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2020.10.25 22:43 WordPotions Part 1: Strangers At Bars Sometimes Bite

“Ohh elves? Those light footed, beautiful slim, creatures from lore. They’re nothing like the stories.”
The man sitting next to me gestured wildy, then took a long slow sip of his liquor. His ragged leather
coat and short spiked hair stood at odds to his apparent age. I watched him as he talked to the
bartender. Clicking one of his many finger rings on the table top every few seconds, a nervous tick that
began to wear on me.
“I’m never going back, that’s for damn sure!” Tick, tick tick, tick. “Those rich assholes controlling
elhaven. Fuck”. Tick, tick tick, tick.
I pushed the dark hair out of my eyes with a quick swipe of my hand and turned to him, “hey man, do
you mind? That’s getting kinda annoying.” I gestured to his hand as he clicked it on the countertop
again. Tick, tick tick, tick.”
“Make it a habit of cutting in on other people’s conversations? you skinny ass kid.
“Well were not exactly in a hotel room are we?” I glared at him then turned back to my beer. I listened
as he continued to talk to the barkeep.
“I’m somewhat of a renegade, a bad boy, as the ladies would say.”
The bartender snorted and continued cleaning the glass he’d picked up a second before.
I glanced at the strange man again, taking special note of his teeth when he grinned. I shivered, he’d
filed them down to sharp catlike points.
“Would you believe there are entrances in a lot of major East and west coast cities?
Yeah the Elvar own a cave that they turned into a sort of port of entry for the different races.” Tap, Tap
Tap, tap.”
“Right.” Replied the bartender.
“You don’t know the half of it Benny!”
Tap, tap tap, tap.
“Chuck, for the tenth time, my name is chuck or bartender.”
“Alright Barkeep,” the man held his hands up in surrender. You don’t know the half of it! Three quarters
of the homeless population are literally just glamoured races, trying to make a new living outside of
Elhaven.” Tap, Tap tap, tap.”
I glanced at the man a few seats down, his shoe had taken the place of the ring.
I sighed.
The man pushed his empty cup toward the barkeep and motioned for another one.
“You got money to pay...? Your thirteen drinks down and I still haven’t seen anything.” The man fished
into the leather satchel he wore at his waste and produced a few golden coins.
“Is this enough?” Tick, tap tap, tick.
“American money only, sorry.”
The man sighed and put the coins back, then pulled out a few hundred dollar bills and slapped them onto the countertop.
He gestured to me. “Fine, put this guys drinks on my tab. He’s looking more wound up then a rattle
I wasn’t sure what to say, so I said thanks.
“What’s your name? I should probably know who I’m accepting drinks from.”
“Lazuli, its Asian.” Tick, tick tap, tap.
“No it’s not,” that’s Latin for blue.”
He turned to me. “Well aren’t we a smart ass.” Tick
I could feel the alcohol beginning to kick in after just one and a half beers. Looking at the man for a
second, I could see he didn’t mean to be insulting, he was just overly expressive. His words had a sort
of aggression behind them, but when I looked into his electric blue eyes, I didn’t see any sort of malice
or anger behind them.
The bartender poured me another hazy ipa and the man sitting next to me some sort of liquor fusion.
Lazuli pulled a small vial from his satchel and squeezed a drop of something into his glass when the
bartenders back was turned. The liquid glowed for a second then fizzled out. He downed the glass in a
single swig, “whoo! That’s some good stuff.”
He got up and moved a seat closer to me.
Were his eyes glowing? No, just my imagination. Tick, tick tap tick, tick.
“So, what’s your name?” He asked.
“Hampton,” I replied.
“Wanna see the port of elhaven?”
“I- wait, what, now?”
“You heard me, I’ll show you elhaven. It’ll be fun.”
“No, I’m good, I just want to chat with people and drink some beer.”
Fuck this guy, I wasn’t about to leave this bar with a total stranger. Maybe a cute girl, but not some
weirdo old guy.
“Suit yourself!” Tickity, tick tick tick.
He moved back to his seat.
I continued drinking for another hour, slowly nursing my beer, listening to the odd man tell stories of
this elhaven.
He was probably just some fantasy nut.
I finished my beer and bid the bartender and lazuli a good night.
At my car, I fumbled with my keys and unlocked my door. Tick, tick, tick tick.
I whirled around, coming face to face with lazuli. “Are you good to drive?
“Fuck man! Don’t sneak up on me like that! And don’t touch my car, it’s a rental.” I hadn’t heard him
make a single noise, I was alone, then suddenly I wasn’t.”
“I’m not some asshole that gets sloshed and drives, I had three beers and food, I’m good.”
Lazuli put his old hands up in front of him, finger rings glinting in the parking lots street lamps.
“Alright, alright, just checking to make sure, have a nice evening.”
I watching him walk back inside, my heartbeat settled back into a normal rhythm as I took a deep
breath and slid down into the seat of my rental.
I buckled in and drove off.
I set maps to route me to my hotel, I wasn’t a party animal, like most of my peers that worked in
I checked the time and saw that it was 8:30pm. Perfect, I hated going to bed too late. It always felt
terrible trying to get up early after a late night.
Arriving at the hotel, I walked up to the front desk ready to check in. I pulled out my drivers license
and set it on the counter.
“Hi I’m-“
The man ignored me and I glanced around but didn’t see any other customers. He wasn’t on the
phone, instead he held a thick novel.
“Excuse me, I’d like to check in.”
“I’m almost at a good stopping point.”
I waited for a few minutes.
“Excuse me.”
The man held up a finger, not looking up from his novel.
I felt anger course through me quick and fierce.
I slammed my palm down on the counter startling the attendant.
“I said, I’m ready to check in.”
I was surprised by my outburst, the alcoholic beverages must’ve affected me more then I’d realized, or maybe something else had put me on edge.
The man behind the counter glared at me.
“Fine, name please.”
“Jeremiah Hampton, he slid a piece of paper over to me, which I signed.
“Here’s your key, room 308.”
I took the elevator up to the third floor, proceeding to room 308. The green L.E.D winked at me as I
presented my keycard and I pushed inside. The air smelled clean, yet also different, like a strangers
house. I rummaged through my small travel suitcase, and changed from my two piece suit into some
exercise shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt. I put my phone and wallet on the nightstand next to my bed.
Feeling slightly restless dropped down and did a couple of pushups, then sit-ups. “Well I guess it’s time
for bed. I flicked off the lamp next to the bed and listened to the silence. It was loud at first, buzzing in
my ears. Tick, tick tick, tick.
I sat up straight in bed. Flicking on the light, nothing. “What was that?” The sound had come from out
in the hall. I could’ve sworn it sounded like a familiar tapping. I waited a good ten minutes then flicked
the light off. “I’m going crazy,” I said to myself.
Click, click click, click.
“Fuck,” I stumbled up and flicked the lamp on again. this time it sounded like it was coming from my
door. I crept to the door, and peered out of the peep hole. Nothing.
“What the hell?” Goosebumps grew on my arms, and the hairs stood on end. I paced for a few
minutes. Then glanced at the clock. 9:30pm. I grabbed some earbuds from my suitcase and popped
them in, playing some gentle classical music to calm my nerves. I must have drifted to sleep because I
suddenly woke with a start. I wasn’t sure what had done it, but my heart was racing. The earbuds had
fallen out of my ears. I checked the time 12:30am. CLICK, CLICKITY CLICK, CLICK.
The sound was on the headboard right next to my head. I screamed and fell off the bed. Fumbling with my phones flashlight.
I pointed it at the bed.
Lazulis face shone at me from the dark. His leer wide, teeth grotesque long and pointed.
“Hello there kid.”
I screamed again.
He lunged at me, but I kicked up, catching his face with the bottom of my foot.
He grunted, I must’ve temporarily blinded him with my light, because he didn’t see the kick coming.
“I just want a taste of your flesh! Common, common, common, common.
He leered at me crazily, his teeth clacking as blood and saliva dribbled down his chin.
He grabbed my ankle.
His fingers where no longer slightly old, But now ancient looking. The rings on his fingers where loose
and clinked together. In a dim part of my mind, I was amazed that they didn’t just fall off.
He pulled me to him in an effort of strength, and sank his teeth into my calf.
Hot, burning, heat. Then pain. I screamed again. Desperately kicking and jerking. I fumbled with my
phone trying to call 911. But lazuli swiped a desiccated hand around and struck the phone from my
I knew I was going to die. Eaten by an otherworldly monster.
Suddenly the door exploded inward.
Three, six foot tall humanoid shapes stepped through the door. They where wearing an assortment of
black tactical assault gear, and face masks. They cautiously shone gun mounted flashlights into the
room. As soon as the light touched lazuli they stopped and took a defensive stance just inside the
As soon as the light touched lazuli, he let go of my leg and dived behind the bed. I rolled away from
the bed and began crawling toward the swat team, for that’s what I thought it was.
They opened fire on the bed. The guns made soft phut, phut, phut sounds and I heard yelps of fright,
then lazulis voice.
“I have a hunting permit! I’m permitted!”
“Lazuli Elegen, This is subjugation elvar bravo, surrender immediately or feel the full might of justice.”
One of the team grabbed me by my good arm and dragged me out of the room. The other two people
advanced into the room spraying suppressed bullets at the place lazuli was hiding. I tried looking into
the room but the person in front of me slapped me lightly. “Eyes forward, how long since you where
“I- uhh.”
“How long since you where bitten!” The Woman said again impatiently. Her commanding voice left me
no choice but to answer.
I gasped in pain as she picked apart the ruined tatters of my pants leg. “A few seconds before you
came in? Does he have rabies or something?
“No, but our bodies carry different bacteria and virus, who knows what they will do to your system.”
“Wait, what?”
“This is gonna hurt.”
She pulled a thick tube from her vest, and thumbed a button on the back, I saw a set of very long
needles shoot out, then back in.”
“Wait, no, I don’t need that.”
I tried to crawl away, but she just leaned forward, put the tube to my ass cheek and hit the button.
I’m pretty sure the needles hit my pelvic bone, that’s how deep it felt like they went. I yelled again, but
a second later the sting was gone.
From inside the room, gunfire had ceased. In its place the sound of scuffling and blows repeatedly
striking someone.
“What’s happening?” I asked the woman standing guard at the door.
“your unlucky day, that’s what’s happening.”
A thump and then silence.
I glanced at the woman, then heard one of the kill team inside speaking.
“Elvar command, we have contained the target, I repeat, target neutralized.”
The woman next to me called into the room.
“What do we do with the human here?”
“He was bit right?”
“Yes sir.”
“Bring him with.”
I looked up just in time to see the butt of a rifle, explode stars into my vision.

Hey! thanks for reading, if you enjoyed part 1 you can also listen to a narration on youtube!
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2020.10.25 21:10 clumsycucumber 33 [M4F] UK/Online/Anywhere - Are you lonely too?

I'm generally an introvert. I love to have time to myself to recharge and do my own thing, and I generally enjoy (prefer?) my own company. Most of the time I don't really get lonely, and when I do it doesn't last long. But for a while now (thanks covid) I've been thinking more and more about how much I miss having that special someone in my life. And that's the purpose of this post - I want to find someone special and long-lasting that I can share every part of my life with. I've had it before and I want to find it again, for good this time. I don't care for "casual" relationships or anything like that, so please don't message if you're not open to something real.
I'm honestly just a pretty normal guy. I was sitting here thinking about how to make myself as interesting as possible, but this isn't a job interview. You'll know if I'm lying after talking to me for ten minutes! So here's me: 5'11" tall because that's important to some people. I'm white and I weigh about 170lbs. I work a standard, government office job. Ever since April I've been exercising regularly. Honestly, I know how devastating covid has been for the world but it's done wonders for my physical health. Being able to work from home has given me so much time to focus on important parts of my life that I've neglected. So there I am: An average guy of average height, average weight and average health. Oh, and an average job. Red envelopes incoming, am I right?
But what about my interests and hobbies? That will really make me stand out, right? Well... not really. Don't get me wrong, I like all the usual stuff that everyone else enjoys like binge-watching tv shows, reading, travelling, playing video games etc. but why even mention all that? Does anyone not enjoy those things? Well, video games are a little hit and miss but everything else isn't exactly out of the ordinary. Oh, I also listen to music. What a catch.
I'm being a little flippant, I know, but the point is I don't think it's really possible to determine whether you will like someone based on a few paragraphs. I could talk passionately about my love for travel and my last vacation to east Asia and all the wonderful sights I saw and events I took part in.. but my love of Asian cuisine and travelling the world doesn't determine whether you will like me. Actually, it does. Forget I said that. Travelling and seeing the world is the single most important thing to me so if you don't enjoy exploring and going on adventures then we definitely wouldn't be a long-term match. But my point remains!
One thing that does determine whether we will get along are shared values. We could be total opposites on almost everything and I wouldn't care, but what I could never overlook is failures in the following: equality, respect, tolerance. If you are someone that does not believe in everyone's right to live their life and be who they want to be then we will not get along. So no racism, no homophobia, no xenophobia, no sexism, no right-wing nationalism, no intolerance of any kind. I know everyone has their own prejudices, however big or small, but it is of paramount importance to me that you are someone who does not allow yourself to succumb to them.
The other thing that's important is age. I'm open to around 25-40? It's not set in stone, but it's probably a good idea to be in a similar place in our lives, right? Too young and we have absolutely nothing in common and you have to spend time telling me what words like "yeet" and "basic" mean. Too old and I have to teach you about the crushing realities of being a millennial in post-Brexit Britain. Oh, that's another thing! If you supported Brexit we probably won't get along. But let's be honest here, that falls under the "no xenophobia" caveat mentioned earlier. Keep trying to convince yourself you voted for it for economic reasons because no one else is buying it! But I'll let you determine whether you think we'd get along so if you're younger or older you can still message me. I draw the line at being within your 20s, 30s or 40s though!
I also don't care where you're from or the colour of your skin or the sound of your voice (although accents are not just accepted, but encouraged). If you are a human being from planet Earth then I'd like to hear from you. That sounds like I have absolutely no standards, but you know what I mean! If you are from the Americas, cool, but time difference can get a bit janky. Europe or Africa? Cool, time difference should not be a problem. Asia? Cool, the time difference jankiness comes into play again however. I actually don't care at all about time difference and am willing to make it work for the right person, so please don't be put off by that.
Okay time to wrap this up with a summary: Guy in his early 30s looking for the potential One. Don't be a racist. Please enjoy traveling. Since we'd most likely be long-distance (let's close that gap though) it'd be cool if you were interested in doing things together like maybe playing a little game together. Watching movies together etc. I look forward to hearing from you! Oh, and be open to chatting on something like Discord too. Sending paragraphs back and forth on Reddit isn't as fun as chatting and getting to know someone!
Sorry for the obscene length of this post.
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2020.10.25 20:38 PrairieFox17 nineteen year old male with depression/anxiety looking for sage advice from those who have been here before

I hate posting my problems to the internet, because I'm a very private and self sufficient person. Only now that my medication is making me feel a little better, I'm starting to feel lonely again after nearly two years without a single friend. I feel wrong, like I want to be loved but I don't deserve it. I feel like I don't deserve to be loved because I'm a boy. I feel like I don't deserve to be loved because I have a type and that makes me feel gross (I am particular to Asian women, but the type so frequently borders on a fetish that I lock off that side of my brain completely for the sake of trying to be a decent person).
I don't know what to do. I feel like I've always been fine being alone, because that's when I'm most at peace and that's when I get most of my work done, but in spite of my true and honest self I still want to be held and told that I'm loved and to just be in the presence of someone who I can really trust. I just feel dirty, and I want the feeling to go away. So please, anyone who has been here before tell me what I'm supposed to do without saying 'just hang in there' or something superficial and useless like that because believe me, I have been for a long ass time.
tl;dr, and more important information, I'm a 19 year old male with depression and anxiety who doesn't know if it's okay to want to be loved because I'm a guy, and who can't trust anyone due to negative past experiences. If you're still here, any words of advice would be greatly appreciated as I am at an impasse with myself and don't know what to do.
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2020.10.25 19:11 J_Newb Advice on what kind of harp to buy

Hello, I'm hoping to pick your brains for some advice in regards to what kind of harmonica to buy. With my birthday coming up, I can justify investing in a new instrument or two. Skip to the bottom for the TLDR question.
The Context.
I have played a cheap 10 hole Richter-tuned harmonica (Hohner Blues-band) for years in a lazy non-committed kind of way. Having no interest in blues playing (sorry) it was mostly messing around with folk melodies and improv etc. As such I am familiar with the 10 hole Richter layout and I'm comfortable playing single notes clearly, with a little bending for ornamentation. I use U-blocking by curling my tongue and get clear single note playing this way.
Last year I began playing at an English folk session on the tin whistle. I learnt to read music this way, and I've developed an interest in this kind of folk music (Irish trad music also, they're similar but different). Almost all English tunes are played in G or sometimes D.
The Problem and Options.
When I tried to play the tunes on a G 10 hole Richter harmonica, I ran into the problem that many have; there is a note missing in the low register (E in this case).
Option 1: Paddy Richter. Through research, I found that a modification to overcome this exists already: 10 hole harps with Paddy Richter tuning, as invented by Brendan Power. The advantage of this is that I am already familiar with the layout of the 10-hole. The G Paddy tuned harp would be a great choice for playing a majority of the tunes in the English session, but an issue arises particularly with the D harp. Most Irish trad harmonica players agree that a standard Richter D harp is pitched too high, and they favour a Low-D harp (pitched an octave lower than a standard D). These are not cheap compared to a normal D, and I might have trouble finding a low-D in Paddy tuning. Paddy tuned normal D would give me better access to the lowest octave on that harp, but would still have to bend the 2 draw to access a missing note (G). Also, with the 3 blow on the Paddy G harp becoming an E, the D would now be only available at the 2nd hole draw...this might throw me, as I am so used to it being at 3 blow.
Option 2: Tremolo Harmonica. Through my research, I became aware of the tremolo harmonica, which has a complete diatonic scale and has a history of use in Irish folk music. The argument for this is that there are no missing notes (on an Asian system instrument); the sound of the tremolo suits the folk music, The D harp would not have the issue of the 10 hole D (being pitched too high), and the lower D note on the G Tremolo would be a blow, not a draw (like on the 10 hole paddy as discussed above). I would have to learn to play a new instrument, (as I understand the layout is similar to a 10 hole Richter, but different), and my U-blocking might not translate to tremolo, meaning I'd need to learn to pucker or tongue-block.
Option 3: Chromatic Harmonica. I also became aware of the chromatic harmonica, which can be used to play in any key. The pro here is that I would only need 1 harp, but I would need to learn to play it, as I understand the chromatic has its own tuning system.
Option 4: Brendan Power Lucky 13 Solo/Paddy. I am aware of some options designed by Brendan Power that would suit this kind of music, aside from the Paddy 10 hole; The one I'm considering is the Lucky 13 harmonicas in Paddy tuning or Solo tuning.
The Lucky 13s would be just over £100 in total...for that amount I could buy 2 Paddy harmonicas, 2 tremolo harmonicas and a chromatic directly from Easttop, who makes the Lucky 13 for Brendan Power. In Solo tuning, they are basically the Slide Diatonic without the slide (see below), so aside from the price, they are a good option (possibly better than a Lucky 13 in Paddy tuning, which retains some of the issues discussed above).
The Question (TLDR).
To play English / Irish folk songs in the key of G and sometimes D at a session with others, should I:
A) Buy two Paddy Richter tuned 10 hole harps, one in G, one in D.
B) Buy two tremolo harmonicas, one in G, one in D, and learn to play tremolo.
C) Buy a chromatic harmonica and learn to play this.
D) Buy two Lucky 13 solo-tuned (or Paddy-tuned) harps, one in G, one in D, and learn to play this.
I am hoping some of you have some opinions and advice to help me decide how to go forward.
My intention is to order directly from Easttop, as I have heard good things about them, and they are budget-friendly (especially when ordering directly from the factory). If they are good enough to make Brendan Power's harps, they are good enough for me.
Non-Options. I realise that I could modify my current G harp to be in Paddy tuning, but it is well past it's prime, and I don't have the tools to do this, so I'd rather buy new.
I realise I could get two chromatics in G and D, but since I'd need to buy two instruments for that, and chromatics aren't cheap, I'm not counting that as an option.
Brendan Power has some other options that I am not considering because of price, or because the harps have been discontinued:
Easttop Paddy harps direct from Brendan Power in G are sold out at the moment on his website, and I can save a pretty penny ordering direct from the factory.
Brendan has a line of Slide Diatonics, solo-tuned, in G and D. This instrument is designed to give the player access to authentic-sounding ornamentation, particularly for Irish music; English folk music doesn't tend to have much ornamentation, so this would be superfluous. Buying a set of the Slide Diatonics in G and D would be £170-£200 and I don't think I can justify that. As such I'm not counting this as an option.
The 10 hole Slide Diatonic is a Paddy tuned 10 hole harp with a slide, meaning you can play a familiar layout and have access to the ornamentation that his other Slide Diatonics were designed for. These are currently sold out.
The Irish Session Harmonicas combined two harps in G and D into one instrument; either two 10 hole Paddy tuned or two 12 hole scale-tuned harps, with the ability to switch between the two keys at the press of a button. This would have been an ideal option, but was discontinued when he switched suppliers.
His replacement is the Switch-Harp, a plastic gadget that you have to finish and assemble yourself, and supply your own harps. I don't have the tools to finish the device, and since I'd have to supply my own two harps from a set list of compatible models, this becomes a fiddly and expensive option. Ready-assembled versions are not available currently, and while you can pay for someone to finish it for you £70 seems a lot for an accessory. For example, 2 Lucky 13s Solo tuned in G and D, plus a Switch-Harp ready customised comes to over £170, at which point id be asking myself why didn't I just buy the Slide Diatonics.
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2020.10.25 17:53 Consequence-Fabulous Unpleasant memory

Going to vent a bit here. After some unpleasant life experiences, a memory resurfaced and I was kind of in shock by my realisations. In highschool I took Japanese and I knew a bit of the language beforehand since I grew up there a little. At my highschool, the Japanese teacher was sort of worshipped because of his 'philosophies'. Anyway, we had an oral as part of final exams that contributed to what was equivalent of SAT or IB. We had to choose a part of Japanese culture and explain why it applied in modern society. The teacher said that once we have an idea we can go to him to flesh it out. I, wanting to get it over and done with, went to him almost everyday and he rejected my idea every single time. What was interesting though, there were other students that went to him and in those interactions, he would take one of my ideas and say to the other student 'well, this works together'. Those students were also a specific Asian race other than Japanese. I have no intention of being discriminatory but only stating what I observed. And it was also those students who worshipped him. My oral ended up being on a generic topic for the students who couldn't come up with an original idea. One thing about the school was that the overall class' grade reflected the teacher's performance. Now that I look back at the memory I felt it was highly selfish of that teacher to use me as a brainstorming machine when I could have possibly achieved a higher mark overall. Not saying that I don't care about the other students but I felt being pulled down. And that Japanese teacher is all about 'we're in this together' preaching. It was a long time ago but I just felt pissed at the realization of what actually happened. -facepalm-
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2020.10.25 17:18 kookycandies I'm starting to doubt that I was raised by narcissists, which is NOT to say that I had a halfway normal upbringing.

It's been almost two years since my eyes were "opened" to the reality around me. The first year was the hardest—I was totally prepared to cut off anyone and everyone in my life who showed through words or actions that they are not to be trusted, that they don't have my best interests at heart. Now, given everything that's going on in the world, I've more or less reintegrated myself into my family.
Many things have changed. They probably know I could still take off and leave them for good if they kept up with all the shit that drove me away the first time. My second eldest sister doesn't try to "claim" my life anymore so that she'd have a nanny for life for her disabled child. My eldest sister and her husband doesn't fight in front of us, a captive audience they seemed to like making uncomfortable, anymore. My older brother still leeches off our mother, but he doesn't come directly to me for aid. Lastly, my mother seems to be slowly becoming open to the idea that I won't stay single for the rest of my life, but I still make sure she doesn't find out whenever I go out.
What broke my heart years ago when I came to realize it was that they didn't want me to become my own person. They wanted me to stay dependent on them for their own largely selfish reasons. My sister was making plans for my life in which I would take care of her child while she goes back overseas where she used to teach. I don't think it's because she wants to work, she just wants to get away from her current life. Our other sister seems to just like the idea of me growing old alone. She spies on me from time to time, making sure I haven't found anyone significant who's "forever" material, and when a cousin jokingly mentioned the other night that I might be looking for a foreigner and not a local, she actually said straight out, "No, I don't want that," as if she really thinks she has a say, and almost as if the idea shattered her gleeful belief that I don't have anyone just because they never see me with anyone. I'm very curious what her reaction would be if I ever came out bi who's more attracted to women. That's partly why I've never brought home a guy. I just can't tell them, like, probably ever. We're Asian AND Catholics.
What I'm still not sure about is why my own mother doesn't want me to be in a relationship. It's possible that she too just wants to lay claim on my life. She might be hoping I'd be fully available to take care of her and only her when the time comes that she can't be alone anymore. Even now that she's still in her early 60s, she's been giving me hints like "people are so surprised to hear I live alone, they say it's not right, I should have someone around." Thing is, she's not alone—our house is part of a compound, and all our neighbors are our relatives. My brother comes by whenever he needs something, which is often, and the rest of us come by at least every other weekend. I don't understand why even the knowledge that I went out without her prior knowledge ALWAYS makes her freak out. Even when I'm only out with my cousins, she texts and calls or makes my sisters call me to get me to come home. I'm nearly 30 for crying out loud.
That said, I now doubt that my mother is a narcissist. My much, much older siblings did their best to mess me up, and given their repeat behaviors, they're definitely on the spectrum somewhere, but my mother, while sometimes neglectful and averse to showing physical affection, never verbally or physically abused me. In fact, growing up autistic without knowing it, I was the one who was always venting my pent-up stress on her. It's possible she still thinks I'm that weird and mentally immature child who doesn't know the first thing about the real world. Maybe it isn't so much that she wants me to take care of her but that she wants to keep taking care of me. That idea is heartwarming and makes me want to cry, but while there's still some traces of weirdo in me, I'm an adult now, and I've long since discarded those rose-colored glasses. Painful as it is, I've become quick to notice when someone is trying to take advantage of me. I no longer try to give the benefit of the doubt or allow them to do it again. I still try to be materially giving when it isn't really a loss for me, but I now full-stop refuse to be bled dry by anyone.
I don't expect anyone to have read up to here, though I'd be grateful if someone else sat through my rant. I think that it was all to say that I now have a good idea of what I'm in for by opening myself up to my family again. Right now, I'm trying to act around them the way a real youngest child in the family would act—sometimes quirky, sometimes spoiled, and always confident that s/he is loved—NOT walking on tiptoes, NOT feeling undeserving of being shown affection, and definitely NOT being made to feel like my whole life is a debt that I need to repay.
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2020.10.25 15:20 FormalSmoke Floral-Embroidered Detailing Renders the “Singles Day” Air Jordan 6 One of the Best in Years

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Floral-Embroidered Detailing Renders the “Singles Day” Air Jordan 6 One of the Best in Years
Next month marks the arrival of the oft-referenced holiday in sneaker culture, Singles’ Day. With the Asian-celebrated holiday just around the corner, Jordan Brand is releasing a special pair of Air Jordan 6 made just for the ladies, the aptly named Air Jordan 6 WMNS “Singles’ Day”. The upcoming Air Jordan 6 WMNS “Singles’ Day”…
The post Floral-Embroidered Detailing Renders the “Singles Day” Air Jordan 6 One of the Best in Years appeared first on Nice Kicks.
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2020.10.25 14:37 DaG00b Top Black Perigord producers?

Hi, I’m working on an assignment for school, the task is to help an Australian Black Perigord farm enter a selected Asian market with their value added truffle products (oils etc). After some research, I can’t find a single statistic on perigord production volumes, or even who the top producers are, which is crucial to the next step. Any insight as to who’s producing the most Black Perigords or where to find industry data like this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)
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2020.10.25 13:03 Friedrich_von_Ebert The New Order Submod: Yomo no Umi Progress Report #1 - Japan, the Beginning of Everything

The New Order Submod: Yomo no Umi Progress Report #1 - Japan, the Beginning of Everything

四方の海 みなはらからと 思ふ世に など波風の 立ちさわぐらむ
We are brethren all! / If this be truth why do we / A quarreling fall / So easily Must we be / As wind torn waves on four seas?
Hello, and welcome to The New Order Submod: Yomo no Umi's First Progress Report! I'm Friedrich_von_Ebert, one of the members of the Kaiserreich team, and I'm in charge of Japan at Calm Before the Storm, The Coming Storm, Spartakus, and Krasnacht. Today, I'm going to introduce another submod of The New Order mod the Great here, and I hope you enjoy it!

The Dawn
It wasn't too long ago that I first got to know TNO. At first, I laughed at the glistening fluorescent GUI, and after that, I was amazed by the Victoria II-style-laws, the decisions and national focus that offered different experiences to all countries, and now... well, it should be enough that I haven't played any other Hearts of Iron IV play except TNO in the last month. Anyway, TNO quickly became my favorite HOI4 mod, and I quickly became attached to the characters in that mod.
However, only one exception was Japan. It's one of the three superpowers of the mod and has the least content and fun among the three. Since I'm in charge of Japan in many HOI4 mods, I naturally looked at the Japanese lore of that mod even before TNO was released, and then... This article best shows my feelings when I read the lore of the East Asia. Since the article itself is Korean and it is full of slang, it will be difficult to use Google translation, so to sum up, it is as follows.
- Zaibatsus and Keiretsus cannot be seperated. Rather, it is more realistic to put a feud between the new and old Zaibatsus.
- Why do the prime minister candidates only include figures that most people don't know? The emergence of figures who served as prime minister in real history would have been a better choice for fun in the game.
- There is no possibility that Takagi Sokichi was leading the reformist group in 1962. In the first place, there cannot be any reformists (not progressives and conservatives) inside the Yokusankai.
- It's been more than 15 years since the war ended, so the military's influence in Japan will diminish.
- The military police are not an intelligence agency.
And the worst problem that's not mentioned in this article is that it isn't fun. Yes, Japan is not fun. Compared to the U.S., which skillfully twists reality and catches players' eyes with its complicated but interesting mecanic, and Germany, with the four distinctive candidates based on far more unrealistic settings than Japan, however which is also fun to slowly destroy or rebuild its own country with various mecanics. However, Japan doesn't have anything. The House of Representatives and the IJA-IJN mecanic exist, but they do very little.
I once thought about applying for the TNO team, but I gave up for various reasons. Instead, I decided to make a submod. The biggest reason why I decided to make a submod instead of applying to the TNO team was that I didn't like not only Japan but also Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, and the overall Asian lore. Even if I join the TNO team and fix Japan, I decided that it would be meaningless if countries such as China, Indonesia, etc. were not fixed. That's why I decided to create a new mod.
So I became to make a discord server with me and my three other Korean friends on my way to home on subway, on Thursday night when the cold wind blew, and that was the beginning of our submod, The New Order Submod: Yomo no Umi. Of course, it's not that long at this point when I'm writing this progress report, but let's write it down to reminisce about the past when this mod grows beyond my control.

The Lore
Yomo no Umi's world is very similar to the original TNO, but based on a slightly different view of the world. This makes Asia's lore, not Europe, a little more realistic and logical, especially justifying how Japan won in the Pacific Ocean. Of course, I don't like this very much either - Germany would never have been able to develop an atomic bomb before the United States, the oil tanks would have been somehow fixed, and the Truman administration would never have tried to surrender with a single atomic bomb. But it's a problem that exists in the original TNO, and I'm satisfied that we've reduced the amount of these problems.
In the Yomo no Umi's world, Nikolai Buharin's reign was not a disaster. Rather, the continuation of the NEP provided breathing room for farmers who were suffering from persistent inflation and food shortages, and Buharin's approval rating rose without knowing that it was sky-high. But Nikolai Buharin's "human-faced socialism" had an unexpected result: in OTL, extreme anti-Communism, which only emerged in the 1950s, began to bloom in the 1920s. The British Labor Party lost ground, and Franklin Roosevelt was bombarded by right-wingers inside the Democratic Party, which means that "social democracy" collapsed without even having bloomed.
With Joseph P. Kennedy as president of the United States and British society becoming more conservative than real history, the Great Depression caused an unexpected butterfly effect, the main character in the Far East. Joseph Kennedy's U.S. and Stanley Baldwin's U.K. found a solution to the Great Depression in the direction of strengthening their block economy, whose protectionist policies have disrupted the economy of the Republic of China based on the silver standard. The U.S. and Britain refused to sell silver, factories built in the Yangtze River basin were left in ruins, and, to make matters worse, the Nanjing-Shanghai defense line, which had plagued the Japanese military in OTL and TNOTL, also wasn't made as Weimar Germany refused to cooperate with the Republic of China which got the Soviet support during the Northern Expedition. China's potential has disappeared.
It was Japan that benefited from this. Japan's actions until 1937 were similar to reality, as Japan was hit by the Great Depression. Politicians were assassinated, young officers rebelled, and a gunshot broke out on the Marco Polo Bridge. But a much more nerfed China fell helplessly in the face of Japan's offensive. A little over a month after the Japanese landed in Shanghai, Nanjing fell. Wuhan soon followed suit, and soon after, almost all the main forces of the Republican Army were destroyed. Now the only thing left in this war was the guerrilla war, and with the establishment of the Wang Jingwei government in 1939, it becomes simpler for Japan to "clean up" the rest of China. By 1941, Japan and the puppet state came under control in most parts of China.
What happened in Europe was similar to TNO's world. Germany kicked the Soviet Union's creaking door and smashed its structure, while the British navy, which was smashed in the Mediterranean, and British isles were defenselessly exposed to German attacks preparing for the Second Operation Sea Lion. Under these circumstances, Japan launched the Southern Operation (Operation A-Go) in 1942 to advance into the Allied colonies of Southeast Asia. The isolationist government of Joseph Kennedy was applying only a strategic resource export ban until this situation, and when Japan began to expand to Southeast Asia, it hurriedly decided to ban selling oil to Japan. But it's too late. As Japan occupied Borneo and Malay, there was temporary leeway in oil supply and demand, and as Japan continued to respond, the Kennedy administration unilaterally declared war on Japan. The prelude to the Japanese-American War has risen.
However, the U.S. Navy was not fully prepared, and under these circumstances, the U.S. Pacific Fleet set sail for the Bismarck Sea to cut off the supply of Japanese troops advancing to Port Moresby. But while the USN was heading for New Guinea, IJN's elite aircraft carrier corps were heading to the Pearl Harbor, and Japanese bombers flying from the deck of Akagi and Kaga succeeded in striking the Pearl Harbor oil storage, the main goal. At the same time, the Pacific Fleet, caught in the trap of the Japanese fleet, followed them into the Sulawesi Sea, and in this first and virtually last large-scale naval battle, the USN is dealt a devastating blow. In addition, the surviving ships also collapse due to lack of oil, and they are also reduced to scrap metal.
The explosion of a five million gallons of oil storage has sent even more explosive reactions across the United States, beyond the U.S. Navy. Anti-war protests have erupted across the United States, military factories and shipyards have been hit by unknown sabotage, and even signs of division within the Kennedy administration have begun to slowly collapse. In the meantime, Japan occupied eastern India, occupied the empty Amur area, and began to solidify its dominance in Southeast Asia. By occupying Midway Atoll, it was also a bonus that made it easier to attack Hawaii.
On October 1, 1945, the last day of the war, a Sun sank over Pearl Harbor in the early morning, with the Pacific Fleet waiting to sail with the repaired oil storage facility and new warships and aircraft carriers. Fifteen days later, the United States was forced to sign a humiliating peace treaty on the Aircraft Carrier Akagi, with the San Francisco Peace Treaty deciding to sell Los Angeles, San Francisco ports, and Hawaii. Let's find out about Japan after the war, since what happened to the United States is the same as TNO's world.
The war ended in 1945, but the real fight has just began.
Political and social demands, which had been suppressed throughout the war, have been pouring in, and debate over what to do with the post-war state system has been going on in the Capitol. Technocrats (both innovative and new bureaucrats) rallied under respected economist and bureaucrat Kaya Okinori, aristocrats and former party politicians (pre-1942) under the Fumimaro Konoe, and the military and nationalists centered around Tojo Hideki for 10 years, and the National Assembly was in a state of turmoil, but in 1955, as Konoe-alligned Kaya Okinori becomes the Prime Minister, the political order which centered technocrats, the "1955 System" began.
Although Kaya Okinori's reign from 1955 to 57 focused on stabilizing the Taisei Yokusankai and solving various social problems, Kishi Nobusuke, who succeeded Kaya as prime minister in 1957, pursued more radical policies. He drove liberal politicians out of the dinner party, tried to divide the Kaya-centered technocrats back into a relatively "old-fashioned" distinction of new and innovative officials, and suppressed students who were protesting. In a bid to break his low approval rating, Kish launched an operation in 1960, derisively called the Second Siberian Intervention, and resigned from his post after a terrible failure.
Ikeda Hayato, who became Prime Minister in 1960, is also the current Prime Minister in 1962. Ikeda, the direct successor of Kaya Okinori and well-connected with party politicians, tries to cover Kishi Nobusuke's political and social failures with economic success, and in the process, she begins to promote social stability through two keywords: "Submissive Attitude" and "Tolerance and Patience". As of 1962, Ikeda's National Income Doubling Plan has been successfully carried out and its national popularity is heading for Ikeda. But Ikeda's health does not wait for him, and he will soon be in a situation where he has to choose his successor...

The End
That's all for today. Today I explained why I created this submod and how it was set up. I hope you've read this interestingly or with fun, and I hope you'll follow our footsteps in the future.
It's a bit disappointing to end it like this, so I'll put up a small teaser.

Our mod is understaffed! We're recruiting people like this, and if you're interested, please contact me with my reddit account Friedrich_von_Ebert or the discord account Friedrich von Ebert#1917. The areas we are recruiting are as follows:
Coder - Generic in-game content creation and more
Lore - Setting up lore for countries in Greater East Asia, excluding Japan
GFX - Making portraits, icons, national foci, etc.
Writer - Writing TNO-style events and key descriptions in English, and pointing out the grammar errors
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2020.10.25 11:57 paragon_646766 Pain during urination but only sometimes

19M, Asian, 170cm, 56kg, no other known current or past health issues, no medication, not sexually active, never been a smoker, only drink 2-3 times a month, relatively balanced and healthy diet.
WARNING: Slight TMI detail.
For the past few months I've been experiencing this quite intense burning sensation after urination, but it only happens when I don't really need to go. In other words, when I'm really desperate and I finally make it to a bathroom there's no pain at all but if I go casually (e.g. if I'm about to get on a really long bus ride and I wanna make sure I won't need to go so I go to the bathroom even though I don't really need to) then the pain is there. It lasts for about 10-20 seconds and gradually decreases. My urine output isn't discoloured or there isn't anything wrong with it, however sometimes there seems to be a lot of white bubbles whenever it does hurt. I don't know if this is a UTI as it doesn't happen every single time. If it helps at all, I'm a very heavy water drinker, I probably drink a lot more than what is recommended lol. It's not that I get thirsty all the time but my mouth does get very dry and that sometimes makes me throat feel dry. Not to mention I do suffer from major anxiety so I'm always sipping water every 3 seconds when the anxiety is bad.
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2020.10.25 08:05 redwhiterosemoon Borat movie is very insensitive towards Kazahstan and Kazah culture. Sacha Baron Cohen does not receive enough criticism for his potrayel and singling out one country.

Note: I am not Kazah and I am not even from this region of the world.
I find Sacha's Baron Cohens rediculing, and embarrassing Kazahstan very harmful and tasteless. It is not okay to single out and make fun of one country like this. Insted of Kazahstan, he should have used a fake name.
I belive also he is very ignorat as Kazahstan is actually very progressive compared to other Central Asian republics. And many of the practices he described are much more prominent in Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan. Yes, there is a certain element of truth to what he is saying. But huge part of the movie is grossly incorret. Also he is only showing negative aspects of Kazahstan and not even once mentions anything positive.
My dad used to work in Kazahstan and it goes without saying Kazahstan is not like in the movie. I have also met Kazah people and I have very positive experience with them.
It is a real shame that now because of the movie Kazah people need to face stereotypes and even can be bullied. I know cases where they were even afraid to say where they are from.
I also belive that Cohen choose Kazahstan as he know that if he choose some other country he could face terrorist attacks etc.
If his sole reason for choosing a country was ridiculing harmful practices he would have not chosen Kazahstan.
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2020.10.25 06:58 BigChung0924 Just finished watching Legend of Korra

So I just finished watching Legend of Korra, and I’ve got some thoughts.
Man, it’s frustrating. This show had the potential to be better than the original, and in some ways it does top it. But ultimately some questionable writing and Book 2 holds it back. Here are the overall things I liked and disliked:
Korra-I prefer Korra as a character to Aang. I found her to be more relatable and I enjoyed her brashness and sense of humor
The villains-This is something LoK tops ATLA in, and it’s not even close. Unavaatu was pretty boring and cliche, but Amon, Zaheer, and Kuvira were so damn complex and well-executed. My overall favorite was Amon, because I think he had the most valid point, he was genuinely intimidating, and his and Tarrlok’s story is in my opinion one of the best things in the entire franchise
The setting-I’m so used to fantasy stories where the technology doesn’t advance at all, so this was a huge step in the right direction for me. They seamlessly blended East Asian cultures, 1920s New York, and fantasy together
The action scenes-All of the fight scenes were stunningly rendered. My favorite was Team Avatar vs the Red Lotus in the book 3 finale
Exploration of the lore-I loved the Beginnings episodes and how they provided an origin story for the Avatar and bending
The characterization-This was, in my opinion, incredibly disappointing, since the bedrock of the original show is its characters. I feel like Legend of Korra was packed with characters and not too many of them were fleshed out. For example, it never felt like the new Team Avatar had the same bond the old one did. Additionally, I didn’t really connect emotionally to the characters like I did in ATLA.
The writing-I felt like the writing went downhill in terms of quality. I get that Korra has to struggle, but she doesn’t need to lose to literally everyone. Amon, Tarrlok, Unalaq, Zaheer, and Kuvira all manage to beat her. She is traumatized in some way nearly every season. While I get that they wanted to show her development, I felt like there were much better ways to go about it
The storytelling-I think the fact that Legend of Korra is essentially four stories across four seasons hurts it. The plot isn’t as organically connected as it was in ATLA and as a result it hurts the overall flow of the show
How ATLA characters were handed-While I get this is the story of Korra and her friends, I still think the original ATLA characters should have been treated better. Katara, Zuko, and Iroh were handled fine, but Sokka appeared in a single flashback, Aang and Toph were written as bad parents, and Suki, Mai, Ty Lee, and Azula aren’t even mentioned once.
Book 2-This is the most common complaint, and I have to agree. For one, the story is just all over the place: it starts off as being about the Water Tribe Civil War, which is an interesting idea, and that becomes a standard “big bad” story. The characters are handled poorly: Korra is inept, Mako is an idiot, Bolin is comic relief mocked for being in an abusive relationship, and Asami doesn’t grow at all. As for villains, Unalaq is another Palpatine without being nearly as fun, and Vaatu, while an interesting concept, doesn’t really fit the show. Killing the Avatar Cycle also hurt a lot, given how the history of the Avatar was one of the best things about the original show.
Overall, I’d still say Legend of Korra is a very good show, one that is definitely worth watching. But there are several flaws that hold it back from being as good as ATLA.
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2020.10.25 05:07 azninvasion99 Help/Advice/Vent

Hello everyone,
I normally am not one to throw my feelings out on the internet at random but here goes. As the title says, I just need some advice and a place to vent about some long term frustrations I've had with dating. Couple of things about me; I just turned 29 years old, I'm half Asian and I am admittedly overweight, about 300 lbs at 6'1". I have also been single for about 8 years now and have been fruitlessly been trying dating apps for a long time. And I know that my weight is probably a barrier to most which I understand, I recently signed up for a personal trainer to help out with that.
Probably my biggest frustration is that a lot of women that I meet in person, mainly through work or through mutual acquaintances always speak to how I am such a nice guy, and that any girl would be lucky to have me. They say that I am smart, funny, etc etc. However, whenever I ask one of these women out, I always get the same type of rejections. It is normally a variation of "Oh, you aren't my type" or "I just don't see you in that way." And like I mentioned I get the weight is a barrier but at what point does me being who I am override that?
As I have noticed on here, a lot of people agree that most dating apps are for people just looking for a night's fun. But I have also attempted to try some of the more "serious" apps like Match or eHarmony and I still have the same luck. I try to let my personality shine in my profile, as well as my interests, and always try to send meaningful first messages to others, instead of all the one word messages that women complain of receiving.
So I was wondering if anyone else has similar types of experiences and/or advice they could give me?
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2020.10.25 04:04 AnteaterLevel Indian people wanting to claim yoga is greedy!!!

Yoga was banned in India during colonialism -.-
Derek Beres is a North American self-styled, Yoga entrepreneur. He recently wrote a blog post on International Yoga Day. His thesis? Indians, or more specifically, Hindus, only want to reclaim Yoga after the West turned it a billion dollar Industry.
For Derek, International Yoga Day is about India harnessing the monetary value of Yoga for itself. I call this Colonial shaming. The ‘colonizer’ who extracts great profits from Yoga, chastises the ‘colonized’ when they want to reclaim their own spiritual resources for themselves…
Derek defines Yoga, not from an Indigenous perspective, but rather quotes another white male subject, Mircea Eliade when he writes, “If the word ‘Yoga’ means many things that is because Yoga is many things”, which is code for I am therefore not constrained by what Hindus think Yoga means and am justified in giving it my own meaning.
But even more unnerving than the above is the following quote, “It’s hard to separate the spiritual from the physical, especially when the physical bodies traveling to India arrive with wallets. Most incredible about this claim of ownership is that for quite some time, mainstream Indian civilization wanted little to do with yoga.” Derek presents the Westerner as being a victim of Indian greed, only seen for their wallets. How’s that for inverting the colonial dynamic?
Hindu American Foundation asked Yoga Journal why it had never linked Yoga to Hinduism. Yoga Journal responded by saying, “because it carries baggage.”
When you look at the semantics of the divide between Indian/Desi Yoga and American Yoga, words tell an interesting story. Originally, the debate began in 2008 when Sheetal Shah, senior director at the Hindu American Foundation, asked Yoga Journal why it had never linked Yoga to Hinduism. Yoga Journal responded by saying, “because it carries baggage.” This reply prompted Ms. Shah to launch ‘Take Back Yoga’, which was intended to highlight Yoga’s roots. Where Hindu’s use language like ‘origin’ or ‘heritage’, American ‘Yogis’ revert by colonial default to ‘ownership’, so that the debate concerning cultural roots, swiftly becomes a struggle for proprietorship, especially on the part of Western Yoga Entrepreneurs desperate to maintain their investments.
From Derek Beres and Leslie Kaminoff to Matthew Remski and Carol Horton, ‘Yogis’ across North America will insist that no on can own Yoga, so maybe the question should be changed to whether someone can appropriate Yoga and what is the relationship between cultural appropriation and neo-colonialism? What are the entitlements that the colonizer has over the colonized subject, in this case, the colonized subject being Yoga itself?
Beres’ entire post is littered with imperial perversion, but perhaps the most dangerous is the assumption that mainstream Indian civilization wanted little to do with it’s own heritage. He is met in the comment section with a South Asian perspective that he unabashedly continues to marginalize.
Leslie Kaminoff also parades this colonial trope in his article Who Own’s Yoga when he asserts, “The India of 1925 had long rejected her own gift, and Yogis were held by most of society in the lowest esteem possible, associated with street beggars, fakirs, criminals and frauds. The tireless work of Krishnamacharya and his contemporaries resurrected, in decades, what it took India centuries to discard.”
One way to understand India’s relationship to Yoga is by appreciating the Ashrama system, or the four stages of Hindu life, Brahmacarya, Grhasta, Vanaspratha and Sannyasa. Certain yoga texts and practices were only intended for the Sannyasin, the one who renounces the material condition for the sole pursuit of self-knowledge. While Yoga conceived in this way was never intended for the mainstream, the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita are replete with discussions of Yoga that have been held in the hearts of mainstream Hindus for thousands of years before Americans capitalized on the commodification of what it now refers to as Yoga
Beres’ entire post is littered with imperial perversion, but perhaps the most dangerous is the assumption that mainstream Indian civilization wanted little to do with it’s own heritage. He is met in the comment section with a South Asian perspective that he unabashedly continues to marginalize. You can read the whole exchange.
It is well documented that the British sought to not just undermine the Hindu, but to remake India in its own image as summarized by Thomas Macaulay: “a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect.”
When Derek Beres or Leslie Kaminoff lash out, suggesting Indians didn’t want their own heritage, they are not forwarding the discourse, they are throwing salt on the colonial wound.
This was done by casting the English as superior and everything Indian as inferior. He also stated that he had “never found one among them, who could deny that a single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia (…) It is, no exaggeration to say, that all the historical information which has been collected from all the books written in Sanskrit language is less valuable than what may be found in the most paltry abridgments used at preparatory schools in England,”.
Writer Champa Rao Mohan describes the Post-Colonial effects of political subjugation as follows:
“Cultural colonization accomplished what military conquest alone could not have achieved for the colonizers. It paved it’s way into the minds of the colonized and made them complaisant victims. This colonization of the minds maimed the psyche of the colonized in a severe way. It robbed them of all originality and instead, instilled in them a dependency complex. in fact the sense of alienation that the colonized experience and their mimicking tendency have their roots in the feeling of inferiority that was methodically ingrained in the psyche of the colonized through cultural colonization. The crippling effect of this complex manifests itself in the postindependence period in the inability of the former colonized people to stand independently on their own and in their continuing dependence on the west for ideas and technology. Intellectual as well as financial dependence of the third world countries on the west has made them vulnerable to neocolonialism.”
Cultural colonization was implemented to deceive Indians out of knowing about their own rich civilization, supplanting it with the notion that noting of value came from India. “Indians were to be taught that they were a deeply conservative and fatalist people – genetically predisposed to irrational superstitions and mystic belief systems. That they had no concept of nation, national feelings or a history. If they had any culture, it had been brought to them by invaders – that they themselves lacked the creative energy to achieve anything by themselves. But the British, on the other hand epitomized modernity – they were the harbingers of all that was rational and scientific in the world. With their unique organizational skills and energetic zeal, they would raise India from the morass of casteism and religious bigotry.”
This lingering colonial attitude is at the heart of the current East/West debate with respect to the origin/ownership of Yoga, and it needs to be deeply considered and deconstructed before a truly transnational conversation on the identity and meaning of Yoga can occur. When Derek Beres or Leslie Kaminoff lash out, suggesting Indians didn’t want their own heritage, they are not forwarding the discourse, they are throwing salt on the colonial wound.
What does neocolonialism look like in American Yoga today? Susanne Barkataki in How To Decolonize Your Yoga Practice describes what it’s like to be South Asian in the landscape of White, American Yoga:
“To be colonized is to become a stranger in your own land. As a Desi, this is the feeling I get in most Westernized yoga spaces today. Of course, powerful practices that reduce suffering persist, despite all attempts to end them. These facts are critical to understanding the power and privilege we continue to possess or lack, to clarifying the positionalities we embody as we practice, teach and share yoga today.”
Derek Beres concludes his article by using the Indigenous Ontology of Samkhya Darshana to scandalize the defense of the colonized. He does this by whitesplaining Vedic concepts, “This notion of ownership, though, is rooted in the same prakrti that the purusa was to be liberated from. It’s hard to recognize that when all you desire is recognition.” This is how passive aggression works in spiritual community. Technical terms are used to silence critique. Is he really suggesting that the desire for the world to acknowledge the historical origin of Yoga is just some kind of narcissistic ploy for attention on the part of Hindus?
Has he really been so bold as to use the Sanskrit words of the very people he seeks to dominate by schooling them out of their own quest for self-determination? What is the recognition that he gains from writing the article and why is there no self-awareness of his own stake in the profits?
To suggest that Hinduism comes with baggage while not acknowledging the Judeo-Christian baggage that most Westerners inflict upon their interpretation of Yoga is to continue the debate and the divide by maintaining the asymmetry in ‘first and third world’ politics. I’ll end with a quote from bell hooks Waking Up to Racism: Dharma Diversity and Race: “We cannot separate the will of so many white comrades to journey in search of spiritual nourishment to the ‘third world’ from the history of cultural imperialism and colonialism that has created a context where such journeying is seen as appropriate, acceptable, an expression of freedom and right.”
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2020.10.25 03:48 pdxgr8guy M4F looking for FWB

I'm 45, single, straight, South Asian guy, westside Portland area, looking for someone who is also d/d-free, no drama, talk, hangout, tea/coffee, hiking, Netflix, cuddling and fun times.
PM me if you are interested.
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2020.10.25 03:08 dvdtee Gay Bro Friends

Hey there, I’m a single gay asian bro from Melbourne who’s looking to see if there’s anyone who’s keen to connect with easy going like minded guys. I’m 27, career professional and I’m equally playful as I can be serious.
Love music and pop culture and just want to connect with people. Send through your messages via Chat :)
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2020.10.25 02:24 throwawayyyyy429 All you need to know about Katie. Your friendly, perpetually horny Warrior Princess.

Hello all!
Im Katie. Ive been a longtime lurker at gonewildstories and i am bored out of my mind right now so i thought i’d try my hand at posting some of my sexual shenanigans. So, i made a throwaway account. Lol.
However, after multiple tries, i cannot finish a single story. See, while a lot of it makes sense to me and people in my circle, when i view it from an outsider’s perspective, it takes a whole lot of context gathering to understand it, and some of them are just plain, “huh?”.
So i thought i would make this, my initial post, a mildly sexual one, post it on my profile, and link it to every story i post. This post will be mostly background info, trying to lay as much context and explanation as possible into the stories so that it makes sense. I also do this to eliminate having to describe myself over and over again in every story, as is what seems to be the current meta in the sub. Please keep in mind im writing my own stories which just happens to be erotic in nature. I write to share and practice my english writing skills, not to help you get your rocks off. I must admit, its a bonus if you do, but that is not my main intent.
I am hoping to make a series out of this since i do have a whole bunch of stories rattling around in my head. Posting might be a bit irregular depending on my work schedule.
All of the stories that this post is linked in to are true stories as experienced by moi. Since it is impossible to repeat verbatim some exchanges that happened over the span of multiple years, i took some literary liberties to push out convos that is as close to my recollection as possible. There are also dialogues that i know off the top of my head that i can quote verbatim because i have some videos and text messages saved. Even with video references, the dialogue may or may not still be 100% accurate since i am doing an “as close as possible” translation to most of them.
I noticed that while there’s plenty of dirty talk in gonewildstories, the language is actually pretty clean otherwise.
Not in my stories its not. Im in a profession where im heavily outnumbered by males. Despite my upbringing, some of that colourful language has crept its way into my day to day vocabulary. Its crude, its graphic, its morbid, its dark. And somehow, still entertaining. Thats how we learned to cope with the stresses of our job, and eventually, life. While i do try to make a separation between work Katie and “normal” Katie, sometimes, they just cross over. There’s nothing i can do about that, and I will not make any apologies for it either. If the language or humour offends you, then just move along.
Im not going to suddenly start typing ”OMG Beckiiii, that guy from last night is 🔥🔥🔥!!! And he 👉👌 me all night with his massive 🍆, like, its sooooo cray-cray!!! XoXo!!!” just because the way i talk doesnt fit your fantasies of what a slut should talk like. Im that slut who can drink you under the table and that you banged like a drum only because i let you.
People in my line of work are often perceived as robots and are held to impossibly high standards. Were human beings too with all too very human desires. Im letting you have a peek behind the curtain from a female’s perspective. While all of the sexploits i will tell you are all results of questionable decisions, none of them are illegal. Therefore, some of them will raise some hackles. I wont push my politics and morality on you if you dont. Just enjoy the stories and move on if you dont.
For privacy reasons, i have taken great lengths to convert all technical, cultural, and linguistical terminology, into its American equivalent.
All names are fake. Minor details that does not affect the veracity of the story have also been altered for privacy reasons. There will be a lot of unexplained time and location jumps. If any of them confuses you, just treat them like a stand alone story.
If none of them are illegal, then why the secrecy and obfuscation? Well, its because i really like my privacy. I really like my job. And i reeeaaaaalllly really really like my relationships with people who dont know about this side of me. But, at the same time, im at a point where im struggling with some things and i would like some sort of written validation out there that i actually am the sum of everything that i am. Not “work Katie”, not “normal Katie”, not “grab brunch with mum and dad Katie”, not “super slut Katie”, not “lesbian Katie”, but, all of the above, and more.
I have my own desires, my own passions, and my own kinks. Im a mixture of what society considers normal and abnormal, like everybody else out there. I guess this is what attracted me to this sub. A lot of us live dual lives. We have the life we live out in the open, and we have the life we live in secrecy. I tried posting on gonewild before on another alt account but the risk:satisfaction ratio is just too skewed against me. I do have a little bit of exhibitionist in me but the hassle of dealing with creeps’ DMs and chats is just too much for me to handle.
I would like to think that i have a good grasp of the English language, but i know i may slip here and there. I will gladly welcome any grammar and spelling corrections when i get them.
My name is Catherine, Katie for short. My stats are: 5’3 tall, 33DD-24-36. 130 lbs. My upper body stats have always been pretty much the same since hitting puberty, but the waist and hip sizes fluctuate. I have both nips pierced, and have a wide array of jewelry to bling the girls up, another piercing on my belly button, and currently playing with the idea of a clit piercing but too chicken to actually go with it. I have 6 tattoos: 2 small, and 4 large pieces. I had laser hair removal surgery on my armpits, my pubes, and my legs. It was pretty expensive but it was worth it.
I have an eclectic mix of non sexual interests that i am deeply passionate about. I trained in Jiu jitsu, Kali, gymnastics, and Wushu from when i was 5 years old. My parents also got me into ballet, gymnastics and cheerleading later on. I only did ballet and gymnastics from primary to secondary school, dropped ballet in high school until i realized that they took up way too much of my time and id rather do something else. I am a huge bookworm and will basically speed read through anything you drop in my lap. My background in ballet attracted me into trying out pole and acro dancing. Ive also been taking Krav Maga lessons in my free time. Luckily, its not a belt based art and my history in other martial arts allowed me to easily pick up the art. Nadia and i go back packing and camping whenever we can. I love cooking and hosting parties. I used to play computer games when i was younger, and has picked up PC gaming again to help occupy myself during the lockdowns. I also have an obsession with whiskys, Irish and Japanese whiskeys in particular.
Despite all these group oriented non sexual activities i mentioned above, i am actually a very introverted person. I keep my cards really close to my chest. I have a small circle of people that i am quite open with. Everyone else just gets whatever piece of me i choose to dish out to them.
I am of mixed ancestry, Asian/Spanish on one side and Irish/German on the other. I have 2 siblings and only one of them inherited our Asian parent’s Asian genes. Both my other sibling and I inherited our Caucasian parent’s features. I have bright green eyes that i am on a love-hate relationship with. My reddish brown hair i just purely hate because its a pain in the butt to maintain both in the field and on girls’ night outs. Its currently butt length. I wear it braided when at work, in a ponytail when working out, and just generally leave it down any other time. It starts out straight and gets wavy/curly half way down. The reason why i hate it is because its so thick and heavy. Theres times when i get a headache just from the sheer weight of hair endlessly tugging down on my scalp. I dont even remember using a winter scarf since growing it this long. The only reason why i keep it styled this way is solely because Nadia and a lot of guys swear that its one of my most attractive features, and i like it when they grab it during sexy times. Fwiw, my hairdresser hates my hair too. Lol.
I grew up on 6 different countries, not including the one i am living in right now. English is NOT my first language. Its not even my second. Although, im quite proud that my English skills has progressed now to the point that when i reverse Google translate a sentence, it still spits out readable English.
I am married to another female from work. Her name is Nadia. She is a little bit taller than me. I dont remember her exact stats but at least her bust and hip measurements are pretty close to mine, since we borrow each other’s bikinis all the time with no problem. I wont go into Nadia’s heritage, but lets just say she’s “glow in the dark white”.
She has green eyes like i do, but her hair is more dark blond. She enjoys pretty much the same activities I do, but while im a generalist jack of all trades, she is very much a specialist, focusing on backpacking/anything outdoorsy. She has managed to infect me with that same intense love for the outdoors and it is actually one of our goals to complete the American triple crown hikes someday. One of our big bucket list items is to climb the 7 summits of the world, but short of quitting our jobs, which we are also both deeply passionate about, there’s just no way we can see we would be able to do it. But, never say never.
Nadia and I are both bi-sexual and in an open relationship. Our sex life is as eclectic as our non sexual passions. We have invested close to $2000 in toys and kinky stuff alone. There’s no set dom/sub roles between us, and we switch roles depending on what strikes our fancy at the moment. In fact, i get slightly more pleasure being dominated by her than me dominating her. With me surrounded by testosterone and professional aggression, one would think that being the dom should come to me naturally. Maybe i spend so much of my time being in charge so that i actually get off being ordered and handled for a change. 🤷‍♀️ We got legally married in Las Vegas on a trip to the United States.
Im a little bit of a size queen when it comes to males but i love dicks of all shapes, sizes and colour. 8 inches and above, you better hope you have good cardio because i want that cock hard and in jack hammer mode until you’ve made me cum with it at least 3 times, minimum. 4-7 inches, id still fuck you, but you better be great at pushing with the dick that you have. 2-3 inches im really sorry, but if you can give me mind blowing head, ill make it worth your while. Ive actually had a long time fwb arrangement with someone who’s 3.5 inches and he’s the perfect threesome partner because his cock is at that size where my ass is comfortably pleasured by it with the least amount of pain ive ever experienced from anal. 2 inches and below, ive never met any so i dont know what to say about that.
While i said that i love cocks of all shapes and sizes, there are 2 things about a guy and his cock that would make me a repeat hook up till we get tired of fucking each other.
Presentation and Appearance: i like girthy circumcised cocks better. I find that guys last longer when they’re cut, and hygiene is usually not a problem with them. I tend to gravitate towards really veiny (is that a word?) cocks too. The veinier it is, the better. Its like being fucked by a cock wearing a ribbed condom with the added bonus of feeling myself getting flooded with cum on the inside. (Speaking of ribbed condoms, going on a tangent here, but i always keep a stock of them in my house, my purse, and my car. I use then for one night stands and FWBs who are a little bit more promiscous. Ive gotten an IUD so that i dont have to deal with periods while on long work trips, and i like being fucked raw by my regular rotation of male hook ups.)
Strength and cardio: i switch back and forth between dom/sub roles when hooking up with females, but with males, its sub all the way. I like the feeling of being powerless, being ragdolled silly, of being owned. As a result of that, i usually re hook up with men that were able to go the distance. I discovered this during a hook up with this somewhat shy guy who turned into an animal in bed. He savagely ripped my thong off my pussy, which might sound sexy as hell, but try giving yourself a pussy wedgie and see how that feels. He fucked me silly while carrying me in his arms for 20 minutes. THAT, that is sexy as fuck. I legit cannot remember how many times i came during those amazing 20 minutes. Wow. ”I want that man in my life” is all i can think of the morning after. He was also the only so far who was able to let me act out my pornstar dreams of doing a standing 69 with my legs doing a split.
One non sexual male attribute that im a yuuuuuuge sucker for are beards. There’s something about a scruffy beard that makes me all womanly and grab the guy by the balls and whisper in his ear:
”I wanna take care of you. I wanna love you. And i wanna fuck the ever living crap out of you”
When it comes to females, i have this thing for blondes with striking eyes. I guess that’s what attracted me to my wife, Nadia. The best possible way i can describe her eyes is like those of Alexandra Daddario. Its piercing and intense. I have been with Nadia for a few years now and still get easily, and quite literally, lost in her eyes every time i look at her. Oh, and also, butts. Im very big on girl on girl assplay. In fact, i have never met a bigger ass slut than my wife.
For sexual preferences, its a lot easier to ask me “what have you not done/not willing to do?” than the other way around. Ive never done any foot fetishes, blood, scat, or group sex that involve multiple dicks/toys in a single hole, and am not interested in ever doing it. Lol. As for the rest, you name it, ive probably done it and got the t-shirt. I understand that there is a broad spectrum of sexual kinks out there. That doesnt mean that i will willingly seek out all of them constantly. Take pain for example. Ive tried nipple clamps before. Yes, they work great at intensifying the sensitivity of my nipples, and its pretty awesome having my nipples licked and kissed after the clamps come off, but does that mean that i would want to get railed all the time wearing it? On the other hand, (not bragging) i have a pretty tight pussy. I mentioned before that i am a bit of a size queen. Those first few thrusts in my pussy or my asshole, even down my throat sometimes, is always a mix of mind blowing orgasms, and agonizing pain. Pain like im being split in half. Yet i always seek the biggest dick whenever i get the chance when im in the mood for some man meat. Why is that? Lemme know when youve figured it out cus i cant either. Lol.
If there’s one specific kink that i always seek out, i would say, its a group sex setting. Threesomes are the perfect number in my opinion, with plenty of toys and dirty talk involved. I dont care if its FFM or FMM, i just like having multiple partners in one fuck session.
FAQ (Ill leave this one open and come back to edit in some answers depending on how many interesting questions i get)
If youre still reading dear reader, i wanna let you know that i appreciate you. I dont like saying the same words over and over again just because people like it, hence the reason why i wrote this intro.
I like sharing my sexual stories, but i dont want it to be pure word smut. I want it to be entertaining as well. I want you to have that little peek into my life im allowing you access to. Lastly, it appeals to my vanity when i know people are getting hard/wet from reading my exploits.
Well, that’s all i have to say. Happy reading!
10 minutes after posting this, i already got a trolling comment. I dont mind aggressive opening comments as long as theyre substantive.
Passive aggressively saying: ”yeah, i like women who’s genitals has been mutilated too” is such a coward move. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Go back to trolling 4chan incel forums you undesirable twat.
How about lets go with: “I dont respect your preference to circumcised men because such and such are my beliefs about it, and this is something i am strongly passionate about. But, i understand those are your personal preferences, that you posted on your personal forum, so i will just simply state my opinion respectfully and leave it at that.”
Stop blaming your lack of social skills and inability to get laid on women, and do something positive about it.
I do not stand for for genital mutilation on children, but male circumcision is never a purely cultural or religious thing. A lot of grown up men actually volunteer to undergo elective circumcision for whatever reason they want, just as us women regularly choose to modify our bodies for whatever vain reason we want to. Incels out there: stop picking on bits and pieces of society to fit your narrative that it is everybodys fault but you that you cant get laid. Its pathetic.
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2020.10.25 00:50 heytheretherehey I don't feel very good right now

I just gotta vent a little bit. I have a 3.2, didn't take SAT or ACT (pre-sat score was 1060), I have no volunteer hours, only one leadership title, I'm asian, and my major (art history) is competitive. To add onto that, I've procrastinated so much I don't even have a single essay done. I feel like no one's gonna take me. I feel so lost. I'm considering coming out to my parents because I'm desperate for anything that'll help me and I figure a college will want someone else for their diversity quota or whatever. I think I overestimated my abilities because there's no way a UC or calstate school will ever accept me yet 5 schools on my list are those. I'm relying on the three IB classes I took to make me look good. I don't have anyone to blame but myself considering my life is pretty decent yet I wasted any time I had to prepare for college shit on youtube and reddit.
I'm sorry this is kinda depresso my moodswings have been getting worse haha :') I just needed to get this off my chest somewhere and since college is the root of all this it's here
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2020.10.25 00:43 Horseylover1998 21 [FM4F] young attractive college couple looking to host a covid cautious female third tonight in east bay

She is a petite Asian (5’1, 120lbs) with a nice ass and small perky tits. He is an average build white dude (5’10, 165lbs). Both are attractive and generous in bed. We are looking for a ddf third who is covid cautious like ourselves.
Can host tonight in east bay near Oakland/Berkeley border.
No single men and the only couples we’re interested in are ones where the male partner is fine with just watching.
Your pic gets ours, but we don’t want to swap nudes at all, just face and body pics to see if there is attraction.
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2020.10.24 23:37 Joejoejo344 All Oculus Quest Multiplayer/Co-Op Games: Oculus Store and SideQuest

Wanderer: Google maps VR with friends
Bigscreen: Watch films with friends
Cook-out: akin to Overcooked
Epic Rollercoaster: Rollercoaster shooter game
Raccoon Lagoon: akin to Animal Crossing
Drunkn Bar Fight: Co-Op, Bar fighting with silly weapons
Path of the Warrior: Co-op, like streets of rage/Gorn
Star Trek Bridge Crew: 4-player, Command your own ship and complete missions in space
Spaceteam VR: 4-player, yell comands at each other to complete tasks
Tsuro The Game of the Path: Asian spiritual themed board game
Kingspray Graffiti: Grafitti with friends
SculptrVR: Multiplayer art and 3D sculpting
SWORDS of GARGANTUA: co-op, multiplayer, similar to fighting up the tower on SAO
Ironlights: Sword Dueling PVP
Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl, akin to TABS but PVP
Sairento VR Untethered: Tron Ninja Battle arena with co-op
Elven Assassin: 4-player tower defense, bow and arrow with powers and abilities to unlock
Wands: PvP Magic duels
Immersed: Productivity, co-working
vSpatial: Productivity, co-working
Spatial: Productivity, co-working; take a picture of face, impose it onto your VR face

Zombie games

Arizona Sunshine: co-op zombie campaign; 4 player horde mode
Death Horizon Reloaded: co-op zombie campaign; horde mode coming soon
Drop Dead Dual Strike Edition: co-op horde mode

Sports games

Blaston: Face to face PVP shooting dual
Cloudlands 2: Golf VR, pass and play co-op and online co-op
Echo VR: 3D Rocket league with frisbies
Sports Scramble: essentially Wii sports VR
Eleven Table Tennis VR: PVP or PVE Table tennis
Racket Fury Table Tennis VR: PVP or PVE Table tennis
RUSH: Skydive Race In a Wing Suit with friends, good adrenaline rush, but not for the queasy
Creed Rise to Glory: Boxing multiplayer, though there may not be many on the servers, so bring a friend
Poker VR: emphasis on Poker
PokerStars VR: emphasis on Casino games
Racket Nx: Raquetball VR
Pro Putt (by Topgolf): 4-player golf multiplayer
Walkabout Mini Golf: 5-player golf multiplayer
Premium Bowling: Single, Local, and Online multiplayer

Racing games

Mini Motor Racing X: Multiplayer, Single User, Co-op, it's like PS1 Micro Machines
Death Lap, pvp destruction derby/twisted metal type racing game
Void Racer Extreme: Essentially Tron bike racing
VR Karts: Sprint: Kart racing
Dash Dash World: essentially Mario Kart in VR

First Person Shooters

Onward: Compared to Rainbow Six Siege, co-op, multiplayer
Solaris Offworld Combat
Dead And Buried II: Co-op and competitive modes
Population One: 18-player Battle Royale

Social hub

Dance Central
Oculus Venues: VR TV with friends
TribeXR DJ School: learn how to use a DJ deck and screw around with friends
Rec Room
Multiverse: free, multiplayer and educational, flat earthers wouldnt appreciate this one
Alcove: Family oriented social hub

Non-Conventional Multiplayer

Penn & Teller VR: One person in headset, one person pranks playing irl
Puppet Fever: 1 Quest and mobile devices, use puppets to play shrades
Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!: played between 1 rift and multiple mobile devices
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: One person in headset, 1-4 people read the bomb defusing manual, work together to defuse bombs
Synth Riders: Rhythm game, can see your friend's scores, but that's all
Beat saber: Rhythm game, can see simple avatars of your friends/strangers playing
The Under Presents: Minimal social interactions
The Climb: You can see your friend's ghost data from their past climbs
FitXR: You can see your friend's ghost data from their past workouts


Pavlov: FPS
Contractors: FPS
Crisis VRigade: Co-op, similar to TimeCrisis
Cybercade: Arcade shooter
War Yards: PVP dual
Hyper Dash: 5v5 online multiplayer VR shooter
Pokémon VR: The more I mention this game, the more I fear it'll get hit with a cease and desist
HiBow: Bow and Arrow-based Battle Royale
Triton VR: Shared-space multiplayer FPS
MissionX: Shared Space multiplayer FPS
Colonicle: 4v4 FPS, A class based competitive parkour-shooter
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! Beatsaber but you can use multiple weapons like fists, guns, tonfa's and so on
Range Day VR: Gun range emulator, its updated frequently, many guns and many things and ways to shoot, guns and the mechanics of the guns are emulated closely
Air Brigade: Fighter jet emulatodog fighter
Reflex Unit 2: 3rd Person Tank Fighting
VR TANKZ!: Tank battle simulator, realy simplistic graphics
Dead Shot Heroes: Attack the tower game, kill, lvl up, get powers. full crossplay. its pretty fleshed out
PocketRacer: Make your own crazy tracks and then race on them
Pick-up League Hockey: Skill based hockey
Dino Encounters: a multiplayer dinosaur zoo with mini games and feeding
Art gate: A marketplace for Post-War and Contemporary Art in virtual reality, art is also sold and bought here in rooms with over 100 people apparently
OctoRaid: Asymmetric game, evil giant octopus vs 5 others
Fugitive 3D: VR vs PC/andriod phone Cop vs Robber
Laser Storm Arena: 4 player space pirate shooter, needs a pc to be used for a server and a server client
The Blood Eclipse: 6-player zombie game; two zombie players and four human players, similar to left 4 dead 2 multiplayer
Ghost League Pre-Alpha Demo: High speed locomotion jumping and flying obstacle course
Neos VR: Social versatile world maker
Battle Area VR: FPS like halo
SlashMates: mob killer
Secret Of Harrow Manor: feels like resident evil, horror searcher and shooter. look for health bullets and other loot to survive
VR Club: Become a club DJ or join the dance floor, full body avatars
VRZone: Multiplayer room builder
Snow Fortress: Build a snow fort, then have a snow fight, more fun than i make it sound
NES SPACE: Play nes games, even multiplayer, also you are able to make a retro style room to play the game in
Pétanque: Play Bocce Ball with a roommate
Abu Dabi: Catapult projectiles into another players targets while he defends them and trys to shoot yours down
Mawashi: A GTA V: Sumo-Remix mini game remake
MRTK Online: Basic intractable physics blocks can mess about with friends
KitchenIslandVR: Cookout but slightly different
CineVR: Big Screen but slightly different

Coming soon

Tetris Effect- multiplayer up to 3-players coming summer 2021
Axegend: offline demo available now; online game in development (?) (Dungeon crawler mob killer with end boss, many skills and weapons, also traps)
Oathbreakers VR: Spellcasting PVP and PVE
Expanded from this post by u/Captain_caveman1
Comment if I missed anything! I'll do my best to keep it updated
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2020.10.24 23:00 AustralianChrono Virtual Drag Race Asia Season 1: Episode 9- Baddest Bitches In Asian Herstory

Virtual Drag Race Asia Season 1: Episode 9- Baddest Bitches In Asian Herstory
Tomana and Keesha are both phenomenal. Tomana goes for the fun, campy route- he shakes his booty, and he gives a douchey, bro vibe to the song, and everyone lives for it. That's not to say Lu isn't fun- she dances and performs like never before. Lu hits her quintessential high kick, and it's great. Both of them match each other, and it's tough to call...
I've made my decision...
Tomana Gerri, Shantay you stay.
Tomana exhales. "Thank you so much, I... am so happy to be alive!" Tomana laughs.
Tomana Gerri: "I knew I could do this. I survived, and I gave my all." Tomana grins.
Lu Booyah sighs.
Lu Booyah, you are a beautiful Queen, and there is so much potential in you... but I must say... Sashay... Away.
Lu sighs. "I've been around competition my whole life. My family, all of us. It's always been a competition, and this is the biggest one in the world, and I... just didn't think." She turns to Tomana. "Good luck. She then walks over to Jennie. "I'm... sorry." Jennie and Lu hug tightly.
Lu Booyah: "I was sad. I am sad to be going home. But... I have learned a lesson. Sometimes, there's more... than winning. It's about learning too."
Lipstick Message: "Be true. Always!"
The Monarch's enter the werkroom...
"So, that was..." Nobu smiles. "A show!"
"Tomana, just... wow." Madame Fabroa grins. "You did well..."
"I'm proud of you." Nobu hugs Tomana.
"So... should we address the elephant in the room?" Jennie looks around.
"I think it's a good idea..." Holly shrugs.
"I don't know if it was intentional, or it was..." Tomana shrugs. "Something else, with Lu. But... it upset me that she- kinda helped justify my path to downfall this week, and that makes me sad, because I hadn't... done anything to you!"
"I think this environment wasn't healthy for her." Jennie shrugs. "And I mean, it was rubbing off on me too. I felt like I was stressing, I was being.. a mess, and now, it's just... the competition."
"I think she was tired of... safe." Tara shrugs. "Even though, we all know that's.. Bull." Tara laughs. "Like it's an excuse.".
"Exactly. I mean, I can relate too, but you don't see me sabotaging..." Holly shrugs. "I just.."
"Stomp around?" Tara smirks at Holly.
"Well, I forgive her. And... I still won." Tomana laughs. "It's... water under the bridge!"
"Well..." Bangcock raises his glass. "To water under the bridge!"
Madame Fabroa looks around.
Madame Fabroa: "Lu played her cards, and she played them all... wrong. She just... gave up her trump card, and... it was idiotic of her. But, that's fine. Because I've still got a whole... deck. Ready to go. And I'll not be making any of the mistakes Lu did."
The next day, Sakuya chats with Tara.
"I am proud of you getting that win." Sakuya smiles.
"It's been..." Tara laughs. "A long time coming, let's be honest."
"It has, it is deserving. Now I think... I need to step my butt up." Sakuya laughs as well. "I've been playing it safe since my first week..."
"Well, I guess it depends if that is good or bad." Tara shrugs. "If you float your way to the top without bottoming.."
"That's a nice idea. But I think... Honey just might not want it to be this way..." Sakuya ponders.
What does that spell?!
"Hi..." Jennie ponders. "SSSStttoo...."
"History." Holly looks at Jennie. "History."
My Monarch's, it's time for a big challenge, because we're going to the LIBRARY... because....
Honey Soy takes out a pair of glasses.
Reading is WHAT?!
"Jennie Ulsan..." Madame Fabroa purses her lips. "You're the K-Pop Princess, but right now, I'm just getting... K-Flop Princess."
"Bitch." Jennie laughs.
"Mr Bangkok, you're so dumb... bitch, you can't even spell your city properly!"
"AIIIIIIIIIIIII...." Bangcock yells.
"Holly B...." Madame Fabroa shrugs. "Honey, can we just kick her out? We know this bitch isn't winning."
Oh my.
Everyone cackles.
Madame Fabroa, you can READ a BITCH. You're the mini challenge winner!
"Wooooooooooo!" Fabroa yells.
My Lucky 8, for this week's maxi challenge, you playing the part of 8 Asian Historical Figures in the hit Musical, Baddest Bitches In Asian Herstory! Each of you will singing, dancing, performing on the main stage as some major figures.
Jennie Ulsan: "A musical is here, and I'm over the moon. This is a week for me to deliver excellence, and I'm going to do it, believe me." Jennie grins.
Madame Fabroa, as the mini challenge winner, you get to assign the roles.
Madame Fabroa: "I know that Jennie is a threat this week, but I want to win the challenge. So... I take a classic Filipina role, and I give everyone else... meh roles? It seems there's a lot of relevant parts... but I decide to flip it on it's head. Everyone else can deal." Fabora laughs.
Madame Fabroa gives the roles:
  1. Mr Bangcock as Emperor Ai of Han
  2. Oda Nobukatsu as Wu Zetian
  3. Madame Fabroa as Imelda Marcos
  4. Jennie Ulsan as Gabriela Silang
  5. Tomana Gerri as Yoko Ono
  6. Tara as Draupadi
  7. Holly B as Hua Mulan
  8. Sakuya Kuromi as Queen Inhyeon
The teams get ready for the performance my going to do Choreo.
"Oh, hey bitches..." Jess Deadly waves.
Tara: "I step in, and I see... Miss Bitch, Jess Deadly. Now she's a fierce Diva. And... I can't dance." Tara facepalms. "Gross."
"Now, who knows how to dance...?" Jess smirks.
Jennie, Bangcock, Fabroa and Tomana all raise their hands.
"I love to learn." Sakuya laughs.
"Well, this is easy. Pair up bitches. I'm going to have every single one of you work with someone who will.. reflect your choreo. A bit of a challenge..."
"I'm up for it." Holly grins.
Holly looks at Fabroa. "So, you dance..."
"I do more than dance." Fabroa backbends. "I'm flexible too..."
"I do love a trick..." Holly laughs. "Performing isn't my best domain, it's more so..."
"What..." Fabroa looks at Holly. "Is what you do well?"
"I am a debater.. I am a comedian..." Holly shrugs. "So..."
"Well, for this week's challenge, Honey's expecting you to dance..." Fabroa smirks. "So whilst you may be a master debater... you need to do even more than that." Fabroa looks to the side. "Do the twirl.. and... land it with a move like this." She does a split.
"Oh, I'm not doing a split." Holly laughs. "Mulan is swordplay. That's what is more important..."
"Balance and Grace. Or..." Jess deadly walks over. "You'll fall on your face."
Madame Fabroa: "I just get this vibe that... Holly's not trying hard enough. I don't see the effort. I... don't see a Drag Superstar in Holly. I don't even know if I see a star."
"Oh, I'm going to do this..." Holly smiles. "I feel positive..." She keeps repeating to herself.
The Monarch's get ready for their 'Fierce Warriors' Runway, and Bangcock chats with Tara.
"May I ask, Tara... when did you realise you were trans? I think we.. have this culture in Thailand that is... quite open, so I am surprised it didn't happen sooner..." Bangcock smiles. "Though, I know there's elements..."
"There's..." Tara starts putting warrior motif's upon her nails. "Always factors outside. But mine... my decision was more so in the idea..." Tara laughs. "That wasn't me. I loved drag. I loved loved loved it. But I'd always be called... trans. That I wanted to be a woman. And... that kinda pushed me out of wanting it to be true... if that makes sense?"
"Of course. I think... I kinda felt the same way. I wanted to become a King as it was different. There's not many Thai Kings, and I think that's what makes it exciting. We all have the potential to... shift drag in Thailand." Bangcock smiles.
"I think that's a strong element. I knew it to be true, but I wanted to deny to culture that had been screaming wrong thing- to prove them wrong." Tara shakes her head. "I think that's something I've done for too long."
"Why is that?"
"I didn't have the best childhood. I was bigger, I was... visibly Queer, and I was bullied. So I learned to live in my own world. Won where I always was the winner. I think coming here... I mean, I am the oldest left... but I feel like I've learnt the most." Tara smiles.
"That's what drag is to me. Learning. Becoming better.. every day." Bangcock smiles.
Who wins?
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