \ # rule-log alert ################################################### # Configure Perf Profiling for debugging # For more information see README.PerfProfiling ################################################### #config profile_rules: print all, sort avg_ticks #config profile_preprocs: print all, sort avg_ticks ################################################### # Configure protocol aware flushing # For more information see README.stream5 ################################################### config paf_max: 16000 ################################################### # Step #4: Configure dynamic loaded libraries. # For more information, see Snort Manual, Configuring Snort - Dynamic Modules ################################################### # path to dynamic preprocessor libraries dynamicpreprocessor directory C:\Snort\lib\snort_dynamicpreprocessor # path to base preprocessor engine dynamicengine C:\Snort\lib\snort_dynamicengine\sf_engine.dll # path to dynamic rules libraries # dynamicdetection directory C:\Snort\lib\snort_dynamicengine ################################################### # Step #5: Configure preprocessors # For more information, see the Snort Manual, Configuring Snort - Preprocessors ################################################### # GTP Control Channle Preprocessor. For more information, see README.GTP # preprocessor gtp: ports { 2123 3386 2152 } # Inline packet normalization. For more information, see README.normalize # Does nothing in IDS mode # preprocessor normalize_ip4 # preprocessor normalize_tcp: ips ecn stream # preprocessor normalize_icmp4 # preprocessor normalize_ip6 # preprocessor normalize_icmp6 # Target-based IP defragmentation. For more inforation, see README.frag3 preprocessor frag3_global: max_frags 65536 preprocessor frag3_engine: policy windows detect_anomalies overlap_limit 10 min_fragment_length 100 timeout 180 # Target-Based stateful inspection/stream reassembly. For more inforation, see README.stream5 preprocessor stream5_global: track_tcp yes, \ track_udp yes, \ track_icmp no, \ max_tcp 262144, \ max_udp 131072, \ max_active_responses 2, \ min_response_seconds 5 preprocessor stream5_tcp: log_asymmetric_traffic no, policy windows, \ detect_anomalies, require_3whs 180, \ overlap_limit 10, small_segments 3 bytes 150, timeout 180, \ ports client 21 22 23 25 42 53 79 109 110 111 113 119 135 136 137 139 143 \ 161 445 513 514 587 593 691 1433 1521 1741 2100 3306 6070 6665 6666 6667 6668 6669 \ 7000 8181 32770 32771 32772 32773 32774 32775 32776 32777 32778 32779, \ ports both 80 81 311 383 443 465 563 591 593 636 901 989 992 993 994 995 1220 1414 1830 2301 2381 2809 3037 3128 3702 4343 4848 5250 6988 7907 7000 7001 7144 7145 7510 7802 7777 7779 \ 7801 7900 7901 7902 7903 7904 7905 7906 7908 7909 7910 7911 7912 7913 7914 7915 7916 \ 7917 7918 7919 7920 8000 8008 8014 8028 8080 8085 8088 8090 8118 8123 8180 8243 8280 8300 8800 8888 8899 9000 9060 9080 9090 9091 9443 9999 11371 34443 34444 41080 50002 55555 preprocessor stream5_udp: timeout 180 # performance statistics. For more information, see the Snort Manual, Configuring Snort - Preprocessors - Performance Monitor # preprocessor perfmonitor: time 300 file /vasnort/snort.stats pktcnt 10000 # HTTP normalization and anomaly detection. For more information, see README.http_inspect preprocessor http_inspect: global iis_unicode_map unicode.map 1252 compress_depth 65535 decompress_depth 65535 preprocessor http_inspect_server: server default \ http_methods { GET POST PUT SEARCH MKCOL COPY MOVE LOCK UNLOCK NOTIFY POLL BCOPY BDELETE BMOVE LINK UNLINK OPTIONS HEAD DELETE TRACE TRACK CONNECT SOURCE SUBSCRIBE UNSUBSCRIBE PROPFIND PROPPATCH BPROPFIND BPROPPATCH RPC_CONNECT PROXY_SUCCESS BITS_POST CCM_POST SMS_POST RPC_IN_DATA RPC_OUT_DATA RPC_ECHO_DATA } \ chunk_length 500000 \ server_flow_depth 0 \ client_flow_depth 0 \ post_depth 65495 \ oversize_dir_length 500 \ max_header_length 750 \ max_headers 100 \ max_spaces 200 \ small_chunk_length { 10 5 } \ ports { 80 81 311 383 591 593 901 1220 1414 1741 1830 2301 2381 2809 3037 3128 3702 4343 4848 5250 6988 7000 7001 7144 7145 7510 7777 7779 8000 8008 8014 8028 8080 8085 8088 8090 8118 8123 8180 8181 8243 8280 8300 8800 8888 8899 9000 9060 9080 9090 9091 9443 9999 11371 34443 34444 41080 50002 55555 } \ non_rfc_char { 0x00 0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04 0x05 0x06 0x07 } \ enable_cookie \ extended_response_inspection \ inspect_gzip \ normalize_utf \ unlimited_decompress \ normalize_javascript \ apache_whitespace no \ ascii no \ bare_byte no \ directory no \ double_decode no \ iis_backslash no \ iis_delimiter no \ iis_unicode no \ multi_slash no \ utf_8 no \ u_encode yes \ webroot no # ONC-RPC normalization and anomaly detection. For more information, see the Snort Manual, Configuring Snort - Preprocessors - RPC Decode preprocessor rpc_decode: 111 32770 32771 32772 32773 32774 32775 32776 32777 32778 32779 no_alert_multiple_requests no_alert_large_fragments no_alert_incomplete # Back Orifice detection. preprocessor bo # FTP / Telnet normalization and anomaly detection. For more information, see README.ftptelnet preprocessor ftp_telnet: global inspection_type stateful encrypted_traffic no check_encrypted preprocessor ftp_telnet_protocol: telnet \ ayt_attack_thresh 20 \ normalize ports { 23 } \ detect_anomalies preprocessor ftp_telnet_protocol: ftp server default \ def_max_param_len 100 \ ports { 21 2100 3535 } \ telnet_cmds yes \ ignore_telnet_erase_cmds yes \ ftp_cmds { ABOR ACCT ADAT ALLO APPE AUTH CCC CDUP } \ ftp_cmds { CEL CLNT CMD CONF CWD DELE ENC EPRT } \ ftp_cmds { EPSV ESTA ESTP FEAT HELP LANG LIST LPRT } \ ftp_cmds { LPSV MACB MAIL MDTM MIC MKD MLSD MLST } \ ftp_cmds { MODE NLST NOOP OPTS PASS PASV PBSZ PORT } \ ftp_cmds { PROT PWD QUIT REIN REST RETR RMD RNFR } \ ftp_cmds { RNTO SDUP SITE SIZE SMNT STAT STOR STOU } \ ftp_cmds { STRU SYST TEST TYPE USER XCUP XCRC XCWD } \ ftp_cmds { XMAS XMD5 XMKD XPWD XRCP XRMD XRSQ XSEM } \ ftp_cmds { XSEN XSHA1 XSHA256 } \ alt_max_param_len 0 { ABOR CCC CDUP ESTA FEAT LPSV NOOP PASV PWD QUIT REIN STOU SYST XCUP XPWD } \ alt_max_param_len 200 { ALLO APPE CMD HELP NLST RETR RNFR STOR STOU XMKD } \ alt_max_param_len 256 { CWD RNTO } \ alt_max_param_len 400 { PORT } \ alt_max_param_len 512 { SIZE } \ chk_str_fmt { ACCT ADAT ALLO APPE AUTH CEL CLNT CMD } \ chk_str_fmt { CONF CWD DELE ENC EPRT EPSV ESTP HELP } \ chk_str_fmt { LANG LIST LPRT MACB MAIL MDTM MIC MKD } \ chk_str_fmt { MLSD MLST MODE NLST OPTS PASS PBSZ PORT } \ chk_str_fmt { PROT REST RETR RMD RNFR RNTO SDUP SITE } \ chk_str_fmt { SIZE SMNT STAT STOR STRU TEST TYPE USER } \ chk_str_fmt { XCRC XCWD XMAS XMD5 XMKD XRCP XRMD XRSQ } \ chk_str_fmt { XSEM XSEN XSHA1 XSHA256 } \ cmd_validity ALLO < int [ char R int ] > \ cmd_validity EPSV < [ { char 12 char A char L char L } ] > \ cmd_validity MACB < string > \ cmd_validity MDTM < [ date nnnnnnnnnnnnnn[.n[n[n]]] ] string > \ cmd_validity MODE < char ASBCZ > \ cmd_validity PORT < host_port > \ cmd_validity PROT < char CSEP > \ cmd_validity STRU < char FRPO [ string ] > \ cmd_validity TYPE < { char AE [ char NTC ] char I char L [ number ] } > preprocessor ftp_telnet_protocol: ftp client default \ max_resp_len 256 \ bounce yes \ ignore_telnet_erase_cmds yes \ telnet_cmds yes # SMTP normalization and anomaly detection. For more information, see README.SMTP preprocessor smtp: ports { 25 465 587 691 } \ inspection_type stateful \ b64_decode_depth 0 \ qp_decode_depth 0 \ bitenc_decode_depth 0 \ uu_decode_depth 0 \ log_mailfrom \ log_rcptto \ log_filename \ log_email_hdrs \ normalize cmds \ normalize_cmds { ATRN AUTH BDAT CHUNKING DATA DEBUG EHLO EMAL ESAM ESND ESOM ETRN EVFY } \ normalize_cmds { EXPN HELO HELP IDENT MAIL NOOP ONEX QUEU QUIT RCPT RSET SAML SEND SOML } \ normalize_cmds { STARTTLS TICK TIME TURN TURNME VERB VRFY X-ADAT X-DRCP X-ERCP X-EXCH50 } \ normalize_cmds { X-EXPS X-LINK2STATE XADR XAUTH XCIR XEXCH50 XGEN XLICENSE XQUE XSTA XTRN XUSR } \ max_command_line_len 512 \ max_header_line_len 1000 \ max_response_line_len 512 \ alt_max_command_line_len 260 { MAIL } \ alt_max_command_line_len 300 { RCPT } \ alt_max_command_line_len 500 { HELP HELO ETRN EHLO } \ alt_max_command_line_len 255 { EXPN VRFY ATRN SIZE BDAT DEBUG EMAL ESAM ESND ESOM EVFY IDENT NOOP RSET } \ alt_max_command_line_len 246 { SEND SAML SOML AUTH TURN ETRN DATA RSET QUIT ONEX QUEU STARTTLS TICK TIME TURNME VERB X-EXPS X-LINK2STATE XADR XAUTH XCIR XEXCH50 XGEN XLICENSE XQUE XSTA XTRN XUSR } \ valid_cmds { ATRN AUTH BDAT CHUNKING DATA DEBUG EHLO EMAL ESAM ESND ESOM ETRN EVFY } \ valid_cmds { EXPN HELO HELP IDENT MAIL NOOP ONEX QUEU QUIT RCPT RSET SAML SEND SOML } \ valid_cmds { STARTTLS TICK TIME TURN TURNME VERB VRFY X-ADAT X-DRCP X-ERCP X-EXCH50 } \ valid_cmds { X-EXPS X-LINK2STATE XADR XAUTH XCIR XEXCH50 XGEN XLICENSE XQUE XSTA XTRN XUSR } \ xlink2state { enabled } # Portscan detection. For more information, see README.sfportscan # preprocessor sfportscan: proto { all } memcap { 10000000 } sense_level { low } # ARP spoof detection. For more information, see the Snort Manual - Configuring Snort - Preprocessors - ARP Spoof Preprocessor # preprocessor arpspoof # preprocessor arpspoof_detect_host: f0:0f:00:f0:0f:00 # SSH anomaly detection. For more information, see README.ssh preprocessor ssh: server_ports { 22 } \ autodetect \ max_client_bytes 19600 \ max_encrypted_packets 20 \ max_server_version_len 100 \ enable_respoverflow enable_ssh1crc32 \ enable_srvoverflow enable_protomismatch # SMB / DCE-RPC normalization and anomaly detection. For more information, see README.dcerpc2 preprocessor dcerpc2: memcap 102400, events [co ] preprocessor dcerpc2_server: default, policy WinXP, \ detect [smb [139,445], tcp 135, udp 135, rpc-over-http-server 593], \ autodetect [tcp 1025:, udp 1025:, rpc-over-http-server 1025:], \ smb_max_chain 3, smb_invalid_shares ["C$", "D$", "ADMIN$"] # DNS anomaly detection. For more information, see README.dns preprocessor dns: ports { 53 } enable_rdata_overflow # SSL anomaly detection and traffic bypass. For more information, see README.ssl preprocessor ssl: ports { 443 465 563 636 989 992 993 994 995 7801 7802 7900 7901 7902 7903 7904 7905 7906 7907 7908 7909 7910 7911 7912 7913 7914 7915 7916 7917 7918 7919 7920 }, trustservers, noinspect_encrypted # SDF sensitive data preprocessor. For more information see README.sensitive_data preprocessor sensitive_data: alert_threshold 25 # SIP Session Initiation Protocol preprocessor. For more information see README.sip preprocessor sip: max_sessions 40000, \ ports { 5060 5061 5600 }, \ methods { invite \ cancel \ ack \ bye \ register \ options \ refer \ subscribe \ update \ join \ info \ message \ notify \ benotify \ do \ qauth \ sprack \ publish \ service \ unsubscribe \ prack }, \ max_uri_len 512, \ max_call_id_len 80, \ max_requestName_len 20, \ max_from_len 256, \ max_to_len 256, \ max_via_len 1024, \ max_contact_len 512, \ max_content_len 2048 # IMAP preprocessor. For more information see README.imap preprocessor imap: \ ports { 143 } \ b64_decode_depth 0 \ qp_decode_depth 0 \ bitenc_decode_depth 0 \ uu_decode_depth 0 # POP preprocessor. For more information see README.pop preprocessor pop: \ ports { 110 } \ b64_decode_depth 0 \ qp_decode_depth 0 \ bitenc_decode_depth 0 \ uu_decode_depth 0 # Modbus preprocessor. For more information see README.modbus preprocessor modbus: ports { 502 } # DNP3 preprocessor. For more information see README.dnp3 preprocessor dnp3: ports { 20000 } \ memcap 262144 \ check_crc # Reputation preprocessor. For more information see README.reputation preprocessor reputation: \ memcap 500, \ priority whitelist, \ nested_ip inner, \ whitelist $WHITE_LIST_PATH\white.list, \ blacklist $BLACK_LIST_PATH\black.list ################################################### # Step #6: Configure output plugins # For more information, see Snort Manual, Configuring Snort - Output Modules ################################################### # unified2 # Recommended for most installs # output unified2: filename merged.log, limit 128, nostamp, mpls_event_types, vlan_event_types # Additional configuration for specific types of installs # output alert_unified2: filename snort.alert, limit 128, nostamp # output log_unified2: filename snort.log, limit 128, nostamp # syslog # output alert_syslog: LOG_AUTH LOG_ALERT # pcap # output log_tcpdump: tcpdump.log # metadata reference data. do not modify these lines include classification.config include reference.config ################################################### # Step #7: Customize your rule set # For more information, see Snort Manual, Writing Snort Rules # # NOTE: All categories are enabled in this conf file ################################################### # site specific rules include $RULE_PATH\local.rules include $RULE_PATH\app-detect.rules include $RULE_PATH\attack-responses.rules include $RULE_PATH\backdoor.rules include $RULE_PATH\bad-traffic.rules include $RULE_PATH\blacklist.rules include $RULE_PATH\botnet-cnc.rules include $RULE_PATH\browser-chrome.rules include $RULE_PATH\browser-firefox.rules include $RULE_PATH\browser-ie.rules include $RULE_PATH\browser-other.rules include $RULE_PATH\browser-plugins.rules include $RULE_PATH\browser-webkit.rules include $RULE_PATH\chat.rules include $RULE_PATH\content-replace.rules include $RULE_PATH\ddos.rules include $RULE_PATH\dns.rules include $RULE_PATH\dos.rules include $RULE_PATH\experimental.rules include $RULE_PATH\exploit-kit.rules include $RULE_PATH\exploit.rules include $RULE_PATH\file-executable.rules include $RULE_PATH\file-flash.rules include $RULE_PATH\file-identify.rules include $RULE_PATH\file-image.rules include $RULE_PATH\file-multimedia.rules include $RULE_PATH\file-office.rules include $RULE_PATH\file-other.rules include $RULE_PATH\file-pdf.rules include $RULE_PATH\finger.rules include $RULE_PATH\ftp.rules include $RULE_PATH\icmp-info.rules include $RULE_PATH\icmp.rules include $RULE_PATH\imap.rules include $RULE_PATH\indicator-compromise.rules include $RULE_PATH\indicator-obfuscation.rules include $RULE_PATH\indicator-shellcode.rules include $RULE_PATH\info.rules include $RULE_PATH\malware-backdoor.rules include $RULE_PATH\malware-cnc.rules include $RULE_PATH\malware-other.rules include $RULE_PATH\malware-tools.rules include $RULE_PATH\misc.rules include $RULE_PATH\multimedia.rules include $RULE_PATH\mysql.rules include $RULE_PATH\netbios.rules include $RULE_PATH\nntp.rules include $RULE_PATH\oracle.rules include $RULE_PATH\os-linux.rules include $RULE_PATH\os-other.rules include $RULE_PATH\os-solaris.rules include $RULE_PATH\os-windows.rules include $RULE_PATH\other-ids.rules include $RULE_PATH\p2p.rules include $RULE_PATH\phishing-spam.rules include $RULE_PATH\policy-multimedia.rules include $RULE_PATH\policy-other.rules include $RULE_PATH\policy.rules include $RULE_PATH\policy-social.rules include $RULE_PATH\policy-spam.rules include $RULE_PATH\pop2.rules include $RULE_PATH\pop3.rules include $RULE_PATH\protocol-finger.rules include $RULE_PATH\protocol-ftp.rules include $RULE_PATH\protocol-icmp.rules include $RULE_PATH\protocol-imap.rules include $RULE_PATH\protocol-pop.rules include $RULE_PATH\protocol-services.rules include $RULE_PATH\protocol-voip.rules include $RULE_PATH\pua-adware.rules include $RULE_PATH\pua-other.rules include $RULE_PATH\pua-p2p.rules include $RULE_PATH\pua-toolbars.rules include $RULE_PATH\rpc.rules include $RULE_PATH\rservices.rules include $RULE_PATH\scada.rules include $RULE_PATH\scan.rules include $RULE_PATH\server-apache.rules include $RULE_PATH\server-iis.rules include $RULE_PATH\server-mail.rules include $RULE_PATH\server-mssql.rules include $RULE_PATH\server-mysql.rules include $RULE_PATH\server-oracle.rules include $RULE_PATH\server-other.rules include $RULE_PATH\server-webapp.rules include $RULE_PATH\shellcode.rules include $RULE_PATH\smtp.rules include $RULE_PATH\snmp.rules include $RULE_PATH\specific-threats.rules include $RULE_PATH\spyware-put.rules include $RULE_PATH\sql.rules include $RULE_PATH\telnet.rules include $RULE_PATH\tftp.rules include $RULE_PATH\virus.rules include $RULE_PATH\voip.rules include $RULE_PATH\web-activex.rules include $RULE_PATH\web-attacks.rules include $RULE_PATH\web-cgi.rules include $RULE_PATH\web-client.rules include $RULE_PATH\web-coldfusion.rules include $RULE_PATH\web-frontpage.rules include $RULE_PATH\web-iis.rules include $RULE_PATH\web-misc.rules include $RULE_PATH\web-php.rules include $RULE_PATH\x11.rules ################################################### # Step #8: Customize your preprocessor and decoder alerts # For more information, see README.decoder_preproc_rules ################################################### # decoder and preprocessor event rules include $PREPROC_RULE_PATH\preprocessor.rules include $PREPROC_RULE_PATH\decoder.rules include $PREPROC_RULE_PATH\sensitive-data.rules ################################################### # Step #9: Customize your Shared Object Snort Rules # For more information, see http://vrt-blog.snort.org/2009/01/using-vrt-certified-shared-object-rules.html ################################################### # dynamic library rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/bad-traffic.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/chat.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/dos.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/exploit.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/icmp.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/imap.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/misc.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/multimedia.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/netbios.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/nntp.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/p2p.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/smtp.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/snmp.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/specific-threats.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/web-activex.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/web-client.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/web-iis.rules # include $SO_RULE_PATH/web-misc.rules # Event thresholding or suppression commands. See threshold.conf include threshold.conf 
Thank you so much.
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2019.03.18 11:27 Hyuei My Apps Recommendation - bet you haven't heard some of them (I hope)

So I've been seeing some complaints on boring similar content in this subreddit, and I thought maybe it's a good thing to spark another app recommendations thread so we could relive those "AHA I could do this on my AW" moment. These are some apps which I recommended:

- News Explorer - RSS reader. Works quite well and could refresh automatically in background. I started using RSS because I wanted to use this app, since Flipboard doesn't show full story in my watch. (Activity fallback option when I can't bring out my phone)
- Wear Reader - reading epub on your watch. I like the traditional scrolling reading rather than the flash words. I know, reading on your watch is not very comfortable, but again, this is good for some places where you can't bring your phone and needed an offline entertainment.
- Timelines - Time tracking app. This is useful when I wanted to track my working time, since I am a freelancer. The phone UI could see more improvements but the AW integration is very good. You can see elapsed time in the infographic face and it's easy to log start/finish time. I've bought another app but finally bought this because this seems more feature complete.
- Better Day - this app is specifically made to tailor the date complication - I wanted the complication to show month and date, since I remember days quite well, and this app allows robust date configuration!
- Cheatsheet - put anything on your watch faces (text). Very useful when I wanted to jot down various airbnb door password to my main infographic faces.
- Bring! - groceries list, actually you can use various to do apps but this one has nice icon per item, and I can collaborate with my wife to fill the same list.
- Just Press Record - easiest way to record, just tap the complication and you'll start recording.
- Waterminder - reminds and record your daily water intake. Love this one because the UI is slick.
- Littlefeed - track your baby's time: poop, breastfeed, milk, etc. Has great siri shortcut integration and works well from AW, especially when your other hand is busy with your baby.
- Money Pro - my go-to expense tracking. I used MoneyWiz before but got into some unpleasant experience, so I searched another app and this one works really well for me.
- Things 3 - My favourite to-do app. Hey Siri integration is so slick and advanced, and I use this one everyday. Remember you have to do something when you're on your motorbike? Raise your AW and all good to go.
- Overcast - Podcast player, you surely know this one.
- AutoSleep, AutoWake - you also will know this one, the popular sleep tracking app.
So that's my list, hopefully some of you will find it useful. I am curious to see what you guys have in mind, so please feel free to let me know your app recommendation with some short explanation about what it's for / why you liked it!

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2019.03.09 02:02 ohamid345 The "When the Prophet (ﷺ) intended to kill your father, he said: Who will look after my children? He replied: Fire" Hadith - In Context

Assalam alaykum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh.
I just read the account of the battle of Badr in Ibn Ishaq’s biography of Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him. He records the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, telling ‘Uqbah ibn Abi Muayt that Hell will take care of his children before his execution. Also, below is a hadith from Sunan Abu Dawud.
Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas‘ud. Ibrahim said, “Al-Dahhak ibn Qays intended to appoint Masruq as governor. Thereupon Umarah ibn Uqbah said to him: Are you appointing a man from the remnants of the murderers of Uthman? Masruq said to him, ‘Ibn Mas‘ud narrated to us, and he was trustworthy in respect of traditions, that when the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, intended to kill your father, he said: Who will look after my children?’ He replied: ‘Fire. I also like for you what the Messenger of Allah, blessings and peace be upon him, liked for you.’”
[Sunan Abu Dawud 2686]
What is the authenticity of these two reports? Why would the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, utter such harsh words? And how can we reconcile them with his character, blessings and peace be upon him, as a mercy to the worlds? Need help.
Your brother in faith.
Wa alaykum assalam wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh.
Thank you for your question.
The event of Uqbah bin Mu’ayt’s execution is one of many incidents that those seeking to undermine Islam and skew the perfect character of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, choose to focus upon. When read objectively, these narrations do not present any issues, nor contradict the noble rank of the Prophet or his being a mercy to the worlds, blessings and peace be upon him.
Uqbah bin Mu’ayt
Uqbah bin Mu’ayt was one of the fiercest and vilest antagonists of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, and the Muslims. Despite being a neighbor to the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, his acts of hatred towards the Prophet include; insults, mockery, throwing the entrails, blood, and waste of a camel on the Prophet as he prayed at the Kaba. Stepping on the Prophet’s neck while he was in prostration, spitting in the Prophet’s face, attempted murder of the Prophet by strangulation, blessings and peace be upon him, rejoicing at the death of the Prophet’s son Abdullah, and much more.
As you rightly said, the death of Uqbah is mentioned in the books of Prophetic biography, such as Ibn Ishaq. After the Muslims won at Badr, the enemy soldiers were taken captive. The Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, ordered that two of these captives were to be executed; Uqbah being one of them. This is absolutely understandable given his vitriol towards the Muslims and the suffering he had caused.
When about to be put to death, ‘Uqbah said, “Who will look after my children?” to which the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, answered, “The Fire.” Then he was executed. (Sunan Abu Dawud. The hadith has a sound chain of transmission.)
The Fire
The scholars have commentated on what the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, had meant by his answer “The Fire,” and it suffices us to quote what they have said as an explanation:
There are two opinions to his answer ‘The Fire,’ blessings and peace be upon him. The first is that the Fire will be their [‘Uqbah’s children’s] destruction, meaning if the Fire is to apply to them then so will it be [i.e if they die as disbelievers, then that will also be their fate].
The second possibility is that he, blessings and peace be upon him, was using a specific style of speech [uslub al hakim – in Arabic rhetoric, when one addresses a person with words that are not anticipated by the addressee, and which goes against the outward understanding of the word, in order to make it known that the import of the words are directed specifically to the person addressed], so the meaning is, ‘For you is the Fire,’ i.e. ‘Concern yourself with yourself and what is destined for you in the Fire, and leave the affairs of your children alone, for Allah is their Provider … and this [second opinion] is the correct opinion. (Sharh Mishkat al-Masabih)
Perhaps the Prophet’s words “The Fire,” blessings and peace be upon him, were meant as additional castigation and punishment [of ‘Uqbah], not that he, blessings and peace be upon him, was stating that his [‘Uqbah’s] children will be in the Fire, for Walid and Umarah became Muslims on the Conquest of Mecca, and Allah is pleased with all the Companions. (Sharh Sunan Abu Dawud li Ibn Raslan)
In regards this event, we should note the following:
  1. The plea of ‘Uqbah, “What about my children?” was a desperate attempt to escape the deserving death penalty and to be taken instead as a slave.
  2. At least one of his sons, Yazid was legally an adult and a disbeliever at the time, who assisted the Quraysh at the Battle of Badr. Both he and his brother Umarah later became Muslims.
  3. ‘Uqbah had done everything in his power to hurt and destroy the Muslims, who up until Badr, had not fought with the Quraysh at all. ‘Uqbah was well aware of what the loss at Badr would mean for him. Additionally, the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, had previously warned him that he would execute him one day for his oppression and aggression, but since ‘Uqbah was in a position of power, he mocked the warning.
The response of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, to ‘Uqbah’s plea was deserved and just. If the response seems harsh to some, then it is important to know that the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, never took personal revenge or acted out of spitefulness for the sake of his own person and grievances.
The person of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, is an intrinsic part of the the religion, and abuse and attack on his person is abuse of Allah, the religion of Islam, and the Muslims in general. And it is for their relentless and vehement crimes against Allah, his religion, and the Muslims, that certain figures such as ‘Uqbah were put to death and given harsh treatment. This is the context in which the answer of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, is correctly understood.
This is made clear by the fact that Allah revealed a verse mentioning the death of ‘Uqbah, “On the day when the wrong-doer gnaws his hands, he will say: ‘Ah, would that I had chosen a way together with the messenger!’” (Sura al-Furqan 25:27)
If critics take exception at the Prophet’s words, blessings and peace be upon him, and use it as a proof of a lack of his mercy and an example of a barbaric “medieval” nature (particularly compared to the false “meek-as-a-lamb” image put forward in regards the personality of Christ) they need only to look at the New Testament to find similar “harsh” expressions reportedly expressed by Christ, such as when he addresses the scribes and Pharisees and their evil designs against him and his followers: “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” (Mathew 23:33) In other words, Hellfire has now become your fate.
Given what we have mentioned above, it’s important to now put the death of ‘Uqbah in perspective. Out of seventy something captives taken at Badr, only two were executed: ‘Uqbah being one of them. And this was due to their unrelenting persecution of the Muslims.
As for the remaining prisoners of war, we will allow the words of William Muir, who we should note was a Christian evangelic orientalist, and held very biased and unfair criticisms of Islam, to describe for us the treatment of the remaining captives from the Battle of Badr, so we may draw our own conclusions as to the mercy and character of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him:
In pursuance of Mahomet’s commands, the citizens of Medina, and such of the refugees as possessed houses, received the prisoners, and treated them with much consideration. ‘Blessings be on the men of Medina!’ said one of these prisoners in later days; ‘they made us ride, while they themselves walked: they gave us wheaten bread to eat when there was little of it, contenting themselves with dates. (The Life of Mahomet)
Turning the Other Cheek
From the above, it is clear that these is not the cold-hearted acts of a callous leader, nor the principles of a barbaric religion, as some would have people believe to be the case.
For mercy to be attributed to a person, it does not mean that the person is obliged to always turn the other cheek or pardon, nor to refrain from exacting just punishment. This is a false notion. In the same way, God’s punishing those who deserve punishment does not inhibit His being attributed by Mercy or being deserving of the Names Al-Rahman and Al-Rahim: the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate.
[cf. Islam and Turning the Other Cheek]
Merciful Not Weak
In worldly affairs, particularly affairs of the state, every situation must be assessed on merit, and sometimes it is necessary to exact the law or bring people to justice. To not do so in situations which demand it can be considered a weakness and dangerous.
It is well known that in war, there are times when certain individuals must be put to death. For not only are they deserving of such a fate for their heinous crimes, but it also serves the purpose of putting a final end to the threat they pose (and thereby bringing justice and peace), sending a clear warning to enemies that such aggression will not be tolerated, as well as showing a sign of strength.
We see a similar incident concerning Salahuddin al-Ayyubi and Reginald (Reynald) of Chatillon when the former regained Jerusalem from the crusaders. Salahuddin had captured King Guy of Jerusalem and Reginald, and chose to spare the life of the King, yet did not extend the pardon to Reginald, who was a particularly lawless crusader who had robbed, killed, and enslaved Muslim civilians, as well attempting to dig up and kidnap the body of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him!
Reginald was executed shortly after being captured by Salahuddin. Yet despite this, Salahuddin remains a revered figure who was and still is acknowledged and praised a great deal in the West for his chivalry, generosity, and mercy. Salahuddin’s decision to execute Reginald is generally accepted as an expected and normal decision of a military leader in that situation.
Hadith of Masruq
You mentioned the hadith that, “Al-Dahhak ibn Qays intended to appoint Masruq as governor. Thereupon Umarah ibn Uqbah said to him, ‘Are you appointing a man from the remnants of the murderers of Uthman?’ Masruq said to him: ‘Ibn Mas‘ud narrated to us, and he was trustworthy in respect of traditions, that when the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, intended to kill your father, he said, “Who will look after my children?” He replied, “The Fire.” I also like for you what the Messenger of Allah, blessings and peace be upon him, liked for you.’” (Sunan Abu Dawud)
This hadith has a fair chain of transmission. What is apparent from the narration is that the words of Masruq: “I also like for you what the Messenger of Allah, blessings and peace be upon him, liked for you,” was a bitter retaliation to Umarah opposing his appointment as governor and connecting his name with assassination of Sayyidna Uthman. It is not to be understood as something the Prophet actually meant, as discussed above. And Allah knows best.
Source: SeekersGuidance
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2019.01.27 07:32 koorashi Vigor Unofficial Roadmap

Unofficial Roadmap

This post was last updated on 10/10/2019.
This post is outdated and subject to being reformatted in the future. For now, refer to the official website's Update section for lists of recent changes:
The roadmap was pulled out of the FAQ into its own post as it was growing too large. The FAQ now links to this post instead.


There is no official roadmap set in stone as the developers don't want to over-promise. That said, people regularly ask if there is a roadmap and the developers have spoken about some things they are working on or hope to work on which lets us speculate on a timeline for certain features.
This roadmap is based on things which have already occurred, been hinted at or spoken about and as such does not include any features which they are keeping under wraps. Some features may simply be under consideration and might not make it into the development schedule.

Vigor 0.5 - RUINS - July 30th, 2018

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH6_oY9zAhY
✔ 6//11/2018 - (Watch) - Vigor announced on the Inside Xbox E3 2018 Special.
✔ 7/12/2018 - (Changelog) - Closed Beta.
✔ 7/17/2018 - Xbox Insider Open Beta. Approximately 75,000 people participated in the open beta with about 14,000 players each day.
✔ 7/18/2018 - (Hotfix) - Weapon damage adjustments, knives in particular as they were too strong.
✔ 7/23/2018 - (Changelog) - Minor update with improvements for the tutorial level, house interiors, shadows, vaulting and loot distribution.
✔ 7/30/2018 - (Changelog) - Game Preview launched, including bonus Founder's Pack.
✔ 8/15/2018 - (Hotfix) - Weapon balance adjustments including more knife damage reduction. A few quality of life changes.
✔ 8/31/2018 - (Changelog) - Minor update which addressed some common complaints around interacting with objects. Also fixed some crashes.
✔ 9/19/2018 - (Changelog) - Minor update which added sounds to doors, improved the saving of customized settings and adjusted matchmaking to optimize queue times.
✔ 10/12/2018 - (Changelog) - Stability improvements.

Vigor 0.6 - ALLY - October 24th, 2018 (Progress Wipe)

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EvIiXIzaFI
✔ 10/24/2018 - (Changelog) - Big update. Duos, dramatic improvements to the feel of gunplay, reworked crafting and looting experience, unlocking up to shelter upgrade level 11 along with many changes to the shelter itself, randomized weather on maps, user interface improvements, better loot distribution around maps, item rarity colors, discovery points of interest added to maps, more player cosmetic options, cosmetics are now locked and earned from loot, more weapons including some with scopes, increased render distance of players, numerous map improvements, improved tutorial, tips in the user interface for many screens, support for time limited game changes, improved bullet penetration through doors, tracer rounds and potentially other unannounced features.
✔ 10/25/2018 - (Changelog) - Minor update which fixes Aim Assist being disabled for the duos partner, populates the Xbox session player list so people can see who they recently played with from the overlay, fixes free ammo bug, addresses some weapon crafting bugs, graphical optimizations for bloody particles and a few other small changes.
✔11/2/2018 - (Changelog) - Fixed numerous UI, sound and animation issues, but most importantly it attempts to address being stuck on the black waiting screen on match start. It also adds support for showing the custom markers set by teammates in Duos so players can better coordinate. Around the same time as this update, a map configuration error was corrected on the server side that could cause the map to show no available encounters.
✔11/7/2018 - (Changelog) - A variety of fixes and quality of life improvements to sound, user interface, animations and more. Most importantly addresses a crash people were experiencing when returning to the shelter. This update also attempts to further address the remaining instances of black waiting screens upon entering an encounter. Scenarios where the airdrop could become unlootable were solved as well.
✔11/28/2018 - (Hotfix) - Matchmaking adjustments to get people into matches quicker and hopefully reduce latency as well.

Vigor 0.7 - BREACH - December 5th, 2018

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdAYtYqVGNw
✔ 12/05/2018 - (Changelog) - Big update. Female character added, duos airdrops with multiple crates inside, new game events such as barred houses and players becoming tracked threats after kill streaks, outlander gadgets such as a Rubix Cube, shooting range improvements like pumpkin scarecrows to shoot at, new weapon sounds and more. The map rotation was also adjusted to be every 24 hours, a frequent request. Potentially other unlisted changes.
✔ 01/23/2019 - (Changelog) - Quickplay option added for matchmaking! Update also makes some UI changes around controller buttons, compass degrees, matchmaking text, map names, end of encounter screen, HUD transparency and threat tracking icons. Revolvers were also adjusted and the lighting of the shelter fireplace was tweaked.
✔ 01/31/2019 - (Changelog) - Minor update fixing an issue with collision on the Viktorsen Station map, a UI change to reduce spamming the Quick Play queue and some fixes for issues around duos group formation.

Vigor 0.8 - SIGNAL - March 13th, 2019

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgZnkRGun18
✔ 03/13/2019 - (Changelog)- Big update. Player lobby, Comm Station added which allows you to change the airdrop location, Radio Signals Detector to locate remaining players on the map, Combination Lock chests (5 per map), Airdrop crates now have rarity levels, premium currency "Crowns" implemented, encounter boosters added, gestures and gesture wheel UI added, death box looting UI now shows the player's name, loot and crafting redesigned, weapon rebalancing pass, weapon levels rearranged (new starter weapons), timed shooting range challenges, hold breath option for weapons to steady aim, scoped weapons produce a glint visible by people in the direction you're aiming, new music, new sound effects added, various user interface improvements, improved animations, several Founder's Pack bonuses delivered and more.
✔ 03/20/2019 - (Changelog)- Minor update focusing on a few changes while fixing a number of issues noticed in the initial 0.8 release. Some crashes related to leaving a party or match were addressed, the scoped weapons no longer have a glint when you're not looking down the sights, the positions of players in the lobby have been adjusted, stack sizes for resources and parts were modified, character animation fixes, stamina exhaustion threshold lowered, the amount of deceleration when running uphill was tweaked, various loot tweaks, performance improvements and more.
✔ 04/03/2019 - (Changelog) - Minor update addressing a number of common complaints. Blueprints now come from all rarities of crate, so it's no longer necessary to pay premium currency to get blueprints. Some weapon parts now stack to 5, so they don't waste so many inventory spaces. Your shelter weapon inventory can now be seen regardless of what you interacted with to pull up the shelter UI. Several server crashes have been addressed, which plagued many users who sometimes found that they lost items after an abrupt disconnect. The bug where female characters sometimes had distorted faces was also fixed, among other issues. Around this same time, an issue was corrected where some players were missing most of their Crowns.
✔ 04/26/2019 - (Hotfix) - Back-end change to fix the issue where weapon parts weren't stacking.
✔ 06/12/2019 - (Changelog) - Random Duos queue added along with the highly requested markers over duo partners so they're easier to identify. You can now headshot the scarecrows at the shooting range again, as that bug is fixed. Numerous UI changes, audio improvements and quirks with bushes addressed.

Vigor 0.9 - AID - July 29th, 2019 (Final Progress Wipe)

Article: https://vigorgame.com/news/update09
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgRhIso4FaQ
✔ 07/29/2019 - (Changelog) - Long awaited achievements were added. The shelter upgrade tree has been reworked and you can now earn crowns by building the antenna. The user interface has seen significant changes with reworks of just about every major screen in the game and a several convenience features added like tracking resources you need for your next shelter upgrade, breaking down the list of loot you escaped with into groups so it's easier to evaluate and sprinting stamina bar. You can now collect and donate food using the pulley system behind the shelter. Weapon handling changes, player staggering, fall damage reduction, list of weapons changed. Many new cosmetic options, more female Outlanders to choose from, store items added including weapon skins and clothing, booster prices adjusted. Overall game rebalance, daily challenges added, storyline challenges added, new tutorial with voiceovers, new shooting challenges, queuing for individual maps. Founder's Pack shirt also arrived in this version. It's the largest patch to date, so there's much more than listed here.
✔ 07/31/2019 - (Changelog) - A minor patch and hotfix addressing a number of issues like being unable to shoot through doorways, vaulting through windows, game crashes related to player animation, visual bugs, controller and user interface improvements. Around the same time as this patch, some loot related issues were also resolved where trash cans and small chests were abundant yet empty or unlootable. The update was large, because it involved running a rebuild of the maps which are the largest game assets in Vigor.
✔ 08/*/2019 - Several server side changes were made during the run up to the release of 1.0, including stability fixes, map loot spawning changes and gunplay adjustments.

Vigor 1.0 - RISE (Free to Play Launch!)

Article: https://vigorgame.com/news/full-release
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aa03Wt-4SY
Gameplay Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2noHKNMvKkA
Gamescom thread: /vigorgame/comments/cs8rpt/gamescom_2019_thread_august_19th24th/
Party thread: /vigorgame/comments/cx33avigor_has_come_a_long_way_and_theres_still_more/
✔ 8/19/2019 - (Changelog) - New story challenges, new cosmetics to earn, a variety of new weapons added, support for more languages, Founder's Pack is no longer available, the new Starter and Outlander Packs were added! Client stability improvements may also be present with certain types of crashes occurring less. Weapon balancing had its most recent adjustment shortly before the weekend, so many players may consider it to be part of 1.0. The full release update was not expected to include more features over 0.9, as the focus for 1.0 was to refine 0.9's feature set to get it ready for 1.0 release.
✔ 9/3/2019 - (Changelog) - Minor update with a number of fixes and adjustments. Weapon sight misalignments being corrected on many guns was the highlight of the changes. Founder's Outfit and Outlander Outfits no longer have visual glitches in various areas of the UI. You can now deconstruct more than 1 consumable at a time and other changes. Some minor hotfixes and server adjustments also occurred previous to this update addressing some of the issues with opening crates and minor weapon adjustments. One weapon change worth pointing out is that the M21 is no longer a 1 shot kill to the body and no longer features an auto fire mode.

Vigor 1.1 - BRIDGES

Article: https://vigorgame.com/news/update11
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh7dAqtwwow
✔ 10/9/2019 - (Changelog) - Brodelan Bridges map added, new Buried Cache event, 4 new weapons added, significant adjustments to weapons, important fixes to issues firing weapons, important fix for bushes blocking bullets, you can now inspect shelter upgrades from the build tab, improved looting interactions, items now have weight which limits your stamina and speed, heavier weapons require lower stances to ADS, rebalanced both daily and shooting range challenges, missing shooting range challenges were added, Team Killer indicator added, loading screen tips were added, performance improvements and many other quality of life improvements were made.
✔ 10/23/2019 - (Changelog) - Minor update - Weapon balance changes, inventory load weight adjustments, character pose and animation fixes, antenna reward display fix among other user interface improvements, Crown shop packages now provide more Crowns, minor fixes to the Brodalen Bridges map and more loot adjustments. This update unfortunately caused a regression which brought the full auto bug back, though they were never sure it was fully fixed in the first place. The team made it a priority to fix.
✔ 11/01/2019 - (Changelog) - Minor update - Full auto bug fixed.
✔ 11/20/2019 - (Changelog) - Minor update - The ability to buy more than one booster at a time was added, while the cost of crate boosters was reduced to 30 Crowns. The PKM machine gun was also added and the bug allowing you to look through walls with the Combat Magnum was fixed.

Vigor - Future

⏰ - Bug fixes, additional game modes, new maps, preset loadouts?, groups larger than 2?, more weapons, more story elements, uses for food, weapon balancing changes, addition of some form of stats, fishing?, shelter cosmetic upgrades, kill screen improvements, new events, additional dynamic map elements (like the airplane), throwables like grenades and any other unannounced features. None of these are guaranteed and this list is not exhaustive.
Reminder: All of this is subject to change, but should give a vague idea of some of the things you might be able to expect in future updates in addition to any features or content which have not yet been announced.
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2019.01.03 06:13 nslckevin Strava API call not returning all of the elements that it should

I'm using php, but I don't think that is part of the issue.
I'm making a call to return a list of activities like this:
$myActivities = file_get_contents("https://www.strava.com/api/v3/activities?per_page=5&page=1&scope=view_private&access_token=$accessToken"), true)

The call works and I get a list of activities just as I'd expect. The catch is that when I parse through the array the one field that I a really looking for, description isn't part of the return.
According to the API, these are some of the fields I should get back. (It lists a ton of fields, but this is the section I'm interested in. See the full list here: https://developers.strava.com/docs/reference/#api-Activities-getActivityById
"total_photo_count" : 2, "has_kudoed" : false, "workout_type" : 10, "suffer_score" : null, "description" : "", "calories" : 870.2,
But when I do a print_r of the array my list ends at "suffer_score". From the documentation there should be another 40 or so data elements.

Any ideas?

If you're interested, here is the complete contents of the array for one of my activities. The whole point of this exercise is to parse out the description field of this ride!
[resource_state] => 2
[athlete] => Array
[id] => 6376
[resource_state] => 1

[name] => Diablo and a half. Cold windy and crowded
[distance] => 74446.2
[moving_time] => 12299
[elapsed_time] => 13567
[total_elevation_gain] => 1695
[type] => Ride
[workout_type] => 10
[id] => 2049379620
[external_id] => garmin_push_3264612631
[upload_id] => 2189809588
[start_date] => 2019-01-01T18:35:29Z
[start_date_local] => 2019-01-01T10:35:29Z
[timezone] => (GMT-08:00) America/Los_Angeles
[utc_offset] => -28800
[start_latlng] => Array
[0] => 37.94
[1] => -122.08

[end_latlng] => Array
[0] => 37.94
[1] => -122.08

[location_city] => Pleasant Hill
[location_state] => CA
[location_country] => United States
[start_latitude] => 37.94
[start_longitude] => -122.08
[achievement_count] => 0
[kudos_count] => 54
[comment_count] => 1
[athlete_count] => 1
[photo_count] => 0
[map] => Array
[id] => a2049379620
[summary_polyline] => [email protected]}[email protected]@}[email protected][email protected]{AxaAykA`[email protected]_\nQnExLy][email protected]`MzFnGgVxU_QyJiFoJG`FyR}[email protected]@[email protected]`[email protected][email protected]][email protected]`[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]{NjF}[email protected]@lG~GjLsGpNtEjJwE][email protected]{JsS}[email protected][email protected]@gAoIIjBwM}[email protected][[email protected]{UqO`[email protected]}[email protected]@[email protected]@dXpEbHyKdG}C{[email protected]@fLiGuEyI^eX`CUrShVrA`[email protected]@qH`[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]][email protected]_DpWiKzRmNuHsUh\yBd\[email protected]@`[email protected]@oNrZ{jAf^[email protected]@oQtqAvGvKoH~O`DpQ}[email protected]@M`[email protected][email protected]
[resource_state] => 2

[trainer] =>
[commute] =>
[manual] =>
[private] =>
[visibility] => everyone
[flagged] =>
[gear_id] => b5128401
[from_accepted_tag] =>
[average_speed] => 6.053
[max_speed] => 17.1
[average_cadence] => 80.2
[average_temp] => 7
[average_watts] => 174.5
[weighted_average_watts] => 215
[kilojoules] => 2145.8
[device_watts] => 1
[has_heartrate] => 1
[average_heartrate] => 100.9
[max_heartrate] => 168
[heartrate_opt_out] =>
[display_hide_heartrate_option] =>
[max_watts] => 758
[elev_high] => 1205.4
[elev_low] => 17.8
[pr_count] => 0
[total_photo_count] => 1
[has_kudoed] =>
[suffer_score] => 35

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2018.12.10 14:46 not_soly Awakening: I wrote a comprehensive Apotheosis character guide

Here's the guide. Before you ask, it's a google doc.
So hopefully this won't get drowned in all the Smash Ultimate stuff on the sub, but yeah, I wrote an Apotheosis character building guide for FE: Awakening. Apotheosis, in case you're not aware, is the final DLC map of FE:A and it features enemies with massively inflated stats. And while, by now, there's a pretty good consensus of which units are good in Apotheosis and why, there's never been a real attempt to collate this "which units are good and why" into a single source - the information is scattered across hundreds of pages of forum posts, a bunch of Youtube videos, and one particular gem I found on, like, page 1'200 of a TVtropes thread (not a joke). Then you kind of have to try to figure out what's up-to-date and what's outdated.
Eventually one realises that no one else is going to do it, and I like to think I've gotten pretty good at the whole "kid unit optimisation" thing. So I decided to do it. Partially because I could.
In my guide, I've covered, briefly, an overview of Apotheosis and why good units are good, taken a look at some of the dangerous enemies in the map, given an overview of what good units tend to look like, then analysed every promoted class in the game, followed by every possible non-Avatar child unit in the game, and what I consider the 13 best Morgans produced by each possible child. For good measure, I added a teambuilding flowchart and a couple of example teams.
The thing came out to 206 pages, so I'm exceedingly, exceedingly grateful to my two proofreaders, Robotortoise and Nyubola for their effort. You also have Robo to thank for my posting this thing on the sub - I'm mostly active in your attached Discord server. Any feedback is best directed via Discord (I frequent the Awakening channel in the subreddit Discord), though I'll probably see it if it's left here.
Because it's 200 pages, I've done my level best to make navigation as painless as possible. You should refer to the tables of content at the start of each section, as well as the navigation menu on the sidebar on the left. Just about everywhere that I make reference to another portion of the guide, I've also left the section number, so you should be able to skip there with Ctrl+F or Cmd+F. If there is anything else I can do to make navigating this monster easier, please don't hesitate to tell me.
Thanks for reading this far; feedback is appreciated.
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2018.12.03 02:44 subreddit_stats Subreddit Stats: DC_Cinematic top posts from 2018-11-25 to 2018-12-02 17:25 PDT

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    1. HUMOR: A few days ago someone requested an Aquaman poster be a close up of Momoa's crotch. Here it is. (995 points, 52 comments)
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  1. PHOTO: Jason 5 years ago, right after he was cast as Aquaman by bewarey (2030 points, 70 comments)
  2. OTHER: Appreciation for this boi's excellent Superman performance. I don't believe he's done. by DarthProteus (1842 points, 220 comments)
  3. OTHER: Aquaman reigning over Times Square by bewarey (1621 points, 50 comments)
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  9. Other: Aquaman ad in Los Angeles by Bigdaddydoubled (1238 points, 26 comments)
  10. HUMOR: A few days ago someone requested an Aquaman poster be a close up of Momoa's crotch. Here it is. by TheRFB09 (995 points, 52 comments)

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  1. 371 points: Mister_Batfleck's comment in Other: New BTS photo of Mera and The Trench
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  3. 329 points: Marin013's comment in OTHER: Appreciation for this boi's excellent Superman performance. I don't believe he's done.
  4. 329 points: jephjo's comment in NEWS: ‘Blue Beetle' Latino Superhero Movie in Development at DC and Warner Bros
  5. 275 points: themidwestcowboy's comment in NEWS: There have been talks about a Zatanna movie
  6. 263 points: chi_dist90's comment in Humor: Man of Steel has a release date.
  7. 260 points: PaulEDangerously's comment in OTHER: JL History lesson (sequence)
  8. 237 points: Terrgo's comment in NEWS: ‘Blue Beetle' Latino Superhero Movie in Development at DC and Warner Bros
  9. 224 points: GuyWhoRocks95's comment in NEWS: ‘Blue Beetle' Latino Superhero Movie in Development at DC and Warner Bros
  10. 207 points: DougForLife's comment in OTHER: Appreciation for this boi's excellent Superman performance. I don't believe he's done.
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2018.11.29 07:41 otakunopodcast [Information] KLab Games Station Episode 100 SIF Global/WW Corner Summary: HAPPY 100TH EPISODE KGS!!!

Congrats to KLabGamesStation on 100 episodes!

For its 100th episode the show has gotten a BIG (and VERY FANCY) makeover!
Be sure and log in to SIF for a special "thank you" gift! (Anytime from 11/29 - 12/04.) And watch the stream for a fun retrospective on the evolution of KGS. WE MISS YOU MARK 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

Episode 5 Adventure Stroll (FINALLY!) is still on!

You've still got 7 days to go, so if you want to grab the event Ruby or Kanan, or any of the 3rd Live "Mirai no Bokura" Promo SSRs (you can get up to 11), get cracking!
Name Card Type Preview
Ruby Points LINK
Kanan Tier LINK

Scout Schedules

Honor Scouting -- µ's Wonderland Part 1
Availability: 12/01 - 12/06
Note: Dates subject to change
Name Card Type Preview
Hanayo UR LINK
Nozomi SR LINK

B-Side Track

"Mermaid Festa vol.1" will be available as an exclusive B-Side track from 12/6 - 12/13.
Note: Dates subject to change.
KLab Games Station airs every week on Thursday at 12 PM Japan time. You can watch it live on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch. Note, this time chart does not reflect Daylight Saving Time (DST). You may adjust the time accordingly from Japan Time.
Time Zone Time (12hr format) Time (24hr format)
Sydney, Australia 1:00 PM 13:00
Singapore 11:00 AM 11:00
Los Angeles, USA 08:00 PM 20:00
Kansas City, USA 10:00 PM 22:00
New York City, USA 11:00 PM 23:00
London, UK 04:00 AM 04:00
Missed out on the broadcast?
Watch the replay on YouTube (the SIF segment starts at 1:00:31)
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2018.11.20 02:00 rottinghotty Potomac – Notes from a first time viewer who snoozed on this far too long! THESE BE MY OPINIONS!!!! Yours are welcome!!!!

Hello my fave ever people, bless you all, I love you for being here because I have NO ONE else in my life who loves Bravo like I do (the bf claims he does but I’m not 100% sold, though I’m sold on him ooOOOoooooo! ) also I am possibly tipsy hehe
ANYWAY – I slept on this franchise for far too long and feel like sharing my thoughts and feelings! This is coming from a gal who has watched season 1 and and half of season 2 – so forgive me anything I don’t know from that point onwards. We are going alphabetically for fairness’s sake.
Ashley – Dayum girl if fine, she sassy, has some things to say, but her hubby is gross-ass swamp-troll ass
Brynee – T.H.I.R.S.T.Y and is only added here because she superglued herself to season 1.
Charrisse – this woman is so boring I skipped her after the first season (ideally wanted to skip her all of season 1 but I have a rule about first seasons and giving women a fair go on their first seasons) , She was a dick to Gizelle and her friend Kal, tbh I thought she was tacky in her handling of most things. I skipped legit everything about her within 10 secs of her sequences come S2 – EXCEPT she is cute with her kids though, full credit to Mama Jackson-Jordan there.
Gizelle – OMG GURL – I live, live, live for this womans time and attention to hating on people! For someone who claims to be old money SLASH legacy/Christian/classy he sure is a whole lotta mess AND I LOVE HER!
Katie – thank you, next
Karen – BABY BABY BABY! This woman is errrrrrything a RH needs to be! Pretentious with a point, classy with conviction and a true survivor with SASS! Hearing of her date rape story touched me and I will always appreciate her strength for that and what she wanted to instill in her daughter.
Monique – Girl GET Gizelle! (love G but GET HER! Lol) I don’t know enough yet but she seems strong and capable!
Robyn – Lock yo man down. SHIT or get OFF the POT! Such a babe but no balls when it comes to her love life! Robz – gurl – luv you but you can’t get mad at people questioning your love life, when YOU are questioning your love life!!!! I hope her and Jaun sort it out either way! Her life in Jaun gif.
Thanks for coming to my TED Talk xx
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Mistresses 4x04 Promo - Blurred Lines (HD) Toni Braxton Talks Birdman, Family & Upcoming Wedding ... Shell Game Under Pressure Mel B Admits She Still Loves Ex Eddie Murphy (Exclusive) A Woman Shares What It Was Like Growing Up Intersex  The ... Chantal Aytes - YouTube Kevin Hart embarrassed by Tiffany Haddish's flirting ...

Rochelle Aytes Gives Shemar Moore Her Number on ‘S.W.A.T.’

  1. Mistresses 4x04 Promo - Blurred Lines (HD)
  2. Toni Braxton Talks Birdman, Family & Upcoming Wedding ...
  3. Shell Game
  4. Under Pressure
  5. Mel B Admits She Still Loves Ex Eddie Murphy (Exclusive)
  6. A Woman Shares What It Was Like Growing Up Intersex The ...
  7. Chantal Aytes - YouTube
  8. Kevin Hart embarrassed by Tiffany Haddish's flirting ...
  9. Mistresses Premieres Thursdays from 25th July, 9pm on TLC

A young black man is gunned down, and evidence points to possible corruption by a noted figure in the black community. For Ty, who has been dating a woman with a connection to the shooting, the ... Toni Braxton dishes about her new Lifetime movie “Every Day Is Christmas”. Then, Toni opens up about her relationship with Birdman and reveals how their frie... Subscribe here: https://bit.ly/2n4QLnx How did Tiffany Haddish injure herself twerking? And why is Kevin Hart in a scrum with the Rabbitohs? You'll have to w... In 2007, Oprah interviewed Katie, a 22-year-old medical student and part-time model, who was born with male and female sex organs. Katie told Oprah that by s... Kate discovers that dating in Los Angeles is more difficult than she thought. Plus, Harry has a new job venture, and the boundaries between Karen and Robert become complicated. Their best friend, April (Rochelle Aytes) is a recent widow and mother of a ten-year-old daughter, whilst Karen (Yunjin Kim) is a therapist who has just begun reconnecting with the girls after her ... Watch Mistresses 4x04 Promo - Blurred Lines (HD) Creator: K.J. Steinberg Stars: Alyssa Milano, Jes Macallan, Rochelle Aytes Plot - Karen realizes she’s very happy to be back working with her ... actress, pole dancer, ballerina, model, author, comic book lover, anime, manga and kungfu. i am working for a comic book company where i star as the cover mo... ET exclusively sat down with the Spice Girl for her first American interview about her tell-all book, ‘Brutally Honest.’ More from Entertainment Tonight: htt...