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How to be a Fuckboy

2020.09.15 15:50 quteboy313 How to be a Fuckboy

Hi I am 25 yrs old male from Maharashtra last year I met someone on insta turns out that she (23) was from the same city after few days of bantering and one McD date she said I want to marry you find yourself good paying job come to my home with marrige proposal (she was sister of person whom just happened to know) .after 2 months she called me she said she want to end this relationship because her parents fixed her marriage with someone else .I told her that I can talk with her parents will try to convince her not to do it. But she didn't let me do it . With very heavy heart I let her go. After few months I came to know that she was just doing timepass and had no intention to keep relationship with me ... This whole incident shook me to the core. I don't want to bore you further with my sob story. So,
My question is
How to truly become a Fuckboi
Any suggestions are gracefully accepted
PS:. this is 1st rodeo on reddit ... please ignore any mistakes in my post Also friend of mines suggested me to knock on the doors of Reddi they might have what you are looking for
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2020.08.18 18:05 ItLivesLover Love? Give it six months

Love? Give it six months

Warning: this story will contain mentions of unhealthy relationships and adult themes. The main character also has some character traits that may differs from your own, please do keep that in mind.
Review and comments will be appreciated
There once was a dashing bachelor
(That looked like )(uses the OH male feces)
Face 1
Face 2
Face 3
Face 4
James Bond (black slick backed)
Don Diego Vega (dark brown wavy hair slicked back long neck)
Steve Rogers (Short blonde side swept hair)
Agent J (Short kinky curls)
Is this him?
No (go back to customisation)
What is his name?
(Default: George)
(Default: Bishop)
There he meets
A beautiful woman
A handsome man
A beautiful woman
Face 1 (Asian; has pale skin, dark almond eyes, straight black mid-back hair with a mid-part)
Face 2 (Hispanic: has tan skin, deep brown eye and over shoulder-length volumes wavy hair with side bangs.)
Face 3 (Afro-American: dark skin, expressive brown eyes with long blackish brown chest-length kinky curly hair.)
Face 4 (Caucassian: pinkish skin with freckles, clear blue round eyes, collarbone length layered dirty blonde hair)
A handsome man
Face 1 (Asian: pale skin, dark almond eyes, straight black hair put up in a pompadour style)
Face 2 (Hispanic: tan skin, with slicked back wavy hair that always looks like it is coming undone.)
Face 3 (Afro-American: dark skin, expressive brown eyes, with a crewcut with tight natural curls.)
Face 4 (Caucasian: pinkish skin with freckles, clear blue eyes, dirty blonde hair in a Taper haircut.)
As the two peoples eyes lock across the room. The sensation of a pull drives them to get closer to one another.
As the dashing bachelor offered his hand his partner gladly accepted it. Leading into a dance that lasted the rest of the night.
The whole world faded away to the sound of the Jazz band, their breathing and their dancing.
As their lips moved to meet...
???: “Oh come now Joanna, you know that is no way that would ever happen.”

(Record Scratch)
Joanna: “Oh for craps sake, George I was getting to the best part.”
George: “Forgive me for finding it uncomfortable that you have decide how my love life is going to go.”
Lance: “He does have a point there sis.”
Joanna: “Way to stand up for your sister Lance.”
Lance “Look I’m all for love conquers and all that jazz but it is kind of difficult to make a love life for someone else.”
George: “Thank you.”
Lance: “I mean he isn’t a completely lost cause. I’m sure some desperate soul will take him.”
Lance: “I mean he’s got dads looks, and he managed to get with mom when they were young.”
Lance: “That might make up for his zero tact.”
George: “Your faith in me is awe inspiring.”
Lance: “Oh cheer up. With your upcoming trip to Vegas, maybe you’ll have luck in love and not just on the poker table.”
Joanna: “Maybe you’ll meet someone special!”
You snort, finding the idea silly.
George: “I wouldn’t bet on it.”
Chapter 1: One night in Vegas
In an underground speakeasy decked out in old decor from the 20th centuries first half. You sit there nursing your drink. After a long day at the office you love nothing more than when you can enjoy your secret fancy. Dressed up in an old-fashioned pinstripe suit and a fedora. You feel like a king, this little piece of haven in Chicago that seemed to be frozen in time.
You feel your friend beside you stir, he himself having to relax from work as well as dreading an upcoming event.
After his fifth sight you opt to actually talk about it.
You take a swing of your drink and decide to talk about the elephant in the room.
Or more accurately you decide to talk about the issue in pre 1940’s slang
George: “Your bear cat of a sister still giving you a hard time?”
Jeremy: “Noneofya.”
He mumbled.
George: “Look Pally, I known you since we were scrubs and had squat. What's eating you?”
Jeremy: “That dame will chisel me out of every dime I own.”
George: “Stephie acting like a Big cheese cause she is getting hitched?”
Jeremy: “She wants everything spiffy and I’m quite sure her ankle biters will be paying the bills. My folks are on my case regarding my dame.”
You think for a moment. Jeremy and Katie had been together for four years. They got one another, they lived together.
George: “Stephie’s lucky her guy thinks she’s the Cat's meow.”
You said reflecting on everything you ever heard regarding Darren, he was a good guy. Definitely not the smartest but he loved Stephanie like she was the only woman alive. You just wondered why anyone would want to spend time with that woman.
Jeremy: “Alright, real talk.”
Jeremy said as he dropped ‘the act’, we were no longer hot shots in the prohibition era. We were now just George Bishop and Jeremy Jackson a financial advisor and a computer wizard.
George: “In all do honesty I do not see why you need to go there? Aren’t bachelorette parties strictly female?”
Jeremy: “They used to be, but I am quite sure I am not going with them to be pampered like the bridesmaids.”
George: “Then your function is?”
Jeremy: “If I were to guess, fall guy and pack mule.”
Jeremy: “I think she is also doing it to brag, that ‘she did it first.’ To rub it in Katie’s face.”
George: “You never really care what your sister does. Why now?”
Jeremy: “Because they are pressuring me and Katie. Not just my family but next to everyone we know. ‘When is the wedding? What is the venue? How many guests? Are you going to have it this year?’ Look I love my girl, but none of us is in rush to walk down the aisle.”

Yeah, you know, you were the first one Jeremy told about his plan to propose. You were happy for him but at the end of the day it was up to Katie and Jeremy. Not you or their families. However the rest of the world seemed to think differently.
Mom: “Oh sweetheart, happy valentine’s day! Are you spending it with someone special?”
George: “Mom, you know I am not looking for someone.”
Mom: “Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find that certain someone sooner or later.”

Yeah, it isn’t enough your sister is married and your brother is utterly twitterpated with his boyfriend. You need to ensure your oldest is also with someone.

Boss: “Mr. Bishop, I must say. I am impressed with your work ethics, but we have decided to go with Mr. Robinson as the face of the company.”
Never minding the fact that you worked twice as hard as said college.
George: “I understand. May I ask what made you choose him?”
Boss: “We did research and found that your college would be favourable, due to circumstance.”

Translation: we wanted a man that was married and not the workaholic bachelor.

Stranger 1: “You see that guy over there?”
Stranger 2: “You mean the one with the RBF?”
Stranger 1: “Yeah, probably one of those loners, will never find anyone.”
Stranger 2: “I mean who goes to a restaurant like this alone?”

Honestly? You can’t have a meal alone?

George: “Yeah, I know that feeling.”
Jeremy: “Seriously.”
Both of you take a sigh.
Jeremy: “But in all honesty. Thank you for coming along, I really appreciate it. Would probably loose my mind if I went alone.”
George: “Of course.”
  1. It would be a shame to lose my partner in crime.
  2. My boss would be pissed if I didn’t.
  3. Who would turn down free drinks?
Jeremy: “Yeah sounds about right.” *Choice 1*
George: “Remember how we got back at Marcus Thatcher?” *Choice 1*
Jeremy: “Oh, I remember. Too bad he didn’t check the file we sent, it might have saved him some embarrassment.” *Choice 1*
George: “Big tough football star being fooled by ‘two scrawny’ freshmen.” *Choice 1*
Jeremy: “And we were hailed as heroes for a month.” *Choice 1*
Jeremy: “Wait, don’t tell me HR department has been on your case.” *Choice 2*
Geroge: “Yep, too much overtime.” *Choice 2*
Geroge: “Never mind I make sure that everything is quality controlled.” *Choice 2*
Jeremy: “Geesh. Well glad to know I could be of service.” *Choice 2*
Jeremy: “Ah there it is, I knew you had a hidden agenda. *Choice 3*
George: “Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, when have I ever hid something from you?” *Choice 3*
Jeremy: “Alright fair, you are honest to the point of insult.” *Choice 3*
Geroge: “You asked for my opinion, besides those shoes where ugly as sin.” *Choice 3*
Both of you laugh, you had been in each other’s life since kindergarten. You where the odd ducks, most kids and adults always considered you to be cold or judging. Even if neither of you had that intention.
Jeremy raises his glass.
Jeremy: “To intellectual companions.”
George: “To intellectual friends.”
You said as you raised your own drink in a toast.

The weekend finally arrived for the trip. You arrived at O’Hare airport with a good three hours to spare. You crack open the book you brought with you.
It was a supernatural detective story you received as a gift on last birthday a few months back. While you applaud your sister for trying, it was still jarring to follow all the supernatural deus-ex-machinas that discarded real detective work.
So that is how a 31 year old was reading a supernatural book in broad daylight.
George: ‘ with gun drawn, Duskraven made her way down the basement, the surroundings smelled of blood and muck.’
Geroge: ‘Romano’s empire was now in full display in front of her. Fae, lined the walls, eyes hollow and only the movement of their chest indicating they were still alive.’
George: ‘Duskraven took out her polaroid camera, it was a risky but if this would ever have a chance to justice. Her leads and information would need to be solid if she wanted to take down the vampire cartel. She just hoped the light for the camera would be noticed.’
George: ‘With a blinding light the entire basement lit up temporarily blinding her, when she regained her sight again a new horror met her eyes. Multiple pairs of hungry red eyes.’
Jeremy: “George!”
You tear your eyes away from the book in your hand.
There is Jeremy and Katie, hand in hand. Seeing them together was always a happy occasion.
Katie and Jeremy met at your favourite speakeasy a few years back. You didn’t blame your friend for becoming interested in the ICU nurse. Curly red hair and big blue eyes. Even if the courtship had started out rocky due to both of them being so shy. They overcame that hurdle and found something they wanted.
Sometimes however you wished you didn’t feel like you were interrupting them.
George: “Good morning, is Stephanie and her friends also here?”
Katie: “No they had a sleep over at Daria’s house. So they will be carpooling.”
You look at your clock and it was about two hours before the plane would take off, your bags where checked in and you were ready to leave and get to the section where the gates would be. But there was still no sign of Stephanie.
As you though you heard a rumbling sound.
Both you and Katie looked at Jeremy as a sheepish grim grew on his face.
Katie: “Told you, a ham sandwich wouldn’t hold.”
Jeremy: “It will hold till lunch, which is a few hours away.”
George: “You sure that is a good idea?”
Jeremy: “Tell you what, I’ll go if you come with me and Katie.”
Katie: “So what do you say?”
· Sure, I could have a bite. (💎12)
· Perhaps we shouldn’t
Diamond Choice:
George: “Alright, let us have something to eat.”
Jeremy: “Good! Airplane food leaves much to be desired.”
Katie: “You always think with your stomach.”
Jeremy: “Yet you love me.”
Katie: “Yes, odd isn’t it?”
You make your way inside and stay in line.
You look at the menu and order
· Breakfast burrito
· Bacon and scrambled eggs
· Fruit and oatmeal
You order your food along with a big coffee. You all slide into the booth, Katie had her yogurt in hand both of you looked worryingly at Jeremy’s breakfast.
(Tilting tower of pancakes)
(Holy crap!)
You swore for a moment both you and Katie was reading each other’s mind.
‘He is going to puke.’
George: “Hey Jeremy, think you can get some napkins?”
Jeremy: “Sure.”
As he left you plied a few pancakes away, making sure that you saved the top one so he wouldn’t notice. Katie making sure the tower didn’t fall.
She gave a thumbs up, thanking you.
George: “So Katie, how have you been?”
Katie: “There is always a lot of things to do at the ICU, sometime I wonder where humanity is headed.”
George: “Really, that bad?”
Katie: “How would you explain having a locomotive lodge up your rectum?”
George: “How did that happened?”
Katie: “They claim they fell on it, if I had a dollar every time this happened I wouldn’t have any student debts.”
You shake your head, you have been thinking a bit about what Jeremy said at the Speakeasy. You had also noticed that something was up with Katie, she was on edge.
George: “Katie…”
1. “Did you want to go on this trip?”
2. “Has Mr and Mrs Jackson been pressuring you?”
3. “Do you want to get married?”
Katie: “In all honesty no, but Stephanie has made me a bridesmaid. I need to partake in these things. Even if I wish I didn’t.” *Choice 1\*
George: “Why?” *Choice 1\*
Katie: “I wish I could care as little about protocol as you do, but she is Jeremy’s sister, if I say no it might affect my relationship with Jeremy and his family.” *Choice 1\*
Katie: “Yes, I mean no, I mean… it’s complicated.” *Choice 2\*
George: “How come?” *Choice 2\*
Katie: “I’m 30 years old George, time is ticking. They want grandchildren to spoil.” *Choice 2\*
George: “And you have to be married to do that?” *Choice 2\*
Katie: “Of course I love Jeremy.” *Choice 3\*
George: “That wasn’t the question, do you want to get married?” *Choice 3\*
Katie: “It is just so big, all those expectations. I… it scares the crap out of me.” *Choice 3\*
George: “Listen, I will tell you something.”
You said using your stern voice.
George: “Jeremy loves you, he chose you. You chose him. That is the truth at the end of the day.”
Katie looked at you, a shy smile graced her lips. She mouthed a thank you.
Jeremy made his way back to you with a great pile of napkins. You all begin to take part of the meal. During the entire meal Katie and Jeremy’s shoulders touched and they looked as content as they could be.
(‘Loving it’ you had breakfast at McDermott)
None diamond choice:
George: “Let us just sit down and relax, we should be in Las Vegas at 1 am. Knowing Stephanie we will probably eat something there before heading to the hotel.”
Katie: “Maybe, I’ll get some water at least.”
Jeremy: “Good idea.”
(‘Not hungry’ you didn’t have a McDermott breakfast)
As all of you wait for the supposed ‘bride’ you hear commotion.
Sure enough you see a brunette with a close to permanent scowl on her face. Followed but two very flustered women.
“There you are! WHERE have you been?!”
Her tone is as pleasant as you remember, nails on a chalkboard.
Jeremy: “We have been here waiting for you.”
Stephanie: “You aren’t even going to help me with my bags. What type of brother are you?”
Jeremy: “Well we are here, we have about half an hour before the plane leaves. So let’s get to the gate.”
Stephanie just huffed. Storming away.
George: “Wow she is in a good mood.”
You state sarcastically.
Jeremy: “Yeah she gets like that some time.”
Jeremy: “Just try not to set her of, she can be a handful.”
Katie: “I mean how bad could it possibly be?”
You were never the very superstitious type, but you were quite sure that Katie just opened Pandora’s Box.

From the time the plane touched ground in Nevada everything that could set of Stephanie did.
Stephanie: “URRGH!!! where is that shuttle! He is LATE!!”
Jeremy: “They told us like five minutes ago there is traffic jam.”
Stephanie: “Then he should have planned it earlier!”
Stephanie: “I will not wait an hour! WE have a schedule to follow!”
George:’ This coming from the woman that almost missed the plane to her own bachelorette party.’
Daria: “They say it is only another 15 minutes.”

Stephanie: “I DON’T CAREEEEE!”
Stephanie: “What do you mean that our suits where not booked?”
Receptionist: “You never sent in the deposit for your stay.”
Stephanie: “THAT WAS GEMMA’S JOB!”
Gemma: “I told you, the suits needed to be paid for by the same person that booked them.”

Stephanie: “You are a bridesmaid, you are supposed to make things work!”
George: ‘Honetly…’
George: “Sigh…”
Waitress: “Yes it is, you wanted a calamari.”
The poor waitress looked exhausted and probably wanted to be anywhere but here, not that one could blame her.
Stephanie: “NO IT ISN’T! I wanted the pasta with bacon and cheese.”
Katie: “A cabonara?”
Jeremy: “Stephie we are at a seafood restaurant.”

George: ‘IS she ever satisfied?’
All of us where back at the hotel, Stephanie insisting that they ‘needed’ a new set of clothes for the casino and club they were planning on hitting. Jeremy looked ready to just give up.
George: “You know, you could simply say no to her.”
Jeremy threw an exhausted glair at me.
Jeremy: “If it was so simple neither me, you nor Katie would be here right now.”
George: “And you wouldn’t be here doing this Sisyphean task, which obviously brings you missery.”
Jeremy: “Yeah well, I still want my parents in my life, if I didn’t do this, they would never let me live it down.”
What to wear to the casino?
· Tuxedo 007 (💎 15)
· Basic black
Diamond option:
Jeremy: “You look like James Bond.”
George: “I’ll have a martini, shaken not stirred.”
You said and an amused smile spread across Jeremy’s face.
None diamond choice
“I Think I’ll stick with this.”
“Fair enough, I am too exhausted to care anyway.”

Jeremy said with a tired smile. You both left the room, making our way to one of the pulsing centres of the strip.
There in the golden casinos you thought finally your luck would finally turn for the better. That the glamorous atmosphere would rub off on the soon-to-be bride. Causing her to stop doing her impression of a screeching barn owl and let ALL of them enjoy Sin City.
Well it seemed to have worked, for now.
Both you and Jeremy where at the black jack tables, enjoying yourself. While the ladies were back at the slots machines.
Jeremy folded a while ago, it is just you and one more. You looked down at your cards a jack and an ace. You opponent opposite you had this confident smirk on his face. But you saw how the sweat was running down his face. He was bluffing.
George: “Hum…”
  1. Act as if you have a bad hand
  2. Act arrogant and self-assured
  3. Do not react at all and watch the man squirm
You decide to let your brows furrow in what would look like frustration. The man opposite you lets the edge of his mouth turn in a smirk. His confidence boosting with every minute. *Choice 1*
You decide to put on the theatrics, giving a smile like the cat that ate the canary you look at your opponent. That is growing more and more agitated by the minute. *Choice 2*
You keep your face natural, a lot of people often comment that you look angry whenever they see you. You could only assume it was true because your opponent was practically squirming in his seat. *Choice 3*
When he reviles his hand, you pause for a moment before reviling yours.
You won.
George: “I’ll be taking these.”
You said as you dragged them back chips and split them evenly between you and Jeremy. You had started with the same amount of tokens. Even if you did work with money daily, this was one of those occasions you allowed yourself to be a bit more relaxed regarding that subject.
Jeremy: “Nice one.”
George: “All in a day’s work.”
Jeremy: “So what next?”
Before you could answer you hear commotion from the opposite side of the casino. The screeching voice meant that Stephanie was somewhere in the middle of it. Both of you sigh, knowing that your happy hour was over.
Sure enough there at the era leading into one of the shows where Stephanie and her entourage, all of them except Stephanie wearing baby pink dresses and Stephanie herself wearing a sash reading ‘all hail the bride’ along with a tacky tiara probably worth a five dollar bill at most.
She was screaming at a bouncer, while all the others tried in vain to calm the soon-to-be bride.
Stephanie: “You are an idiot! What service is this!?”
When we had arrived there was already an audience forming. Yeah this was common whenever Stephanie was involved. ‘Drama Queen’ had been your nickname for her during high school for a reason.
Jeremy: “What happened?”
Bouncer: “Your friend here slapped one of your dancers, something about them stealing from them.”
Stephanie: “I am the BRIDE! I am not supposed to have to pay for anything during my bachelorette party.”
Jeremy: “Stephanie, what about we get some fresh air, okay?”
Jeremy said as he tried to deescalate the situation. He gently grabbed her arm, but Stephanie was having none of it.
It felt like it all happened in slow motion, Stephanie turned around and a closed fist and rage connected it with Jeremy’s face. Your friend flew back and hit his head on the floor pretty hard. Stephanie didn’t even care to check what state her brother was in. Katie flew to her fiancés side and the sight of your friend’s bleeding face was enough to make you see red.
George: “Alright enough.”
  1. Scold her
  2. Embarrass her
  3. Give her the evil eye
George: “Stephanie, you are way out of line.” *Choice 1*
Stephanie: “No I am not!” *Choice 1*
George: “You have taken no responsibility during this trip, you have been rude to every member of the party, you have caused a scene at every place we have been to. Do I need to keep going?” *Choice 1*
Your voice is like ice, you swear the temperature just dropped a few degrees. As you pointed out everything she has done during the less than 24 hours you been together. *Choice 1*
Stephanie looks angrily at her bridesmaids as is she is waiting for them to defend her. *Choice 1*
They do not, they know you are just stating the truth. *Choice 1*
George: “Your own brother did not want to be on this trip, he begged me to come along. Doesn’t that tell you just how vile you have been acting?” *Choice 1*
Stephanie: “You listen here…”*Choice 1*
George: “No you listen for once in your life!” *Choice 1*
You rarely let your emotions out but Stephanie was a special case. *Choice 1*
George: “If this is how you treat people, do not be surprised when Darren leaves you at the altar. He deserve better than this.” *Choice 1*
With that as a closing line you left, Jeremy might need to get to the hospital. He was worth more than Stephanie would ever be in your eyes. *Choice 1*
As you leave you are quite sure you hear someone applauding. *Choice 1*
With determined steps you made your way to one of the waitresses. *Choice 2*
George: “Excuse me.” *Choice 2*
You hand her a 50 dollar bill as you grab a big jug glass filled with beer and briskly walk back to Stephanie that is still screaming profanities. Because of her back being turned to you she didn’t see you. You saw how people began to take out their cameras and phones. No one made a move to stop you. *Choice 2*
With one quick movement you had poured it over her and a shriek of surprise entered your ears. *Choice 2*
Stephanie: “What the fuck is wrong with you!?” *Choice 2*
George: “Are you done with your little temper tantrum?” *Choice 2*
Stephanie: “What!? How dare you!” *Choice 2*
George: “You have been acting like a spoiled five year old since the moment we landed. I am surprised no one has done anything until now.” *Choice 2*
Stephanie: “You are so not coming to my wedding!” *Choice 2*
George: “It isn’t a loss, I was never here for you. Now excuse me I have more important things to deal with.” *Choice 2*
You left Stephanie to deal with the people that had gathered for the ‘show’ and she began to scream at them and calling them all sorts of names. But no one was intimidated, they found it hilarious. *Choice 2*
You grab hold of Stephanie, until she has no choice but to look at you. She is screeching, calling you every slur and bad name in the book. Your hands are firm on her upper arm, you just hold no squeezing, no pushing. You keep your eyes locked on her, you must have stood there quite a while until finally her defiant stare became weaker and weaker. *Choice 3*
You kept hold of her until she burst out into tears. At that point you let her go. Knowing you had knocked her down a peg. *Choice 3*

But Stephanie wasn’t your main concern, Jeremy was. You moved to stay with Katie and Jeremy, the crowd parted as the red sea as you walked by. All in stunned silence. *Choice 3*

George: “Are you sure you’ll be alright?”
Jeremy grimaced at the questing, blood still trickling down his face from where he had been punched. Luckily the nose would heal, the only question was what colour it would be in time for Stephanie’s wedding.
Jeremy: “I’ll be fine, Katie is here too. She knows what she is doing.”
Katie: “Having your fiancé being a nurse does have its perks huh?”
Jeremy: “Yeah one of many.”
The two of them smile at one another, before Jeremy turn back to you.
Jeremy: “Think you can manage your own?”
George: “I think I can stay out of trouble for one night.”
Jeremy: “Maybe, see you tomorrow George.”
Katie: “Have a nice night.”
With that the two of them made their way up to the hotel rooms.
You decided to check out the hotel bar. Despite being 10 o’clock it was surprisingly empty. Some people where there, some having already had a few to many.
But what caught your eye was a stranger sitting at the end of the bar.
There sitting in a knee-length ocean blue dress was a woman, leaning over resting her elbows at the counter. She had a faraway look in her face as she absentmindedly stirred her drink. *♀*
There sitting a young man, nursing his drink. His blue vest and slacks combo suited him well with the crisp white shirt. His attention seeming being elsewhere. *♂*
You sit down by the bar and is about to call on the bartender when I noticed a man, clearly intoxicated made a move on the man/woman at the end of the bar.
Drunk Idiot: “Hello there, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
The person in question just rolled hehis eyes. Clearly not in the mood to be the object of drunk admiration.
Drunk Idiot: “How about you and me go up to my hotel room and get to know each other a bit more.”
Haven seen the man/woman in question do every none-verbal que but slapping the idiot you decide enough was enough. He had disturbed you and the rest of the bar enough.
With the smoothest and coolest tone of voice you could muster you cleared your throat to get the drunk man’s attention. It wasn’t appreciated to say the least.
Drunk idiot: “What the hell do you want prick.”
The smell of alcohol radiating off him, one would think he had bathed in vodka. It was surprising no one had tossed him out from being a nuisance earlier.
George: “I do believe that you are bothering him/her. Please stop.”
George: “Look we are old friends, its noneofya business so bug off.”
George: “Oh really, then what is your friends name?”
Drunk Idiot: ”What?”
George: “What. Is. your. friend’s. name? If you are old friends you should surely know it.”
Drunk Idiot: “It’s ummm… Terry.”
???: “That is not even close.”
With both of you staring straight into him, mentally cornering him.
Drunk idiot: ”Screw this.”
The man declared in frustration and with that the idiot stormed off leaving both of you alone.
After making sure the guy was out of sight you turned back to the stranger.
He/She gave you a grateful smile.
???: “Thanks’ I really appreciate that?”
George: “It was nothing.”
You said making yourself ready to go back to your seat.
???: “Wait!”
The stranger called after you, out of sheer politeness you turned back around.
He/she Seemed a bit nervous, what now?
???: “Can I at least buy you a drink?”
You thought for a moment. You were on your own, Jeremy was probably nursing the bruise with some painkillers and you did not want to risk running into Stephanie or any of the bridesmaids. It also felt wrong to not take the opportunity to experience Vegas however.
So you accepted.
???: “Well What’s your poison?”
He/she asked in a joyous tone.
  1. Matrini
  2. Old Fashioned
  3. Red Wine
With a quick wave they called the bartender over.
???: “So what brings you to Vegas?”
George: “Bachelorette party.”
???: “Did it have anything to do with that brunette that slapped one of the dancers and had security physically lift her out?”
George: “Bingo.”
???: “No one got seriously hurt?”
George: “Thankfully no.”
With that the bartender served the drink and the stranger slipped a 50 dollar bill.
You lift the glass in a gesture for a thank you. And let the beverage slip down your throat. It was nice, it was a good year and the taste was strong but not overpowering.
You noticed that his/her eyes were on you, almost as if they were trying to decipher your character.
George: “What are you doing?”
???: “Trying to get a read on you, some say what you order is often an indication of who you are.”
George: “Really? Then what can you say about me?”
You asked, deciding to humour them.
???: “I can say that that you are a man that know what he wants and how you want them.” *Martini*
???: “You are an old soul, you probably know your liquor well. My guess you have a great library at home.” *Old fashioned*
???: “You are quite classy, and you can find a way to get drunk before noon.” *Red wine*
With that you give an amused chuckle.
George: “Well there is some truth to that statement.”
You take a look at the drink they self are nursing.
(Dark n Stormy)
George: “If I were to do the same to you, I guess you have a sweet tooth and might have wanted to be a pirate at some point.”
At that comment the stranger began to laugh. It was the infectious kind of laugh that made someone warm form the bottom of their stomach.
???: “Alright you got me there.”
He/she then stuck out their hand.
(My name is..)
(Default name: Skyler)
George: “‘Skyler’ it is a pleasure to meet you.”
You said as you shook it.
You take in Skyler’s look. You had to admit that they were an attractive specimen of a man/woman.
George: “The name is George Bishop.”
Skyler: “George Bishop, how professional sounding.”
He/ she said as if they were tasting your name in their mouth.
George: “Well I do hope so, would be difficult to be an advisor if people believed I was a joker.”
Skyler: “Ah, so you are one of those people that look at you and stamp ‘rejected’ on every paper?”
George: “I believe that I am fair in my judgement.”
George: “How about yourself?”
At that their eyes fell.
Skyler: “Right now, I’m a 30 year old trying to figure out my next move.”
George: “How come?”
Skyler: “Lost my job due to relationship issues between my manager and her boyfriend. Apparently, me being friendly was mistaken for flirting.”
Skyler: “What, they want a grumpy Greeter at the door?”
George: “That is unprofessional.”
Skyler: “Yeah, well relationships are messy.”
George: “Agreed.”
Skyler: “I must say the way you handled that woman, it was surprising.”
Skyler said in a genuinely impressed voice.
George: “You were watching?”
Skyler: “Kind of hard not to, I’m surprised half the hotel didn’t hear her.”
George: “Someone had to show her she isn’t the Queen of Sheba.”
Skyler: “What are your thought on marriage?”
You shoot up a bit, a bit startled by the blunt question.
George: “My thoughts?”
Skyler: “You seem like a guy that know what he thinks. I want to pick that brain a bit.”
It had been a while since someone had so blatantly flirted with you. To be fair you were a bit surprised. Dating had often been a minefield for you.
George: “Marrige…”
  1. It’s an institution
  2. It’s a partnership
  3. It’s indescribable
George: “Historically it was a way to ensure land, money and heirlooms where added into a new household.” *Choice 1*
George: “It was also a safety for children back in the day, since basterds often faced quite a few challenges from being born out of wedlock.” *Choice 1*
George: “It is a symbol of trust, that you do have someone that you can count on.” *Choice 2*
George: “But at the end of the day, if you are unfair to that partner hey might not stay.” *Choice 2*
George: “To describe marriage is like trying to describe oceans and water. Even with similarities we can see, gathering it all in an explanation would probably not give a fair judgement.” *Choice 3*
Skyler: “To me it’s a promise. ‘To have and to hold’ it is silly in this day and age were people divorce left and right for trivial things.”
Skylers eyes became dark, falling into deep thoughts. You had never been the poetic kind, but there was a sweet sentiment in Skyler’s view on things. Your parents where still married over 30 years now. Your sister was due some time in December, your brother was off celebrating a two year dating anniversary and your paternal grandmother still loved her deceased husband dearly.
To you it just never happened, perhaps it wasn’t for you.
George: “That we can agree on, people are so afraid they will settle. At the first sign of trouble they leave.”
Skyler: “So that woman form before… how long do you think her marriage will last?”
George: “If she acts like she did tonight, I wonder if her husband will even stay for the ceremony.”
You looked at your new companion and in an unusual turn of events you called the bartender over.
George: “Can I buy you a drink?”

With that Skyler smiled, deciding to keep you company.
Sometime later you awake to the sound of your alarm clock.
You feel a splitting headache, you drag you hand over your face as you do you feel a cold metal band around your finger. Pulling back as your eyes focus you see that it is a plain sliver coloured band.
(is that?)
· Oh no…
Feeling more sober than ever before you realised just what a mess you got yourself into.
George: ‘I just got married in Vegas.’
Well, you’re screwed.
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2020.08.15 14:14 FidusAmator01 A debate with my freind regarding millenials.

So for some context, I AM a millenial, and I hate millenials and love boomers, and the transcript pretty much is me and my friends discussio or rather debate on the matter, to protect our Identities, my friend will go by Harry and I’ll go by Paul, here is pretty much the debate:
Paul: I despise Millenials and all generations after them.
Harry: Your a Millenial so that means you hate yourself.
Paul: As a matter of fact, Yes I do hate myself for being a millenial, I also hate myself for other reasons.
Harry: What has Millenials done to you?
Paul: It’s not what they done to me, it’s what they done to a once perfect society.
Harry: Society has NEVER been perfect, in fact I’d say Society has gotten better in the last 2 decades.
Paul: Since when has making light of serious issues, creating memes and worshipping them like they are the be all and end all of everything, Parenting their children wrong, Accepting homosexuality as normal, considered better, I’m sorry but your blind.
Harry: Sorry but your blinded, too blind to see all the good that happened.
Paul: NOTHING good has happened since the year 2000 ticked over, the 90’s and 80’s was 2 decades of perfection, Political Corectness was shoved down the sensibe pricks throats, Homosexuality was treated like it should always be treated, pop music was not as bad, Memes were not as motherfucking prevalent, People took Parenting seriously, People took issues seriously, There were not as many fools and idiots then as there is now, face it, the Boomers had it right, and will always have it right.
Harry: And left us to pay for their debts, they could buy a house whereas we struggle to do so, they were 90% of the fucking reason the problems that currently plague our world STILL plague our world, oh and THEY created memes, so go take your boomer loving ass and sit on a hot furnace because you just got burned.
Paul: At least Boomers know better than to let their child do whatever they want and don’t discipline them correctly when the child does or says something they shouldnt.
Harry: And who are you to dictate how one chooses to raise their child, if the parents want to have a wreck of a child, let em, that’s their problem.
Paul: but then that wreck of a child grows up along with the same generation of equally wrecked up kids who grow into fucked up adults who do nothing good towards society nor do they do anything to try to fix the problems currently in our world, I was raised by boomers, and I learned to actually give a fucking shit about the worlds problems.
Harry: Stop putting the worlds problems on your shoulders, you are one man, no one else can do anything, and neither can you.
Paul: I won’t just “Live my life” knowing I can’t do shit to fix the problems because it’s not right to let the problems continue, We Millenials outnumber the boomers, we have to power to do spmething for the betterment of society and the planet, WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING.
Harry: You would make a great polotician because you speak like one.
Paul: Except all poloticians are greedy, self-centered arrogant thieves who only want more of what they already got, polotics needs to die, so does Governents, Capitalism and Religion.
Harry: And I suppose you think that Communism is the right ideaology?
Paul: Too fucking right I do, Communism ensures all citizens have a house, a car, a job, food, water, it ensures every member contributes to society, and they get what they need to live, anything extra is a luxury.
Harry:(Sarcastic tone)Yeah Communism worked really well for the Soviets, creating more problems than soloutions, yeah Communism is the perfect ideaology alright.
Paul:(In an equally sarcastic tone)Oh yeah like Capitalism isnt making things worse, The increases price on things year on year, the rich stay rich, the poor stay poor, Oh yeah Capitaliam is the perfect ideology(In a serious tone) for morons.
Harry: Man, I don’t know why you are the way you are?
Paul: I will truly be happy when the worlds problems are no more and society has gone back to the perfection it once was.
Harry: So your gonna die unhappy?
Paul: Indeed, I will die metaphorically saying “Finally, I don’t have to suffer through hell anymore, adious you mothefucking fools and idiots, enjoy a fucked up planet and society and maybe extinction”
Harry: I have a feeling that your lonely.
Harry: You always seem so agitated and angry and misanthropic(Hatred of society).
Harry: When was the last time you got laid?
Paul: Never.
Harry: Wait, your 27, and you still havent gotten laid?
Paul: Millenial women wanna date morons not real men.
Harry: Oh and what do you define as a real man?
Paul: Sensible, Respectable, Respectful, Serious, Emotionless, Loving, Kind, Caring, Loyal, Truthful, Understanding, Commucative, Strict when needed, Disciplined, Knowledgable, Smart, need I go on.
Harry: All good things, what’s your method of dating?
Paul: The same way the Boomers did it, you take your time getting to know them to the point where you know everything about them, then to the stages of dating, then marrige, then sex.
Harry: Outdated method, Won’t work, especially for you.
Paul: The modern method sucks and is too prone to failure.
Harry: No, the modern method works and the boomers way was just as prone to failure, you should try the modern way.
Paul:.........I tried the modern way, twice, both failed.
Harry: Obviously you did’nt do it right.
Paul: How, I researched the modern method at length, the research was backed by years of scientific studies, one site claimed the modern method can’t fail, I followed a carefully researched and planned guide to the letter, it failed twice.
Harry: You can’t use scientific research and a planned guide, because then it will most certainly fail, the whole modern method is spontaneous? you just gotta go for it.
Paul: A building with no framework cannot stand, the forming of a relationship is like a building, going by a blueprint ensures a solid, structurally sound building, I don’t want a structurally unstable building, I want a structurally stable building.
Harry: Except relationships CAN’T be blueprinted.
Paul: One day I’ll prove you wrong there.
Harry: I can’t wait to see you countlessly fail in your attept to “Blueprint a sucessful relationship”.
Paul: One day I’ll suceed, you wait.
Harry: Ok Boomer.
After that we just sat in silence.
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2020.08.11 21:28 Top100Movies12 EAD Timeline

AoS through marrige
NBC ASC Bellflower CA
Date received: 2/19/2020
Receipt received: 2/24/2020
1st Biometrics appointment: 03/18/2020 (the day ASCs got shutdown)
No update for months
Case approved (no biometrics) : 07/27/2020
SSN received through mail: 08/06/2020
2nd Biometrics appointment: 08/10/2020
Card for printing: 08/10/2020
After my case got approved I sent them my old biometrics appointment letter and checked the reschedule box (someone here suggested that) and got the biometrics appointment a week later.
They are not allowing any walk-ins except if you are in the military.
The entire biometrics process took me about 10 mins.
You need and ID and your appointment letter. People who are changing their last name, bring marriage certificate. They asked for mine.
Hope this helps.
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2020.08.04 04:10 CalebAndre97 God truly is loving and great, just have faith in him he always comes thru.

I just wanted to share my story so if anyone has any bitterness with God they would be able to release it.
I have been so angry with God in my life cause of my situation (my fault 100%). I am truly unworthy of his love and grace and deserve any judgement I get. I am truly sorry to the Lord for my lack of faith and understanding.
I was probably the most lukewarm Christian I have known in my life, the fact I am still here today is incredible and truly proof of Gods grace.
I have probably had the best life I know of and I couldnt see it because I was blind with sin and greed and ungreatfulness. My story is I grew up with diagnosed autism and adhd, I was never really bright at school or could learn well, I would curse God and my parents all the time for this disability.
At the age of 9 I was homeschooled and taken outta school and I missed out on a social life and average vile todays youth partying and fornication, drinking and dating. Desires of the flesh as the bible says, ignoring God and wasting such a good life I had been given.
As alot do today I desired these sins more than anything, even God. I never really believed in him till now. I had a great life, loving parents, Enough to survive on, a warm house and bed, tons of food, enough money to enjoy life and buy nice things. God had blessed me with all I needed. Being ungreatful I wanted more and more.
I even had great online friends, I have never been betrayed by one friend. God has given me sooo much more than I deserve, more than anyone does.
I departed from the Faith in 2019 because I was really angry with God, more than anything I wanted was to glorify God with a family and get married. The Lord answered my prayer HOWEVER I was lukewarm and didnt understand how God worked. One day I was in Church depressed (selfish reason) because I was going thru a struggle in my life not being able to socialize with people cause of Autism, these people were the friendliest folks u could ask for at a Church.
I was envious of them being able to socialize and have irl friends, they really incredibly nice to me but because of my own faults I hated them majorly. God even had one person there take me to the movies once and it was the most fun night ever.
Still blinded by my wicked evil ways I ignored that and dwelled on the negative. Going back to the marrige part I was at church on my phone and saw a you tube video pop out of the blue talking about signs God wants you to get married, cause of Satans lies I thought the video was mocking me.
I found out during prayer group this week thru the Holy Spirit who my wife was. It was that one girl who always sat close near me by her own. I had even seen this girl mutiple times in public, God had my mind set on this person but I didnt know why.
I was blind to that and ended up going thru a few trials as I left Jesus. I became an atheist and spent hours trying to debunk my christian beliefs (Couldnt do it) the Holy Spirit wouldnt let my mind be corrupted.
After a while I met this one girl online who I really took a liking for. She was the friendliest sweetest person ive known, her mind however was messed up with the Occult and you know what happens next folks its not over yet..........
I ended up going thru the new age movement learning things like the Law of attraction, Divination, Meditation, Chakra healing, (NEVER I MEAN NEVER DO THIS) I got deep into this stuff and saw the world how the enemy wanted me to see it, I started seeing Angel numbers (111 141 404 110 333 222 11111) u get it. THESE NUMBERS ARE NOT OF JESUS DONT FALL FOR THEM THESE ARE FALLEN ANGEL NUMBERS)
I got possessed by the Kundalini serpent as well, This gave me major depression and Psychosis. I stress you not if u know this please flee from it and Ask Jesus into your heart he will save u from it.
After a few weeks I saw this video about a girl who opened her third eye chakra and she said fallen angels were nice at first but have been tormenting her majorly. Shes tried to kill her self but cant escape death because they have her locked in tight. All she needs is to ask Jesus into her heart and they will flee. Dont watch this video if u are easily scared at all and dont look into her eyes.
Anyone in this already I am not trying to scare u I am trying to help u not go down her path. Please ask Jesus into your heart if you are going thru this.
I tried opening my third eye but the Holy Spirit never allowed it to happen to me and I was saved before I could do it.
Look folks I know we all have things in life we want, but trust me it is not worth it. I do not want anything Lucifer has to offer me at all. Flee from these things I warn you as a friend not to hurt you but to help you.
Jesus accepted me when I repented and gave me hope and another chance at his help. There is nothing u cant be forgiven about. Pray to God ask him into your heart and to fill you with the Holy Spirit.
If anyone needs any prayers or would like to talk to me, feel free to message me on reddit or send me a direct message.
I pray this has helped at least one person.
Thank you all for reading
God Bless
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2020.08.04 01:01 FidusAmator01 (Research)[Over Generalised Guide] The time it takes to go from stranger to married.

So, I have a habbit of researching intriguing topics so much to the extent that it gets me wondering other things in the process, one of these was a question: Assuming everything was optimal, how long would it take to go from stranger to marrige?
So I researched at length, to be made perfectly clear, I know you cannot put a time on love or building of a relationship, nor can you predict what can happen, but this is more of a general guide formed from researching thousands of sites, so this guide is neither accurate nor to be taken word for word.
I’ll do this in steps, to make for an easier read.
Step 1: The initial greeting(An hour), an initial greeting is generally how most if not all relationships have formed and is merely the stage of for the most part comprised of small talk, the encounters after this are completely random, but assuming you asked them if they would be interested in joining you for lunch or a coffee sometime, and assuming they say something that indicates their interest in partaking in a simple enough activity, Step 2 is next.
Step 2: Going Out(3 months), Research has shown that while not conclusive at all, assuming both you and this stranger work full time, the odds of your timetables syncing is going to be rare, so by that extent, 3 months might very well be the amount of time it takes for the two individuals to become aquainted with each other, again this is not conclusive though, This stage is moreso getting to know the other person, becoming comfortable in their presence, this is the stage where the the individuals could become friends or lovers, How one reacts to certain things said or done could easily decide whether they move on to step 3, assuming the two have been going out for 3 months and one of you has asked the other out on a date, and assuming the response is positive, Step 3 is next.
Step 3: The Dating stage(3 months), This is a crucial stage in any relationship as the dating stage is the part where one goes from someone they have an occasional lunch and/or coffee with to someone they want to be romantically involved with, dates are so romantic that a take away shop simply because one likes to eat cheap is not a good option, a good, reputable restraunt is certainly a good choice, if there are no restraunts in ones locale then perhaps prepare to host the date at your place, but most research suggests a restraunt, not a house for dining on a date.
Dress code is important, both individuals should look their best for the date, sadly casual won’t be good enough, Wothout going into the nuiances of the date itself, research has shown that while girls hope for sex on the 3rd date, they actually PREFER to wait 10 dates before having sex, Now again assuming one has done 10 dates at about 3 per month, and the two have had at least one sexual encounter, Step 4 is next.
Step 4: The Relationship(6 months -5 years), At this point both individuals are well aquianted with each other and enjoy spending time together, The bond between the two strengthens(or loosens if things are highly unstable), and it’s pretty safe to say one is in a commited relationship with the other, research has shown that the stage of proposing marrige is so widely varied, finding an average is like trying to find a needle in a decently large haystack, some couple proposed after 6 months of being in a commited relationship, others 5 years, this result varies so much there is no average time period, yes even my research does not have an answer.
but one thing is for sure most women when the get proposed to described the feeling after their male partner proposed as uplifting, Like their whole body floods with feelings of joy, happiness, excitement, even adrenaline, they often times cant find words because most times their emotions do the speaking for them.
welp, hopefully this over genaralised guide can provide some insight into why it takes a long time to get a relationship, but like i said above, this is not conclusive and is certainly not 100% accurate, at the end of the day everything takes time and patience, and one must get to a relationship at a pace both parties are happy with, so if it takes 25 years to go from stranger to married or 12 years, so be it, but to those whom play video games and want a relationship but cannot get one, let a fellow gamer pass on some advice he learned the hard way.
“Video Games are no substitute for human compassion, At the end of the day, what do you have to show for your love of video games, a library of virtual worlds or time spent with a loved one in the real world?”
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2020.07.31 10:18 Dehta_Hun How to manage long term issues?

Me and my wife open our marrige less than a half year ago and she started to date with our close friend which make us a V. I already find a way to cope with jealousy and fear to be abandoned.
So everything is OK for now, but I worry about facing future prombems like if my wife wanted to live with her other partner and I woun't or how to spend holidays or what to do if someone want to move in another city for a job or else.
Of course this have to be disscused between us but I'm kinda scared of changes and that my needs woun't be met. I'm asking for advice and woud like to hear yours expereance at those kind of things.
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2020.07.20 19:47 Nordlaw1 my freind simping on discord

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2020.07.15 17:53 retsuko121 Losing hope..

Salam everyone,
I have to say it is really reassuring to read people's struggles on finding a suitable Muslim partner, so thanks everyone for sharing your stories and struggles. I hope Allah eases the burden for you..
Thought I'd briefly share some of the struggles my sister and I have faced and seek some advice. I very recently deleted all apps (Muzmatch, Minder etc) from my phone as it was starting to get a bit tiresome and i needed a break.
Some background, Im a 28 year old female and my sister is 32 (old for marrigeable age, I know) and we are both still unmarried.. we are both doctors (just starting our speciality training) and own our own home, we work and live together and alhamdulilah have a good life. Although we don't wear hijab, we are working hard on our iman, we pray, fast, dont drink or eat pork and hold each other accountable to practice our faith to the best of our ability. We have multiple (shared) interests such as fashion, art, reading, cooking and yoga! We are both reasonably attractive I'd say and without being boastful, my sister often gets stopped on the street :p.. I'd like to think we have a good balance of the worldly life and the hereafter.
For the last few years we have been on and off the dating apps with very little success, especially I feel bad for my sister - some of the unfortunate people she has met from these apps tend to take a lot from her and give nothing back, like a lot of young muslim women, she is taken by the promise of marriage and very quickly starts imagining her life with the other person..sadly her experiences have included a guy who couldn't get over his ex and supported nationalist party in the UK (even though he was half pakistani), an ex prisoner (who borrowed money from her and never gave it back) and a guy who was just speaking to other women at the same time while calling her his wife :(
Me on the other hand, I seem to meet people who make crude jokes on the app (one about a sexual act, which I found truly offensive), people who arrange to video call or meet and then lie (thats a whole story) or often the guy with a muslim name, (who when i explained why i don't drink, said 'hows islam going for you? as if it was a fad or a new diet ;p). The one time I got close to nearly marrying a guy, (he who also had red flags, mainly because he told me that it was islamic that a man should be more educated in religion than the woman, (i argued this back and said that Allah wanted knowledge for all of us not just gender related)), he also didn't like the fact that I was quiet during ramadan (i tend to stay away from apps or worldly distractions during this time and like to focus on deen) and used that to end things, before marrying someone else 3 months later...
I hate to be so dejected, but I cant understand why is it so hard for young (ish), attractive, well-educated muslimah women to find a suitable husband?
It seems like a lot of the men Ive encountered are too far in the extremes, either too religious for me or too lax and I cant seem to find the right one.. I know Allah does not burden a soul beyond that which it can bear, but Im starting to run out of options. My parents have few friends and connections and my work + location makes it difficult to meet people..hate to sound like a sleeping beauty, but really waiting for my prince to come along?
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2020.07.08 22:54 MyBlindStories Got cussed out by husbands exgirlfriend

My husbands exgirlfriend that he had dated a few months 20 years ago. We have been married 5 years. Two years ago she popped up and moved near us and wedged her way back into his life. He had not heard from her in almost 20 years. She started showing up places we went.
The first time I met her she gave me dirty looks and shook my hand like she did not want to touch me. Then she started calling my husband all the time. Now she has a couple of guys shes seeing but calls my husband. Her car wont start her washing machine is broken she needs she needs she needs. My husband is a handyman and told her he charges 20 bucks an hour and not to call past a certain time she got mad. Her emergencies were always past midnight she would call up crying begging him to come over it was an emergency. He went once she made it sound very serious now she just wanted to ask for free work to her home. I was done with being nice and my husband was getting agrivated.
He confronted her she said she felt that because my husband had sex with her 20 years ago for 3 months he should do handyman work for her for free. And that she had the right to try to interfere with our marrige because she knew him first had sex with him first she was his friend that knew him longer. Her excuse for calling all hours of the day and night.and sending nude pictures and messages calling me names and telling him she wants to F. He told her to stop.
He told me it was really 20 years ago I barely remember I know I did. I barely recognize her only her voice shes had a lot of plastic surgery and looks nothing like she did when he dated her years ago. She had eyebrows, real boobs and a different nose. I did say this is the kind of crap that can happen when you are married and try to be friends with an ex that pops up. You cant be nice to everybody.
So she was leaving us alone until my husband and I decided to take a home vacation. Thats where we hide in the house for 2 days watch movies, get in the hot tub, eat junk food ect just us. We even hide our cars so its looks like we are gone.
I get a call from the exgirlfriend on a private number. I dont know how she got my number and I only answered the private number because I work in the film industry and have had celebrities and directors call me on private numbers. I thought it was a call back to the set. But it was the ex she asked me where my husband was his phone was going straight to voicemail she came by and his car was not in our driveway. She's yelling at me so I said he told me not to tell anyone. She's even madder calls me a dumb B says I am worried about him and need to know if he is ok. I said he is fine and where he is located now is none of your business. She then said you cant keep him from me! Fine F you and your husband take care of him yourself. I thought I do take care of him myself shes never been over my house helping me chase his dirty underwear into the washing machine with a yard stick. Lol. Great shes crazy.
My husband is now very angry he tried to be nice they have mutual friends and she has had some hard times but its because of drugs and he felt sorry for her. Then she became annoying then agrivating and trying to come between us. My husband is just ignoring her he wants to punch her in the face and does not want to do that to her but thats how he feels. He said if she cant get me to cheat on you with her she trying to make sure you divorce me. So of course she calls me again today screaming at me about why my husband will not speak to her. I told her to call him and ask him and hung up looks like its time to get restraining orders.
Turns out she had done this to other married couples. If you google her name nude pictures she sent to another womans husband come up. That woman was so mad she sent the photos to her friends and family on FB we just deleted.
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2020.07.01 13:46 satanseyecandy_ Can nparents.... "change"?

I grew up with an nmom. She would always play the victim in everything, every small disagreement would turn into a screaming match, CONSTANT guilt-tripping, she would passive-agressively insult my style, constanly heard the, "you're lucky to have a roof over your head, food, water, etc" or "I gave up my life for you" and was always reminded that my brother and I are the only family she has, so we "have" to love and be there for her. When I was in middle & high school, I already had my mind made up on a career path, and she would instigate screaming matches with me over it, downright telling me that I will NOT do this or that with my life, as if I had absolutely no choice in the matter, and that I WILL go to college, and they will NOT pay for it.
I moved out to a different state the summer after I graduated high school. I didn't give my mom an exact date of my leaving until the week before, because I knew it would just lead to more screaming and guilt tripping. The day I left, before getting in my car and driving to my new home, her last words to me were, "I am not happy or excited for you. You are going to end up out on your ass, pregnant and on welfare." No joke. Thats exactly what was said to me. (Jokes on her though because I am now 21, living in a beautiful house ((bigger than hers)) with an amazing eboyfriend who loves me, financially independant, beginning my dream career and child-free) My dad on the other hand, told me he was excited for me and hoped that I enjoyed my newfound freedom and independance.
Anyways, once I got settled in my new home, I did end up doing a semester in college (paid for completely out of my own pocket) and decided it just wasn't for me, so I never went back. I was terrified to tell them I had dropped out, so I lied for over a year and told my parents that I was still taking courses, as they had no way of checking. When I did begin apprenticing at a tattoo shop (this is the dream career I have been talking about) I kept my mom in the dark about it for months, due to fear of the nasty comments and opinions I knew she would have. I did tell my dad, however, but told him not to share this with my mom.
A couple months after I moved out, my parents ended up going through a pretty nasty divorce, after 24-ish years of marrige. My mom has seemingly found herself again and.... changed? She has gotten super into body-building, and pole fitness classes and just other things I never expected of her when I was growing up (she used to be very, very overweight and now weighs less than I do). It almost seems like she is trying to relive her wild 20's in her 40's because she got married and had kids during hers. But she has been strangely decent towards me after splitting up with my dad. She is now somewhat encouraging of my tattooing and happiness, although I can tell that some of my style still makes her want to comment, she actually manages to hold them back.
I'm not sure if it is because I pretty much cut off contact with her for a while, and now she realizes she'd rather just accept my life decisions and still have me in her life, or if she really is changing. I can still feel the judgement and disapproval from her on some things, but she doesn't outright put me down anymore, you know? I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high about it, but it's nice to see the effort.
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2020.06.17 17:27 Perko1992 Really struggling

I don't know why I'm writing but it just feels like a place can just vent and may be not be judged . Just really struggling to even want to exist more frequently . Going to bed is an effort. Waking up and doing work is an effort. Social media and constant rejection or straight up being ignored on dating apps is a problem . Sort of reached out to people but they all busy or want me to drink with them, that will only make me feel worse . Been through a shitty relationship turned marrige and now starting divorcing all in the space of a couple of years, nobody wants to know you when they know your divorcing . That was also a mentally abusive relationship.
Corona virus and all the racism going on really is making me question the point of continuing. But then have the cowardness of not being able to end things in case I fuck it up.
I don't know what else to do or to feel ... I just don't anymore
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2020.05.30 15:57 InvertedEmpress Meeting (the rest of) his family

I'm going to try to keep this short, but back story and explations I feel are needed. Maybe someone can help me out here a bit. I am probably also gonna sound like a bit of an ass, but bear with me.
So my partner (21m)and I(20f) have been together since early 2017, we were friends for about a year previously. I met his parents very early on in our friendship, his house and parents were a safe haven for me to get out of the abuse and stress of mine for a while.
When we announced that he and I were dating they seemed pleasantly surprised (his words not mine), and generally excited for us.
I know his parents, they are great people.
But, as we near the 5 year mark dating, (next February), he talks more and more of getting married.(partially my fault because, I've never seen a relationship stay healthy for 5 whole years, thanks parents. So I made a joke about us getting married when we hit our five year mark, and there has been several moments where I really was on board with it. He asked about getting married only after one year together.) I've never really fully changed my stance on marrige. He came from a family oriented home, I from a broken one and grew up with no father and a bad excuse for a mother. So marrige to me is just a long term legally binding contract that gives little back. Everyone has tried to change my mind on how it's some holy and sacred matrimony, I just shrug n say okay whatever.
I will probably change my mind when I am older, but for now that is my solid stance.
So here is my biggest problem\s: we are both REALLY young, and as much as I adore him (and as much effort we've both put into changing for the better). I really do want to spend my life with him. But I keep bringing up to him that we will change a lot in the upcoming 5 years or so, and we might drift apart. Honestly that scares the shit out of me, but I've accepted that it's a big possiblity.
And, I feel like he wants me to meet the rest of his family (aunt's, uncle's, grandparents, cousins) so he can gauge their reactions to me.
Now, this is the part that is going to make me look like an ass, he has already met my family, in it's entirety. He met my uncle and cousins when we went up there for a holiday, I mostly wanted him to come up so we could do cool things around town since my uncle lives near a large city. I only asked him once if he would come up, he hesitated at first but when I told him I wanted to turn it into a vacation he agreed to come.
I don't want to just straight up tell him "I don't want to meet your family" and "I still hate the idea of getting married" because I sometimes have a hard time expressing myself in a verbal manner, (on the spectrum diagnosed at 17).
But these are conversations I have to have with him.
I know he knows I am nervous about meeting the rest of his family, and I know he knows we are way to young to get tied together.
But he uses his parent's marrige (were highschool sweet hearts and broke it off for like a year or so then got back together and got married and have been ever since) as an example, and I use my mother as an example ( had me out of wedlock with a mentally unstable drug addict, then went on to have another child 6 years later with a different mentally unstable drug addict, got married after 10 years of dating and now is divorced because they cheated on each other).
Those are our different experiences with long term relationships, I not panicking, but I am filled with anxiety about everything.
We have a great friendship, and a really good relationship.
We are too young for any major decisions, I'm too young, he is too young. I really don't want to meet the rest of his family.
But I really don't know how to say any of that in a way that isn't going to break his heart. I usually really blunt and open with people, especially him. But I feel that this isn't one of those things I can just be blunt with.
How do I start a conversation with him about this? How do I keep it short, but kind? How do I not look like an absolute ass?
I genuinely care about him and I really don't want to hurt his feelings.
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hi bros!!! as im writing this, im still buffled from this story that a good friend told me,. Pretty long one so buckle up boiz, its gonna be a bumpy ride :] (english is not my first language so go ez on me please )
so this story is not about me(26yrs male), but a good friend of mine( lets call him Michael,26yrs male) who got screwed over BUT male justice actually exist and saved his butt.
he gave me a call from a private number said he was in town and asked if i can meet him which i said sure why the hell not ? i knew he was in desperate time and needed company.
we met , drove to an isolated place so he can *AHEM* """smoke""" told me all of this yesterday and im still shocked.
the background: Me and Michael met in the army( IDF) which at the time we met , we had only 6 mounths til the end of our service and we shared a room together with other 2 friends so i got to know him alot.He is kinda goofy but he was a really good guy: always respectful, obedient to orders, didnt mess around and most of all RESPECTED WOMEN! wouldnt lay a hand or being a creep, just a respectfull guy. true, we all had our moments of being irrational and being shmocks but he did apologyzed everytime he was in the wrong! now, two things about him: he is what you called" a lone soldier", which means he left his country (U.S , New Jersey) parents and friends to come here (Israel) and serve in the military, get married and settle down here.
the other thing he is religious or atleast came from a religious family. he would play with it a little: religious when its comforable , and not if its about weed and peicings LOL...
fast forward 3 years, apperentlly he fell in love right after his end of service with relligious girl (lets call here Karen ) and decided he will marry her in religious wedding and live a religious life ( means no more fucking around!) and he was serious about at.they dated for like a year and married right after.
the red flags:
  1. with morrocan families you something that called a Khina which is some sort of ceramony a day before the wedding or something ( please correct me if im wrong ).her familly insisted that he will pay for the wedding and they will pay for the Khina which wasnt fair because a hina is a cheaper than a wedding.
  2. Karen controlled everything that was related to him: his clothes, friends, free time for himself, things that the husband needs to do according to the religion etc.
BUT... Karen didnt want to play along and didnt do all the things she suppoesed to do as a religious wife.please alow me to elaborate : in religious marrige the couple is obligated to do things according to the religion, husband and wife. (so before u unleash the femenist krakan on me that i believe in fairness and equallity in every aspect in life for women and men alike with the same rights and responsibilities, to "play the game fairly").
  1. EVERYTHING LED TO A FIGHT! everything he said or didnt, everything he did or didnt. he told me she even hit him out of anger! THAT IS WRONG! horribly wrong!
the arrest: the final straw that gave him the guts to file a divorce through the Rabbi was when she flipped on him because he *sigh* SHAVED HIS BEARD (trimmed and shorted it, cant used a blade) that according to the religion he could in that time of the year! she claimed that this is a complete " dIsReSpEcTeD hEr FaMiLy", stormed off of theire appartment and WENT TO THE POLICE TO FILE A COMPLAINT OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!
imagine this: you walk your dog outside, come back home when there are cops beside your door, saying that your wife has filed a complaint of violence against you and have to take you to the station .
the result of her stupidity:
1.M lost his fire-arm license because you cant hold a fire-arm if you have an criminal case against you
  1. due to the license lost, he got fired frim his job as a security guard
  2. that bitch Karen stole 10,000$ worth items from theire appartment AND a good portiong from thier joined bank account.most of the itmes were gifts from the army .
  3. he got a deleying order that prevented him to leave the country .
  4. his dream to become a travel guide in Israel . he already paied the tuition fees and now he cant because of the investigation.
because of this he told me right in the face : i have to leave , i have to get home to get my mind sorted right after all this bullshit is over. i will be back in the future though but i need a break.
the look in his eyes were so painful man... i saw a broken heat mixed with alot of rage and hatred .
  1. 50000$ FINE (oof.)
but then....oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh holy OOF! man...
he went dark, like super dark... the grinn on his face was like " but wait...i didnt finish my tale"
after he the initial investigation, he understood what he has to do:
  1. file a divorce
  2. take EVERYTHING that he bought for her if its jewlry, accesories etc.
  3. he made a passport and even a visa to the US for her so he took it and sent " accidently" it back to NJ along with his belongings
  4. remeber that i said he fell in love? well, he wasnt shy on showing it: for 2.5 years, on almost every event he bought her VERY expensive jewls like wrist bands, rings, name it. in her tantrum that she did at home and took his things, she DID forget her jewlry box so he took every single thing he gave her. i wasnt joking , he showed me! "look at this, feel it." he gave me one of his wristbands to feel it. it felt weird -_- why its so heavy? 83 GRAMS OF 10 KARAT GOLD( around 2000$) there where 3 of them so its approxy 6000$, he even showed me the receipt for each item.
those i just listed was just the tip of the ice, here is the entire glacier:
not only she didnt have proofs fr her claims, she forgot they have a street camara outside ,next to the appartment. when she went to the police and claim the dates he alegedly abused her and beat her, the time stamples were incorrect. she clamied he push her against the bed out of anger, her injury showed it wasnt from the spot she claimed she got hit by.
i want you to understand: the justice system here ( not an opinion ,but a fact) leans favorably towards women which makes men here guilty, untill proven innocent. thats why he freaked out! he knew he was screwd because no onewould belive him.
his lawer calmed him down ( he was founded by his parents and boy he was a good one)) took all the evidence and said" my friend , you can actually counter sue her! BIG TIME. Michael and his lawer grinned devilish smile and so they did. they did the calculation and found out that the hell she just gave him? cost him more than 20000$ worth of property, tuition lost, a job,appartment, marriage...
add this the court fees, and his lawer, thats another 10000$, emotional damage , the divorce aggrement with the rabbi and on and on and on...( and yeah, they did exaggerated the numbers becaue...DUH.)
of course he did tried to settle with her outside the court but she declined BIG MISTAKE.
and holy crap you guys, maybe the system is a bit sexist, BUT trully hates liers...
apperaently the court ruled for his favor!!! she is now has to pay him 75000$! remeber the evidence she claimed to have? well, falsely accusing someone with fabricated evidence here apperently not a good idea. a profitable one in the very list.
she did tried to appeal but with no avail, and now has to pay or...jail :]
he told me that he had many illegal options that his family almost forced to, like running away through Cyprus back to the U.S but didnt want to. said because he wants to return to israel in the future he wont risk it because of one flawed POS.
i took him to the bus station so he can go back to his adoptive family that lives in a town nearby and said he will use his new sweet money one a coast to coast in U.S, live in a legallized state to start a professional weed farm\buisness ( i swear if he could marry the flower, he totally would) and hope that he and his dog ( that doggo is an angel) can start a new life.
i hope someone will read this, especially guys who went into similer hell like Michael had and chear up because justice DOES exist, we have to fight for it, just like the women do.
thanks for reading! stay safe!
always test drive the car you want to buy
P.s: if its not belong to this subreddit ill post it elsewhere. it ,y second time writing on reddit while the first one backfired me . if anyone is good at writing and point at some of my mistakes ill love to hear
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2020.05.14 01:58 Alduwin123 My Long Story

Recently my long term girlfriend dumped me. We had been together a year and it broke me when she told me. After it sunk in I brokedown and it lasted about 2 and a half weeks, I would just repeat the same couple phrases over and over again about missing her while just sitting on the couch just staring at the wall. I ended up having to go to the doctors to get anti anxiety as well as a whole slew of other medications that finally allowed my mind to just calm down. I was fairly destroyed, even though looking back on it, it was a very negative and toxic relationship with her being very selfish and self centered, even so I still miss her more than I know how to describe. Going back to the control and self ceneterism, she had these rules for me like I couldn't ever listen to my music in the car, not a rule but she never asked about my hobbies or interests or if she did it was in a general way or in a surface thin way but with no genuine wish to actually engage in it, she said specifically she would refuse to see things from my point of view, she needed me to always be with her and I could never be alone not even for five minutes(As a note we live 40 minutes apart and I haven't had a working car for the last 9 months so she would pick me up and we could only be together on the weekends so I do understand her point of view on why she acted like this because the time we had was special and limited) and eventually allowed me to sink into a very serious pool of dependancy on her emotional support. And while she may have cared deeply for me it feels like sometimes she just used me for sex. I know as a man is not generally an issue we have but I really do believe that is what happened to me. For some background my girlfriend had a month previous to meeting me broken up with her ex boyfriend and as I now know has very large issues with being alone, she was desperate for companionship and a sexual release and I was willing to meet her for a date and she re bounded. As a side note she is trans (not that, that would normally be a factor) and had confidence issues related to that, and didn't think she could be with anyone sexually without being in a relationship with them because otherwise no one would want her, I filled her needs so she was content with me for a time. However, unfortunately she also had some deep hatred twoards men that stemmed from what I believe is self hatred twoards her biological body, but she would constantly take it out on me and call me an idiot and stupid and desperate or a gross man and just a lower class human being but would always just say she was just joking. It always hurt but I really did believe she loved me so it was ok. And you know It's scary I was one of those guys that said I would never get married or have kids and I thought I would die a rich bachelor but the absolute force of wanting to marry this woman and have a family with her was so strong it was like every bone in my body at all times was screaming "Marry her! Start a family already! this is everything!" it just felt like if I didn't I would die, it was my only goal, the only thing I cared about making happen, everything came second, I already had plans in my head about what the wedding would look like and how much I would spend on the ring and how I would propose etc. But I was very blind to what was really happening in our relationship. Personally I think that once we started dating she probably got over her ex in the next 3-4 weeks then after about 3-5 months she had probably had enough of me while also having the delema of not wanting to hurt me because at some leave she did care for me. So instead of talking to me about her feelings, her idea was to slowly do things to try to make me hate her so the breakup would be easier. Over the next few week's twoards the end, I became frightened and worried as I slowly saw my girlfriend deteriorate and become hateful twords me, I was just very confused and scared of the future and what would happen to us. as it was very apparent her distatse twoards men continued to grow and I believe her love and "patience" in me continued to shrink and finally after a year ended it. Things were messy. 2 days after the breakup she came to my house to give me some clothes. I grabbed her face and told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her and how I would always care for her no matter what, I kissed her and that was the last time I saw her. A week later she posted a pic of her in bed with another woman on her snap story and told me "what I do shouldn't effect you now that we aren't together", Pretty quickly I tweeted out a hate mail piece knowing she would see it calling her every name under the sun I was just so hurt and betrayed feeling like everything I knew was gone. A week later having slowly started to heal with a clear sense of anger twoards her, I wake up in a sweat and grab my sweatshirt she had given me back all those days ago to sleep with for comfort but inside the pocket was a goodbye letter sprayed with her perfume, pictures of us kissing and a flower I gave her on our 3rd date, the letter explained her plan and how it was done out of love, she said she didn't like how she treated me but didn't know how to act and just wanted me to be happy and didn't think that could happen if we stayed together but hoped we could stay friends and how she would always love me deeply.I start having a panic attack and start crying harder then I ever have before. after I take my medication and calm down I scramble to Twitter and delete my hate mail and message her apologizing my heart out now getting no response, I message her again to say goodbye knowing it was too late and that was the last time I ever talked to her. Now a month later I just feel very lost and strange, and vulnerable as hell in a very very bad way. It especially hurts because in my specific situation I'm bisexual but I need to appear very masculine but I desperatly wish I could appear more feminine. With her I could just be myself, be vulnerable, feel safe being held, just being allowed to cry or vent without being judged like a talent show in a way I felt I hadnt been able to have with anyone else. Now that I'm over my breakdown and my diet and sleep schedule are back to normal and I've been able to process what's happened, I'm in this stage where I'm feeling immense loneliness a longing to be able to be held and be vulnerable again etc. when we had been together I truly felt comfortable and content. I had been very excited for the future and what we had. I just feel very robbed of that future and that family and everything. I know my plight isint a 30 year old marrige ending in adultry I guess this is just my first experience with true romantic loss and I'm just having a very hard time adjusting and coping. I have a very strong longing to have someone that will let me feel those same things again someone who will let me love them and let me give all of myself to them. Anyway thanks for reading if you made it this far and for being my therapist for 5 minutes.
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2020.05.04 20:03 Hanburger005 Partner (M25) needs time/space to start thinking about the idea of marriage meanwhile I (F23) can’t stop thinking about it. Help

Hi all, Before I say anything else I know that this problem of mine is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things but for some reason I can’t get it out of my head.
My guy and I have been dating for nearly 3 great years. We have supported one another through very trying university degrees, moved across the country together, and are currently 6 weeks into isolating and working from home full time in a 380 ft2 studio. Needless to say, we both love each other very much, can handle the chalanges life brings as a team, and are on the same page with almost everything. The one thing that we are at odds with in the topic of marriage.
Last Christmas we were spending time with his cousin who had just gotten engaged to her partner of 3 years. They wanted to tell us all the details of their engagement, but I could tell that the conversation made my bf uncomfortable.
That night when we were alone I brought up the topic of marriage in a serous way for the first time. I should also mention that my grandfather (who is suffering with stage 4 cancer) was visiting and I knew that when I took him for lunch the next day he would press me about marriage like he does every year. On top of this, I was recently given my paternal grandmothers engagement ring and my maternal grandmothers wedding dress - so marriage was on my mind.
To my surprise, he was quite taken aback (and frustrated) when I asked him if he could see us getting married in the (not too distant) future. We’d talked so many times about our commitment to one another and I always assumed that that meant we were on the same page. I’d light heartedly brought up marriage and my desire to get married and have a family so many times but had never felt the need to press him about it.
In the end, he concluded that he’d never taken time to think about marriage, he definitely isn’t against marriage in general, and I would have to give him some time. Which is completely fair. The part that bothered me is that he said (and has repeated since) that he will never be excited to get engaged/married.
It’s now been 4 months and, although we’ve talked about it a few times he’s never said what I really wanted to hear - that I’m the person he wants to one day marry. (I should mention that I’ve been direct with him about that). He also hasn’t made any apparent progress on the topic and it seems like something he still never talks about.
Since then I have had these nagging thoughts about it - which makes me feel guilty and ungreatful. I don’t want to push him, but sometimes I can’t stop thinking about when we will take the next step in the relationship.
I want to be the one to propose to him and he’s told me that he really likes that. Becauase of my reoccurring marrige related thoughts I already have a bunch of details figured out for how I could propose in a way that truly speaks to the things that makes him feel romantic. I really just want to ask him when he thinks he’ll be ready (a year, or 3?) so that I can give myself a realistic picture of the future, but I know I can’t force him to give me an answer like that.
Has anyone else experienced these frequently reoccurring thoughts about marriage? Any ideas on how I can either get it out of my mind or talk to my partner about it more often without making him feel trapped?
TL;DR: My partener of 3 years needs time to start thinking about marriage, but hasn’t been making much progress. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten to the point where I think about marriage nearly every other day. How do I stop my mind from going there so often, abdhow should I talk to my bf about it without making him feel cornered.
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2020.04.25 12:16 Yourdoorstep Apply Marriage certificate Online in Delhi

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2020.04.15 18:55 Oncer93 The show has barely acknowledged the absence of Alex

Or rather Jo has barely acknowledged the fact that yet another person in her life has abandoned her. She simply shrugged it off as if it was no big deal. It dosn't make sense that someone with her history of abadonment and trust issues is completely okay with the fact that her husband didn't just leave her, but left her in a letter with signed divorce papers and didn't give her a choice or a chance to be involved. Not to mention it was not long after she got out of the treatment center. How would that not mess with her recovery. And in the finale, she seemingly talked about starting to date again. Aside from her not knowing which last name to go by, she has seemingly just shrugged it off. How is she not more upset. Alex lied to her for weeks about where he was, and was lying in bed with another woman, while still married to her. Then he ends their marrige in a letter with signed divorce papers, after ignoring her phone calls for who knows how long. Sure she could understand him wanting to be in his kids lives, but not leaving her for his ex. They were together for years. he leaves her, after reproposing to her and reassuring her that he would never leave her. This was someone that meant everything to her, someone that she had made plans with and was building a future with. Alex was the closest she came to having a family, and then it all came crashing down. Now she's pretty much all alone with no family. Yes Schmidt is crashing with her, but it's not the same as actually having a family. Also wouldn't someone with her track reccord of bad relationships be just a little bit more afraid of opening up to others and putting herself out there. I know she can't show emotions at work. I know they want to present her as a strong woman, but they could at least do a better job at showing her struggling with her emotions. Wouldn't she wonder more about whether everything she and Alex haad together was a lie, and whether or not she was good enough or enough for Alex.
Then there is Meredith. Her best friend just took off without saying goodbye and she dosn't make a big deal about it, after all the people that she has lost in her life.
Next season, they'll probably show her totally be ready to date again, but they should at least show that she's not completely okay without making her relapse into a depression again.
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2020.04.04 21:39 angstyape What am I?

Hey I'm 19F. I am really new to this and i have a lot of questions. I've dated with couple of people and everytime it gets physical i feel repulsive. I have a sex drive. To be frank, I see a guy ,I say to myself I wanna fuck him. I talk to him, we start dating and when we kiss i feel like im gonna puke.I thought i was gay but i jerk of to all buffed sexy men and i get wet when a hot dude takes of his tshirt in the basketball court. So i was confused as hell. Then I've had a one night stand and it was amazing. I was even more confused. I tried friends with benefits it was disgusting and again i felt trapped and weird. I tried fuckbuddies, at first it is awesome than either they get bored of me or catch feelings for me. My family things I am gay and thats why i never had a boyfriend. People think I am either closeted gay or a virgin or a slut. I don't wanna die alone. I wanna have kids. what am i gonna do? Most importantly what am i?
My parens were never in love they gotten arrange marrige. I learned about love from my friends at school they would always talk about it. I think I am not capable of loving somebody because i neither saw or felt it. I thought i was an asshole because i always date these boys thinking i have interest in them but then i dump them, ghost them, cut them off when they are affectionate towards me. And my father has been absent physically and emotionally maybe thats the reason for all of that. If anyone would help me i will be really thankful.
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2020.04.03 11:42 wond95 Boyfriend wants to get married and I don't

My boyfriend(30) and I(25) have been dating for almost 2 years not. He lives in a different city and comes to stay with me for the weekend everyweek. Now because of the coronavirus restrictions he cant come and he said he wants us to live together, so that we can get married after a year. I told him im ok about moving we just have to decide who goes where but i told him im not ready for marrige. He said he is getting old and the more we delay marrige the more we delay having kids and he wants his parents to enjoy a grandchild when they still can, since they too are getting old. But Im so not ready for marrige, even though I love him and I can image my live with him in the future.... i dont know what to do.
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2020.03.30 00:24 cd630 I (24M) went on an online date with a girl (28F) who I've been together couple of times, yesterday she told me she's married to a seal I'm scared for my life.

3 Months ago or so I was feeling awkward so I signed up to this online app went on a date as it went good we hooked up. Since we've been casualty meeting at hotel rooms which provide discretion. We haven't met since self quarantine came in effect. So she was having her period yesterday and feeling Preety vulnerable so I comforted her. After like 10 minutes she bursts into tears again saying how lucky she's to have me and that she should've been honest from start. So she goes on how she's been married for over 7 years with this guy at army. And that he's away most of the time and I'm the first guy she cheated with. She said she'll come clean with him after he return home because if he finds out that something is off by itself he'll be really angry and might abuse her. I told her not to mention my name because I didn't knew much about it but she refused and cut the call. Since then her phone is turned off and I think he'll be coming to beat me up or hurt me in some other way. I can tell him she didn't tell me about their marrige but the passing of time and living in fear is tearing me down.
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2020.03.14 15:32 solitudeisthebest Anyone here have zero interest in dating, marrige, baby at all like me or is it just me?

Scapegoat here. Raised in nfamily full of DV, manipulation, gaslight, emotional blackmail, and all sorts of dark side of human behaviors. I am doing inner work to heal, yet, despite healing or not, I have no interest in dating or relationship of any kind. I just want to make money, live w my cats and participate in charity work. Anyone here also fear intimacy and just don't want relationship like me? Or you had similar mindset but was able to find great relationship in friendships and romance? Please share, thank you.
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